Days of Our Lives Round Table: Theresa Leaves, Abigail Returns!

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Hope was sentenced for murder, Justin interrupted Lucas and Adrienne’s wedding, and Abigail returned just as Theresa left Salem for good.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Vanessa from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Hope’s sentence, who should Adrienne choose, if Gabi should forgive JJ and how they rate Abigail’s return to Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Did Hope get the sentence she deserved?

Vanessa: I personally think she did. Stefano was a horrible person, but Hope's supposed to be better than the Dimeras; she was supposed to take the high road. The without the possibility of parole was a tad drastic.

Jack: Absolutely! Hope killing Stefano is not much different than Gabi killing Nick, and Gabi got 20 years and was out in one. The extra five years is probably for all the times Hope and her family said that Stefano's life was worthless because of who he was.

Christine: I think Hope’s PTSD should have been taken into account. Personally, I think Rafe should have to do time for the coverup. Hope wasn’t in her right mind when she shot Stefano, but Rafe was, and made horrible decisions. If she had come forward from the beginning, the sentence could have been a whole lot less. 

Hope Is Sentenced for Murder - Days of Our Lives

Should Adrienne marry Lucas or give Justin a second chance?

Vanessa: Adrienne and Lucas haven't been shown enough for me to get invested, but I think she should be with Lucas. Justin waited too long.

Jack: I'm not invested in either pairing, honestly. Adrienne and Lucas always seemed rushed and forced but if she's going to go back to Justin it should be a slow burn and Justin needs to be made likeable again.

Christine: I want Adrienne and Lucas together. They’re a mature couple who love and respect one another. Justin cheated on Adrienne for months, if not years. Adrienne deserves better, and Lucas is just that. 

Do you think Gabi should forgive JJ?

Vanessa: The way JJ's version of events sounded, it didn't sound consensual, so I think she should forgive him.

Jack: There's nothing to forgive. JJ was not capable of giving consent and Gabi should be begging him to forgive her for treating him like he did something bad when he was sexually assaulted. And even if that wasn't true, Gabi has no business being upset about this when she's been trying for over a month to cheat on him with Chad and the two of them kept that kiss they shared in front of Mrs. Bush to themselves when they told him the story.

Christine: The problem is with the way JJ perceives the incident. He told Gabi that he cheated and made it sound like a drunken fling, when in fact he may have been drugged and sexually assaulted. I can’t blame Gabi for being upset, especially since JJ cheated on Paige, but it's hard to tell what happened with JJ since he has no idea himself. 

Abigail Is Alive - Days of Our Lives

On a scale of 1 (Don’t care) to 10 (Finally!!!) how happy are you that Abigail is back?

Vanessa: I’m about a 7, don't get me wrong the actress is amazing so far, but I hate that Abby purposely made everyone think she was dead.

Jack: About an 8. I've been waiting and waiting for the end of this thing where everyone thinks she's dead but I'm really disappointed in the stupidity surrounding her return.

Christine: 6. I loved Chad and Abigail but I hate that she pretended to be dead. It destroys the trust and love that they had. I’ve actually found myself rooting for Chad and Gabi. They’re friends who accept one another and have great chemistry. I think they could make a great couple…but it will probably never happen. 

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Vanessa: I need Abby and Chad to have scenes already. It's been a long wait.

Jack: Where to begin? Well, there's the victim of sexual assault being treated like a bad guy by the girlfriend who is constantly attempting to cheat on him, the absurdly small wedding of Lucas and Adrienne, and Jennifer agreeing to hide Abigail from her brother despite knowing that JJ has been in a tailspin since her presumed death. And don't get me started on the absurdity of Theresa's exit storyline!

Christine: When Kim and Shane lamented over what they’d done after Theresa overdosed. Yes, what have you done…besides pimp your daughter out to a drug lord! I hate this story and as much as I’ll miss Theresa, I’m just happy it’s over.  

Theresa Goes Undercover - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or story line this week on Days of Our Lives?

Vanessa: I liked Jennifer assuring Chad she was there for him, and then telling Andre to support Chad. It's about time.

Jack: I liked Shane and Kim talking about Theresa's teenage rebellion, though this conversation should have happened about three years ago. I also liked the wistful way JJ noted that tea with honey was Abigail's favorite.

Christine: As much as I hated the story, I liked that Victor finally considered Theresa worthy of being family as she left. It took far too long, but I love how much Victor Kiriakis loves his family. 

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