Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Free Will

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Whew boy, that was a doozy.

With what felt like 15 different stories on Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 8, we've got a lot to talk about. A new relationship, father/daughter strife, a pregnancy, jealousy, crazy career risking decisions -- "Free Will" had it all.

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While I want to embrace the latest development in April's relationship with Tate like a supportive friend would I think I'm just not sentimental enough too. Honestly, a lot of this TB arc has been frustrating to me, and this only made it worse.

April's a nurse, and a pretty smart one at that. In fact, we've been told that the only reason she didn't go to medical school was because she had to help pay for her brother's education. So how the hell did she not know that antibiotics screw with oral contraceptives?

That's pretty basic information even if you're not a health care professional. Right up there with taking your pill every day at the same time to ensure effectiveness. And let's not even start on the ludicrousness of Will having to point out that the TB could kill her and the baby if she were to forego treatment.

Will: You know I'm here to convince you to change your mind.
April: I'm a nurse. I stopped listening to doctors a long time ago.

I loved Tate and his reaction to the pregnancy, but then he just kind of disappeared. If I was April I would be pissed. He needed to be around for the conversation about her treatment, and involved in the decision as it affected the fetus. 

All that being said, if this all a set up for more controversial dramatic developments down the road, I'll be inclined to forgive the painful road we're on at the moment.

I do expect an explanation as to why the new epidemiologist isn't heading up the TB case though. 

Robin: Things have not been the same since the swine flu died down.
Conner: Oh, don't worry, there'll be another epidemic one day.
Robin: That's what I keep telling myself. You know, got to stay positive.

Treating April's illness really would be her department, as would be tracking down the illness. I can understand the inclination to spend her time flirting with cover boy Conner Rhodes though. Especially when the sparks fly like that.

This is what chemistry looks like people. The banter between these two is top notch, they respect each other professionally, and are being direct in their communication. It's a little weird to see such a healthy start to a relationship on TV isn't it? 

The only downside to these two is that it's bringing out the idiotic side of Dr. Charles. As the shrink who always gives the best advice, you'd think he wouldn't have needed that dressing down from Robyn. It was painful to see, but she was totally in the right. Even if she is lying to herself about being over the past. You don't get pissed off like that unless there's still some pain.

Robin: Does it ever occur to you that I've moved on?
Daniel: I didn't.
Robin: Not only did I move past it, but I really -- I do not care. So you can feel as guilty as you want, but you being over involved in my life now is not gonna cut it.

I'm really interested in seeing more of this father-daughter relationship. There are so many issues to be explored. What's her relationship with her half-sister like? How does she feel about the paternal role he takes with the ED docs, Sarah and Choi in particular? Where's Robyn's mother, and how does she fit into things?

He might be striking out in his own life, but Charles was still there for his protegé after her devastating loss. Danny's death, while not completely unexpected, was hard to take. I really wanted to see his captors go down.

But then again, who knows? Sarah's shown her tenacity before, so do we really think that she'll let this drop just because Danny is gone? Here's hoping that she can work through her guilt and despair and come back stronger for the experience.

Sometimes the best advice is just, you know, not enough.


Since Charles was hung up trying heal himself, advising Choi fell to Sharon this time. I love Choi so much, but it feels like he essentially has the same story over and over again. He makes assumptions about a patient, and he's wrong and he over corrects, and then he learns a lesson from Sharon or Charles that will make him a better doctor.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

He's the ED chief resident, so I find it hard to believe that this was his first time treating a prisoner, let alone a prisoner who was just trying to get out of the clink for a few days. He should have been the one teaching this lesson to a student like Jeff or Noah. 

Ethan: Are you saying I should have let him have his way?
Sharon: You know, my grandfather used to say, "Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, but the pig likes it."

Gaffney Medical Center is closing up shop until January, but we'll be bringing you any breaking #OneChicago news that blows out of the Windy City in the meantime!

With the midseason finale in the books, it's the perfect time to watch Chicago Med online. Let us know what you thought of "Free Will" and Chicago Med Season 2 so far -- we love hearing from you in the comments section!

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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Will: You know I'm here to convince you to change your mind.
April: I'm a nurse. I stopped listening to doctors a long time ago.

Will: You ordered a paté platter and sweetbreads?
Nina: Yeah. Pathologists love organ meats.
Will: You recognize that's weird, right?