Days of Our Lives Round Table: Rate the new Abby!

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Abigail wandered around Salem, Adrienne left Lucas at the altar, while Steve and Kayla learned that Joey might be Jade’s baby daddy on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by SilverFox from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to rate the new Abby, Sonny’s plan for his parents and whether Lucas and Anne have a romantic future in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

So far, how do you rate the new Abby from 1 (hate her) to 10 (she's awesome!)?

SilverFox: I will give her a 3. I find her very bland and devoid of emotion or expression. It’s possible that’s what she’s going for. I know it’s hard to step into a recast, and I am sure I’ll warm up to her in time, but for now, she’s a character without a personality.

Jack: I'm going with a 9 because so far the actress is great, but the storyline is not. Plus it always takes time to adjust to a new actress in a familiar role.

Christine: Ugh. I’ll give her a 5. It doesn’t help that she has to say the same lines over and over again. A crying, whiny Abby isn’t something I’m enjoying. Hopefully she’ll get some of her spunk back soon. 

Abigail Is In Hiding - Days of Our Lives

What did you think of Sonny’s plan to lock his parents and Lucas in a hotel room to hash things out?

SilverFox: I thought Sonny’s plan was juvenile and cringeworthy. You don’t do that to 50-something adults even if Adrienne is acting like a fickle teenager. I did, however, enjoy Justin’s and Lucas’s speeches.

Jack: I thought these scenes were hilarious! However, I think Sonny's assessment that he's too old to try to get his parents back together was correct and I'm not really a fan of this story.

Christine: It’s really silly. Sonny’s parents are adults. If he doesn’t want them meddling in his love life, he should give them the same respect. 

If Adrienne ends up dumping Lucas, could he and Anne have potential for romance?

SilverFox: I’m all for it. I once wrote a fanfic where Anne and Lucas ended up together. I love the irony since she is so anti-Horton.

Jack: I was impressed that Anne supported Lucas' sobriety, considering how frequently she pressured Theresa to drink with her. So that in itself is a good sign, and I would love to see Jen's reaction if Lucas brings Anne to the Horton Christmas! And Lucas handled Sami well all these years so certainly he can handle Anne's obnoxious side. But I'm not sure this could ever be a long-term thing. It seems like it's meant for comic relief more than anything.

Christine: I think I’d enjoy their oddball friendship more than an actual romance, but if Adrienne is foolish enough to leave Lucas, then I wouldn’t blame Anne one bit for pursuing him. 

Will Adrienne Dump Lucas? - Days of Our Lives

Are Claire and Theo being ridiculous about Valerie, or do you think she really does have a secret?

SilverFox: I do think she has a secret. Most new characters do, but Claire and Theo need to get a life and stop obsessing over Valerie.

Jack: She definitely has a secret. That explanation she gave about why she lied sounded like she was making it up as she went along. I also hate to see everyone dismissing Theo's concerns just because he has autism.

Christine: Yes, I’m sure Valerie has a secret. Who doesn’t in Salem? Theo worrying about his father I can live with, but Claire is just obnoxious. Is there some kind of rule that says at least one teen must be annoying in every episode? 

How should Steve and Kayla handle Joey’s potential fatherhood?

SilverFox: They need to pray really really hard that that this goes away. I am not interested in either character or any storyline they have had in the past or will have in the future.

Jack: First things first. Run a pregnancy test to determine there really is a baby and then get a paternity test -- or two, from two independent agencies, given how things go with paternity tests in Salem. If Joey is the father, get a lawyer and work out child support/custody. 

Christine: All of the above. First, I hope Jade isn’t pregnant because a child deserves better parents than these two. Kayla should be getting Jade to the hospital for a real pregnancy test, proper prenatal care, and then a paternity test. But I really hope this storyline ends before it begins. 

What or whom are you the most thankful for in Salem?

SilverFox: I’m thankful that Victor continues to be seen on a regular basis. I’m also grateful that Chloe’s baby is not the result of a hookup with Deimos or any random tryst, but rather a baby for Nicole and Daniel.

Jack: I'm thankful JJ finally has a storyline (even if it's not the one I would have wanted for him) so I can see my favorite character more than once a month! Also glad to be seeing more relationship stories and less murders.

Christine: I’m with SilverFox about Victor. He brings a great combination of love, humor, and grumpy sarcasm to every scene. I also love the friendship between Chad and Sonny and I hope we get to see a lot more of it moving forward. Also, any story that honors character history is usually a story I’m thankful for. 

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics. How do you rate the new Abigail?

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