Arrow Round Table: Is Evelyn Really A Villain?!?

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Arrow is returning to being a must-see TV show!

That much was confirmed on Arrow Season 5 Episode 7 when it became apparent that we can't trust anyone.

TV Fanatics Steve Ford, Robin Harry and Jim Garner discuss Evelyn being a villain, who the vigilante is and whether Wild Dog is becoming an asset.

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Evelyn Sharp is in cahoots with Prometheus. React!

Steve: Wow, I wasn't expecting that. Kudos to the writers for totally catching me off guard with that reveal. I'm very curious to see how this will play out in the coming episodes. It will definitely put a whole different perspective going into the next few episodes now that we know Evelyn is a mole.

Robin: See, THIS is why I keep saying that Oliver shouldn't have such blind trust in and deference to his new novice team!! I would very much like to know how she ended up being on Prometheus' side, and when that happened.

Did Prometheus actually find out that Oliver was the Green Arrow from Tobias Church, and did he recruit Artemis after that? Or had he known all along because of Artemis? Also, does Oliver really not suspect, or did he clue in when Prometheus DIDN'T kill Artemis on that train car? 

Jim: Ok, getting my "DC Nerd On" for a moment. Prior to the New 52, in Earth-16, Artemis was the daughter of the villain known as Sportsmaster. She infiltrated into the hero team to work as a mole but eventually ended up siding with the heroes after falling in love with Wally West (Kid Flash).

First, given her DC universe history, I wasn't surprised. That being said, I now wonder if Prometheus is filling the role of Sportsmaster, and she has a hidden agenda that she will decide to go against at the last minute to be a good guy. 

Who is the ski goggle vigilante?

Steve: I don't know but if I had to take a guess, I believe it could be Detective Malone. At first I was leaning towards him being Prometheus, but now I'm leaning towards him being the vigilante. 

Robin: I think it's District Attorney Adrian Chase. There was something quite dark about the way he interrogated that woman. Also, one of the themes of the episode was the questionable success of Star City's criminal justice system. I'd imagine that a district attorney would be quite jaded as part of that failing system, especially seeing criminals go free after he prosecuted them.

Jim: I agree with Robin, I think that DA Chase is the ski-masked vigilante. He seems to have anger issues over the system. And why not, everyone else seems to be moonlighting as a hero or villain.

Is Wild Dog growing on you?

Steve: I hate to say it, because I was not a fan of Wild Dog by any means. But I have to admit that ever since he was rescued from Tobias Church, he is growing on me. He's still not my favorite recruit, but he is at least tolerable now.

Robin: Nope, sorry, still can't stand him. I'm glad he's starting to act like more of a team player, but he's STILL snide and condescending when he talks to the others. 

Jim: As Steve said, I hate saying it, but he's growing on me. Ever since Diggle took him under his wing, he's been different and this week helping Diggle the way he did earned some brownie points.  

What's Susan up to?

Steve: I'm not sure, but she's beginning to get on my nerves. I've never been a huge fan of hers and I just don't trust her.

Robin: I don't know what her ulterior motives are, but I do like that she offered to be a friend to Oliver rather than a date. This is a dynamic I'd like to see explored; Oliver needs a friend more than he needs another contrived love interest. I also wonder if they're going to use her to introduce the Green Lantern at all. She is from Coast City, and in the comics she ends up getting married to Hal Jordan's brother. 

Jim: Wow Robin, and I thought I was the comic nerd... well done! I really don't have a better answer than Robin's. So I'm going to just piggy-back on hers and hope that the Green Lantern turns up at some point.  

What are your hopes for the 4-way crossover event?

Steve: I cannot wait! I just hope it doesn't get overstuffed with the writers trying to do too much. I say keep it simple, as the idea of the 4-way crossover alone is more than enough to please fans.

Robin: I'm looking forward to it. I always enjoy seeing Barry and Oliver together, as their personalities are such a great contrast. I'm hoping that the 4-way crossover finds a way to bring Vixen back as well; I loved seeing her on Arrow last season, and it would be great seeing her fight along with all the other heroes. 

Jim: My favorite team up is Kara and Barry. I can't wait to see how they bring Supergirl into the Berlanti-verse fully. As for my hopes... just make it awesome! That's all I ask. 

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Note: Arrow Season 5 Episode 8 airs November 30. 

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Oliver: I appreciate that, but I don't need a date.
Susan: No, but you need a friend, even more than you need that drink.

Oliver: What do you know about that?
Susan: I believe it's being good at my job.