Bull Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Bedside Manner

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Would you prefer a doctor with a comforting “Bedside Manner” or a brilliant surgeon? Is there the possibility of both?

Not on Bull Season 1 Episode 6

Enjoying a Drink - Bull Season 1 Episode 6

Personally, I felt exactly like Chunk in this Bull quote

My doctor can think he's a god as long as he saves my ass in the O.R.


But what happens when something goes wrong and the outcome isn't what you expect?

I couldn’t imagine being in Erica’s position. She went under the knife expecting to wake up and find she’d be able to start a family; instead she learned her surgeon had performed an emergency hysterectomy and she’d never be able to give birth to children. 

It had to be devastating, and made even worse by the fact that Dr. Robeson never even spoke to her to tell her what happened or why. Hearing the facts from a nurse just isn’t the same as hearing them from the person who was holding the knife..or controlling the robotic arm holding the knife. 

Actor Tom Lipiniski, who played Dr. Terry Robeson, did an amazing job of walking the line between arrogant ass, brilliant surgeon, and socially awkward introvert. By the end of the hour, I could understand not only why Marissa broke up with him, but why she dated him in the first place. 

The case itself had a couple of twists I didn’t see coming, like the juror being bought off. It didn’t make a lot of sense until it was linked back to the company that made the robotic arm used for the surgery. 

I was thankful that Dr. Bull called that juror out and had him replaced, even if he didn’t actually turn him in. Jason Bull wants to win, but he has his standards of how to do that.

The funny part is, those standards are all his own. He’ll happily rig an elevator, as they did in Bull Season 1 Episode 5, but actually tampering with a jury is out of bounds, not to mention against the law. 

Having Greyridge coaxed into playing the knife game with the robotic arm seemed a bit over the top, but it served its purpose in allowing Liberty to introduce the software patch that happened 18 hours after the surgery gone wrong. 

Replacing Benny - Bull

Speaking of Liberty, as much as I like Benny, it was good to see her back. She possesses an odd combination of confidence and awkwardness which I find endearing. 

Bull and Marissa’s relationship is still a bit of a mystery and I’m looking forward to learning more about how they met and decided to work together.

I can spend my days with a brilliant, difficult man; I just can't date him.


A malpractice case didn’t sound all that interesting when I originally read the episode summary but with appealing characters and an absorbing story line, this installment of Bull pulled me in. 

Check back next week for my review of Bull Season 1 Episode 7, and if you want more, you can watch Bull online here at TV Fanatic. 

Bedside Manner Review

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Bull Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

The closest thing we have to god on earth is a surgeon at the top of his game.

Dr. Robeson

Marissa: It is hard not to feel continually judged by you.
Bull: Not judged, observed and you shouldn't feel insulted. I can't help it.