Frequency Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Deviation

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Wouldn't it be exciting if someday Curtis Armstrong surprised everyone and played a good guy?

That didn't happen on Frequency Season 1 Episode 6, but even though he was a kook, he some decent thoughts for Raimy to ponder about this new situation in which she's found herself.

Cut a branch and another grows in its place.


Using Bait - Frequency

As depressing as the idea is that you can't change destiny, it shouldn't come as a surprise to Raimy, who is actively trying to get Daniel to believe the same thing.

Frankly, I find destiny confusing when you're talking about two differently timelines.

If this whole business about fate is right, wouldn't the original timeline be the one that's meant to be? Where does destiny start and end? What tree trunk do you chop?

In the original timeline, the Nightingale killer was an unknown, barely killed anybody (which I'm sure isn't how the families of his kills classified it, but you know what I mean) and disappeared.

Now he's the schitt and has been killing for decades. 

All of this changed because Frank is alive, not because of anything to do with the Nightingale Killer. At least not directly. And now that we're seeing how directly everything is connected to the Sullivans, I'm more certain than ever this all ties back to them somehow.

I think the only reason the Nightingale is killing is because Frank is alive, not because of a glitch in the timeline, but because it's personal.

Saving Amanda - Frequency Season 1 Episode 6

Amanda wasn't killed by the Nightingale originally. The Nightingale had already stopped his spree. It was over. 

Raimy: Are you saying a person can't change the future?
Carl: Of course you can. You have to cut off the trunk.

The only tree that needs to be cut is Frank. Instead, Raimy is aiming toward turning her dad into a serial killer. What else can he be when they have so little information to go on? He's going to kill whoever they think is the guy until it stops? Isn't Julie next? Terrible plan.

Now we know Frank was in love with someone when he was undercover. That broadens the scope of the investigation a bit. Especially since she appears to be played by Alyssa Diaz, who is one of the most prolific secondary stars on TV these days. She's always a thorn in the side of existing characters.

Trouble's coming!

Back to that pesky tree. Frank and Raimy were already in on the fact they're going to lose Julie to the Nightingale Killer, but now they have to add to that the fact his life has been exposed in more ways than just him running up to the truck (which he admitted was a grave error).

Not only was Frank left alive while Amanda was killed, but the killer stole his family photo from his wallet and kept it for decades, using it to taunt Raimy later when she caught the case. 

That throws all kinds of flags on the play. I don't see how anyone can see anybody but someone close to Frank or Julie as the killer at this point. Who or why? I'm open. Are you guys thinking along the same line? Do you think chopping down the Frank tree would put an end to the murders, or is it too late for that now?

Why do you think Raimy is acting so surprised when Carl brings up the fact that you can't outrun your destiny she was herself trying to get Daniel to believe the same thing? 

I guess I can answer that. You don't see your job and your personal life on the same plane of existence. You tend to use different logic for both and are surprised when worlds collide.

Of course, at this point, I trust no one. Does the Nightingale killer have to be the same person from 20 years ago? Could it be a child of the original, and working in conjunction just like Raimy and Frank are doing?

Maybe Daniel is a bad guy. He's certainly not as nice as I'd like him to be. Maybe HE'S following Raimy, and not the other way around. He who smelt it dealt it and all that.

It was appreciated that Julie softened a bit and admitted her fear to Frank. But of course she did, because we found out she has a genuine reason to distrust him. And now Stan will be, what, blackmailing Frank to get back into the drug business?

That's a storyline I'm not interested in seeing.

Stan could die on Frequency Season 1 Episode 7, and I wouldn't bat an eyelash. I don't expect to see Armstrong back as Carl, either. He served his purpose. He planted the seed of quantum physics into Raimy's brain. 

This episode as a whole was back to what is of interest. Making us think about time, fate, what father and daughter can and can't change.

What did you think? Thoughts on the killer? Daniel or Kyle? Drop me a comment and watch Frequency online if you need to play catchup.

Deviation Review

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Frequency Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Carl: I talk to myself.
Raimy: Shocker.
Carl: In the future. Is that something you'd be interested in?

Frank: You sound winded. Just come back from a run?
Raimy: No. I slept in late.
Frank: Did you take my advice?
Raimy: About what?
Frank: Having a life.
Raimy: Are you asking me if I have a guy here?
Frank: I don't know. Do ya?