The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Gaia

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The hunt for Agnes looks like its drawing to a close.

But there’s certainly a question as to whether the baby will make it out alive.

The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 4 teased the possibility of Agnes being hurt if Alexander does choose to use her to help himself get better, but would the series take that dark of a turn?

Would The Blacklist Season 4 forgo a happy ending? Might something like Agnes being hurt and/or killed tear Tom and Liz apart? Tear Liz and Red apart?

I’d like to lean toward a reunion between the baby and her parents, but it’s also kind of exciting not knowing which direction the series might go.

And imagine the dramatic rift that would take place going forward. Add a reveal about some truth Red’s been keeping from Liz, and things will definitely be taking a major turn.

If anything, we saw the stress and tension the missing Agnes is causing Tom and Liz. Sure, Tom went behind her back to try and get the baby back, but he did do it because he thought he could rescue Agnes.

I get both of their viewpoints on the situation.

Really, Alexander Kirk is being a jerk by not giving the baby back. I know he’s done things so far that don’t signal “good guy” or “good friend” or even “good father,” but it’s so hard to believe him when he says he just wants to be a family again.

Trust me. He’s going about it the wrong way.

Though, it was interesting how the episode dealt with parents and their feelings for their children.

The blacklister as just an eco-terrorist felt simple enough, but adding the reveal that he was affected by radiation gave his motives much more meaning. But it was seeing his child affected by it that made you feel for his situation.

But it didn’t change the fact he wanted to hurt so many people and refused to stop. Harold’s decision to push the button killed the eco-terrorist, but it saved countless lives.

At the same time, it was good to see Aram struggle with pushing the button that would do it. It wasn’t some easy task for him.

I just wish Samar had been easier on him about the whole situation. And I get her leaving because she’s mad at Liz, but being mad at Aram because he has a girlfriend? That just seems ridiculous, especially since they’ve never even really been a thing.

But my favorite moments of the hour had to be Red meeting up with Glenn. It’s not often you see Red flustered, and Glenn really knows how to get him going, and he also gets some really funny lines.

Plus, Dembe offering bowling tips added to such a humorous scene. Maybe that’s what he does in his off time?

Certainly, that’s what Mr. Kaplan would rather be doing seeing as she’s chained up in the woods somewhere.

I’m willing to go with the storyline now that she’s alive, but I hope we don’t have to deal with more than one episode of the guy being a creep while she has to try and escape him.

Seriously, what are the odds of getting shot, surviving and then getting rescued by a crazy person that wants to chain you up to live with them in the woods?

Good luck, Mr. Kaplan.

"Gaia" was just another step for Red to get closer to Alexander and Agnes, and with the doctor in his clutches, it would seem the baby mission is close to over. But will there be a happy ending?

What did you think of the episode? Do you enjoy seeing Glenn help Red out? Will Agnes be rescued safe and sound? Sound off below, and make sure you're all caught up when you watch The Blacklist online now.

NOTE: The Blacklist Season 4 Episode 5: "The Lindquist Concern," airs Oct. 20 at 10 p.m.

Gaia Review

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