Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Brady Know the Truth?

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Steve and Kayla got engaged…again! JJ confessed to cheating, Theresa continued to break Brady’s heart as Abigail snuck around Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Fossie from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to discuss their excitement for Steve and Kayla, JJ’s confession, and Theresa’s predicament on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Steve and Kayla are going to get married again! Rate your excitement from 0 to 10 (snooze to exciting story of the year)

Jack: About a 7. Steve and Kayla are one of my all-time favorite couples, but there's been so much back and forth with them this past year and they've been off-screen more than they're been on-screen.

Christine: 7. Mostly because it’s just so nice to have their horrible, ridiculous separation be over, and I’m definitely hoping we get some wonderful flashbacks. 

Fossie: 8. It was a huge waste to have them apart so long. They’re horrible apart and entertaining when they’re working together. And there better be some amazing flashbacks!

Do you think JJ should have told Gabi about what happened in Miami?

Jack: Not the way he did. I don't think he cheated since his description of what happened sounded like it was right out of Law & Order: SVU! If he wanted to tell her what he actually remembered, that would be one thing, but confessing as if he did something wrong is another story.

Christine: I’m torn on this one. I’m all for honesty in a relationship but is this about being fair to Gabi or helping JJ live with his conscience? If this was a drunken, one time thing, then maybe JJ should just deal with that, make sure it never happens again, and make this relationship his priority.  

Fossie: JJ screwed up badly but he either should have told Gabi the whole story from the beginning or kept his mouth shut all together. Rambling and then blurting out that he cheated only served to hurt her but gave her no facts or circumstances. In other words, lots of drama and pain for little pay off. 

JJ Confesses to Gabi - Days of Our Lives

Abigail is back but hasn't revealed herself to anyone yet. Who do you hope she sees first: Chad, Jennifer, JJ, or someone else?

Jack: I would love for her to see JJ first since he usually gets the short end of the writers' stick, though it would also be really sweet to see her reunite with baby Thomas before anything else.

Christine: Chad, if for no other reason than baby Thomas deserves his mother back.

Fossie: I want them all to know but it would be nice to see JJ get to help his sister. My only fear is that he still might shut Chad out which would be a horrible mistake that would only make me mad. 

Are Kim and Victor right to hide the truth about Theresa's predicament from Brady?

Jack: No, no, a million times no. This whole story is now amounting to them enabling her as she gives in to an abusive ex and returns to the life he wants her to have. There is no reason for Brady not to be informed of what's going on. None.

Christine: Ugh. I hate this story. Brady deserves the truth, but I’ll admit that he can be an idiot more often than not, and tends to react out of pure emotion. Still, you’d think Victor could help Theresa, Brady and Tate move to some Greek island and live as a family. 

Fossie: No! This is the worst story. How are Theresa’s parents enabling her to go back to some abusive drug lord who wants to snatch her away from her own child. This isn’t the Kimberly and Shane that I remember. They were fighters and all I see is everyone giving up and letting Theresa, Brady, and Tate suffer for it. 

Brady Begs For the Truth - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week?

Jack: That JJ's story is written as him cheating when he was too drunk to be able to consent (if anything actually happened at all) and Theresa giving in to an abusive ex is written as if what she is doing is supposed to be heroic or noble. Jennifer doesn't seem to care that JJ drank too much and in fact was fine with there being beer at his welcome home party. The Chad/Gabi flirtathon is also problematic.

Christine: I hate everything about Theresa’s story (except for Jen Lilley’s amazing performance) but having her walk away from her child is just killing me. It makes me want to fast forward through all of these heartbreaking scenes until it’s finally over. 

Fossie: If JJ had drunken, unprotected sex with a stranger, could someone mention that he should go get tested! I know this is a soap but just a hint of the dangerous consequences of such an act would be good to see. 

What was your favorite quote, storyline or scene this week?

Jack: Theresa's advice to JJ. These two have come a long way and it's a shame the show waited til now to remember that they ever knew each other or allow them to forgive each other for the past and become friends.

Christine: I loved Theresa and JJ at the church. The two of them finally talk to one another as human beings, without the sniping and seething hatred. If only the rest of the world could learn that lesson. 

Fossie: I was waiting for JJ and Theresa to make a scene in church and was pleasantly surprised when they actually talked to one another. As much as I hate both Theresa and JJ’s story’s right now, this was probably the best scene of the week. 

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