Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Skin In the Game

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Every cop show has the episode where someone close to a main character is the prime suspect. Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 6 is one of those episodes. It doesn't give the audience anything new, but it does put Elias Koteas front and center as Olinsky gets to sit on the hot seat.

Olinsky On The Case - Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 6

One of Olinsky's oldest friends, baseball player and recovering addict Jake McCoy, is in CPD's crosshairs when teenage prostitute Maya Collins (that's Violett Beane of The Flash fame) winds up dead in his home. Jake naturally swears up and down that he didn't murder the girl.

It comes out right away that Olinsky is friends with Jake but it's a bit surprising that he doesn't volunteer that information. The team - and the audience - have to find out when Antonio finds a picture of Jake with Olinsky in the house. And Olinsky then gets tetchy with Antonio when asked if he can be impartial.

Why wouldn't he just admit the connection as soon as they arrived? Maybe he's trying to be protective of Jake or even himself, but he has to know that the team would find out eventually. And there's no call to snark at Antonio; he's just asking the question he has to ask.

I don't see stripes on your shoulders, Antonio.


But Antonio isn't the only one who questions Olinsky's loyalty. Halstead also worries about his colleague's impartiality and Commander Crowley returns to formally throw him off the case.

This is one of those instances where a teaser is edited in a completely different way than an episode turns out. If you saw the ad for this episode it looked like Olinsky was offering to help Jake cover up the murder. But Crowley ultimately allows him to talk to Jake in order to get him to confess.

It turns out that he was the guilty party all along, just not in the way anyone thought. Jake caught Maya stealing from him and confronted her. She then fell into his coffee table and died. But Jake screwed up when he asked his ex-assistant Freddie to cover up her death by making it look like a robbery.

This is a nice albeit painful twist. It would've been easy to have Jake vindicated and the episode end with him and Olinsky sharing a beer at Molly's while Maya's angry pimp sat in jail. But Chicago PD decided to go for a different ending and that's what makes "Some Friend" stick.

Do I think he's a killer? I'll have to check that out.


Elias Koteas gives a great performance making the most of the extra screen time he gets this week. Billy Burke is a dependable guest star as Jake; he's like a weird cross between his psycho stepdad character from 24 and the world-weary hero he played on Revolution.

And the scene in which Voight scares the hell out of a suspect in the interrogation room - in this case Maya's pimp ironically named Saint - never gets old even though it should be the subject of a drinking game.

The subplots in this episode, though, leave a little something to be desired.

Lindsay's Flowers - Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 6

Lindsay gets flowers from an unknown sender that naturally make her boyfriend Halstead jealous. It's suggested but not confirmed at episode's end that they're from her dad.

The story lasts just a few scenes, so it's not touching, funny or surprising - it just is. The only thing that makes sense is if this is setting up an appearance from Papa Lindsay in next week's fall finale. If you take it on its own there's not enough there to care.

Elsewhere Burgess meets her second partner of Season 4, Officer Mike Sorensen. Sorenson helps Burgess discover Maya's body and then promptly gets his nose broken during their second call.

Let's think about this: Roman got shot, Tay got forcibly transferred (although she came in with that baggage), and Sorenson breaks his nose. Being Kim Burgess's partner is like one step down from being the redshirt on Star Trek.

Amy Morton has the line of the episode when Platt's dispatching Burgess and Sorenson:

Burgess: We caught a high-profile murder last night and now you have us chasing stolen sandwiches?
Pratt: You didn't catch anything. You answered a call.

You have to love how Amy Morton can have just a handful of lines and still manage to steal half the episode. Whenever Chicago PD does end there really does need to be that Platt and Burgess spin-off series.

But the jury's still out on the partnership between Burgess and Sorensen. Clearly he's going to be a more by the book guy which could balance out Burgess's more emotional decision-making.

Yet Kevin Kane, who plays Sorensen, is listed as another guest star. Is Burgess just going to go through partners like Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods? Or can we get Burgess somebody that'll stick around? Or here's another option: promote her to Intelligence so we can resume the Burgess and Atwater Show.

A Dead Teen - Chicago PD

Having said that the whole "thief turns out to be a cop" storyline just doesn't really click. Chicago PD gets points for trying to provide a twist on the story, but there's not enough time left to create much sympathy between the audience and the thief.

And it's obvious that Burgess would be sympathetic to her because the audience knows how big a heart Burgess has and how that often leads her to go above and beyond.

So the subplot doesn't actually add much to the episode beyond proving that Burgess and Sorensen are probably going to butt heads a few times this season.

Halstead's Concern - Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 6

Perhaps as another after-effect of Game 7 of the MLB World Series, Chicago PD is two hours next week as it closes out the first part of Season 4. Two back-to-back episodes, "300,000 Likes" and "A Shot Heard Round The World," air next Wednesday starting at 9/8c on NBC.

If you need to get caught up on the current season before then or just want to watch "Some Friend" again, you can watch Chicago PD online. But remember to set your DVR's an hour earlier next week!

In the meanwhile, tell us what you thought of this week's episode. Did you enjoy seeing more of Olinsky? Do you think it's really Lindsay's dad who sent her flowers? And what were your first impressions of Burgess's new partner? Sound off in the comments and tune in next week for the midseason finale.

Skin In the Game Review

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Do I think he's a killer? I'll have to check that out.


I don't see stripes on your shoulders, Antonio.