The Flash Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Magenta

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Who thinks Wally is going to go rogue?

If Barry had shared what he went through in the flashpoint timeline with each of the individuals who were different, after watching The Flash Season 3 Episode 3, I'd be 100% certain Wally was on his way off the rails. 

As it stands, I'm logging in at 75% right now. The guy was ready to die in his attempt to get powers (and right in front of the cute girl, no less), so going rogue (or bad, whatever you want to call it) hardly seems a stretch.

Magenta - The Flash

Cisco: Well, Dr. Alchemy is a magic man in a cloak who can somehow restore the powers that people had in flashpoint.
Jesse: What's flashpoint?

Alchemy is reaching into people's dreams and reminding them of their flashpoint lives. Except, they didn't have those lives, so he's more correctly planting ideas in their heads. Since Wally already has the idea of who he wants to be in his head, it should be a pretty easy sell for ol' Alchemy.

You guys can tell me if you agree or disagree, but my Magic 8 Ball say All Signs Point to Yes.

Hello Julian - The Flash Season 3 Episode 3

As a general villain, Alchemy is kind of boring. He preys on people who are hurting and feeling low. That's not very captivating. The way Julian was taunting Barry at the end about ghosts, though, seemed to point in his annoying direction. Yeah?

Harry: I guess this means you've traveled back in time again.
Barry: Yeah, but I...
Harry: How many times have I told you not to do that?

Wow. How good was it to have Harry back? Even Jesse was at her all time best. Getting powers didn't change her at all; they only made her more interested in helping people.

It was sweet how her first thought was to call Wally. They seemed really good together for the short time they shared during The Flash Season 2, so revisiting that relationship would be just fine with me.

It would be especially interesting if Wally went to extreme lengths to get speed, to see how that clashed with Team Flash and what it might mean for Jesse, even if she's fighting villains over on Earth-2.

Harry and Jesse - The Flash Season 3 Episode 3

Harry suddenly using not to punctuate his thoughts was too much. Now I'm going to be saying it, just as if I was watching Saturday Night Life in the '90s. God help us all. 

Harry testing his girl and worrying over her reminded me of how Harrison was when Barry first appeared on the scene. Yet he wasn't there for Barry's beginning. He never saw what it took for Barry go "get up to speed" to use the general business vernacular for any job and make it pun to boot.

Even if I have that residual trouble remembering who was who, Harry was very late to the game. This is all new to him. Jesse's immediate thought was Harry was reticent because she's a girl and not Barry, but it was much more than that and seeing them work it out was worth it.

Looking Forlorn - The Flash Season 3 Episode 3

We didn't learn much more about Caitlin's powers, but she's not overly worried about them at the moment. In this new timeline, she must not have any knowledge of Killer Frost. 

She didn't have the close relationship with Jesse that Harry believed her to have, so what else didn't happen in this timeline with regards to Earth-2? Quite a bit, apparently. If Cait was freezing up and spent time with Killer Frost, she wouldn't be taking it so well, would she? And wouldn't she confide in Cisco?

At least Barry said there might be a lot more off in this timeline than he even knows. We're with you Barry. So figure it out!

Intimate Moment - The Flash Season 3 Episode 3

Barry and Iris had the worst date ever. They need to lean into it and be themselves. They also need to stop trying to go on a date. That's only going to frustrate them.

At least Barry understood part of that by the end of the hour.

With everything he knows about her, why did he think she was like a winning thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby? A massive heart wreath? An Iris arrangement? Those made me shiver with ickiness.

Barry realizing they needed to embrace who they are now, including his being The Flash, made sense. But they also need to lean into the 20 years of history they have together. Going to an expensive restaurant or even a fancy table on the waterfront isn't going to change who they are or make them more attractive to one another.

They could get pizza and watch a favorite movie on the couch, sitting closer than they ever have, holding hands, touching and getting to know each other as other than the best friends they have been. 

It seems to me they're trying too hard, and that's what always makes their moments together feel so awkward. They actually have the benefit of being beyond all of that awkwardness now that they've admitted they're more than friends, so the writing needs to reflect that. It's time to live.

In a Flash:

  • I'm not digging Alchemy. He's not impressive and kind of a bully.
  • Magenta was sad more than frightening.
  • Julian is annoying.
  • It's damn good to have Harry and Jesse back in town.
  • I fear Wally's jealousy will drive him to the dark side.
  • Iris and Barry need to enjoy all that they already have and the benefits that go with it.

Where do you stand? Let's hear your thoughts on "Magenta" and what went down during the hour. As always, you can watch The Flash online for all of the latest!

The promo for for The Flash Season 3 Episode 4 shows there might be a bump in the road ahead for Iris and!

Magenta Review

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Harry: I guess this means you've traveled back in time again.
Barry: Yeah, but I...
Harry: How many times have I told you not to do that?

Wally: Jesse. You're a speedster.
Jesse: Yeah, pretty cool, right?