Supergirl Round Table: We'll Miss You, Cat!

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Cat Grant dove into new waters and took a leave of absence on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 2

She wasn't the only one who left as Superman went back home to Metropolis. 

Below, Jay Ruymann, Yana Grebenyuk, Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, and Steve Ford discuss Kara's new job and boss, Project Cadums, and Mon-El.

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What is your first impression of Snapper Carr?

Jay: I… hate him. He’s awful. I can understand being frustrated when Cat just announced that Kara was being placed there with no experience. But Cat is the boss, or was, and he didn’t even allow Kara a chance to prove herself. He’s a tool.

Yana: I kind of liked him. No one could replace Cat, not in the way that we expected. So placing this guy who is very different from Cat, who doesn't believe in Kara at all is interesting. Now Kara can use what Cat taught her through their time together to prove to this man exactly who she is and what she's capable of.

Jim: He seemed a bit of a "Perry White" clone so far. Grumpy, "Old-school", etc... I really hope they give him his own personality and don't just re-use Clark Kent's boss for Kara's boss.

Christine: He’s the antithesis of Kara and all of her enthusiasm. I liked that. Cat pushed Kara to be more, but now Snapper will push her in a completely different way. Kara needs to stop saying she wants to be a reporter and learn how to actually be one, and it’s obvious that no one is going to hold her hand while she figures it out.

Steve: I'm with Jim on this one. His character seems all too similar to the chief at the Daily Planet. I hope his character gets fleshed out more in the coming episodes and doesn't continue to just be a carbon copy of Perry White.

What do you think of Cadmus as the main villain so far? When we eventually see Jeremiah again, what state will he be in?

Jay: I think Cadmus is interesting, but not sustainable. How long will they sit on their hands facing threats from Cadmus before they actually take down the beast? Oh, probably the entire season.

Jeremiah will probably be in a horrible state, if he’s indeed still alive. I suspect that they either turned him into an experiment and death would be a better solution, or they forced him to experiment on others and his mind will be broken in many ways.

Yana: I think the big bad concept that's meant to create a story for the whole season is always a hard story to get invested in. Obviously they defeat them, obviously they find Jeremiah and obviously it won't all be great in the end.

Jim: I think Cadmus makes an ideal bad-guy this season. As for Papa Danvers, I'm hoping that they've been using his intellect to develop things and not experimenting on him. Only time will tell, but I do think we will see him again.

Christine: The jury is still out on Cadmus, but the show needs a a new villainous arc each season. As for Jeremiah, I’m sure he’s alive but I’m curious to see what shape he’s in given all of this time. I’m just hoping he’s redeemable and can become a part Alex and Kara’s story.

Steve: It appears Cadmus will be the primary antagonist this season. However, it's difficult for me to say how I feel yet because we haven't learned much about them yet. I'll keep an open mind going forward, but so far I'm not that impressed.

Everyone got a new job! What are your thoughts on the new positions for Kara, James, and Winn? Will you miss Winn at CatCo?

Jay: Did Winn ever work at CatCo? He finally has a purpose on this show at the DEO, so I’m excited for his upcoming story. As for James, I feel that this was just a last effort move to make him interesting and give him some purpose. He’s boring, and the writers don’t know what to do with him if he’s not Kara’s love interest.

I’m very excited for Kara’s new position. It’ll be interesting to see how she balances being a reporter with being Supergirl, and how she’ll react when inevitably asked to write a story about herself.

Yana: CatCo will not be the same without Cat there, so moving almost everyone over was a good call. James taking Cat's position guarantees a friendly face for whenever Kara pops up there, but it doesn't hold enough weight to have us going back there as much.

Plus this isolation will probably kick James into his own plot line which I'm excited to see. And I won't miss Winn at CatCo since he's adorable when geeking out over superheroes wherever he goes.

Jim: I agree with Yana, James' move makes sense and I think Winn is a much better fit at DEO, if Hank can get used to his nerd humor. I will miss Cat, but I had suspected that after they moved production North, that Flockhart was going to be scarce anyway.

Christine: I hate that we’re losing Cat, as she's proven to be an amazing character. I’m a huge fan of James and had hoped the love interest angle would pan out, but this way he has his own unique role and there’s always hope for Kara and James in the future.

As for Winn, he’s really grown on me and I love his enthusiastic geekiness at the DEO. As for Kara, I can’t wait to see her working as a reporter. I think these are great turns for Supergirl Season 2.

Steve: I will miss Winn at CatCo, but he's still working with Kara, so we will still get to see these two interact. I'm glad James is moving on, hopefully we won't see much of him going forward. I'm damn proud of Kara for standing up for herself to Carr and I look forward to him "teaching" Kara a few things about journalism.

Make a prediction on Mon-El.

Jay: I really don’t have any. I think, if he’s not evil, he’ll be a useful ally in the fight against Cadmus, since even Kara and Clark as a team was barely enough to stop Metallo. But, as I said, I really don’t know what could be up for this character. I just want to know how he ended up on Earth since he was trapped, much like Kara’s pod was.

Yana: He's someone Kara will try to connect with but he's not as innocent as we thought. Two episodes of shirtlessness is just a way to reel us in, only to have him go back and forth between potential villain and a character with a chance to be saved.

Jim: I honestly have no idea where they want to take his storyline... I suspect after her rant about hanging with Superman made her feel at home that maybe he is a love interest for Kara. But that is a guess.

Christine: I wish I had a good one. He’s obviously experienced some kind of trauma and Kara will want to bond with him. If they do use him as Kara’s new love interest, I expect it will end tragically.

Steve: I'm hoping he will become an ally to Kara. With Clark back in Metropolis, she needs someone to work with in the field. She worked so well with Superman and was fun to watch. I hope Mon-El can be an acceptable substitute.

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Jay: Cat and Kara’s goodbye scene in her office. Dive, Cat, dive. She’ll be missed. Cat and Kara’s relationship is the best on this series, and that’s the one thing I’m cursing the network for this season.

Yana: Cat telling Kara that she is leaving and Kara bringing up that change isn't something she likes. But a big rival is the scene where Cat tells Supergirl goodbye because I was really expecting her to hint that she knew her real identity. Either moment was a lot because Cat's relationship with both sides of Kara is beautiful and realizing just how much we are going to be missing really hurts.

Jim: It's a trifecta. I agree wih Jay and Yana on this week's best scene(s). Cat's goodbye with both sides of Kara was so well done. I really will miss her mentoring Kara.

Christine: I really loved some of Superman’s lines in this episode. His dry sense of humor really made me laugh. “If the bullets don’t work, why the punching?” and “We’re going to give you a little time out, and you’re going to think about what you did.”

Steve: Kara and Cat's 'goodbye' scene was tough. These two have a mutual respect for one another and Cat may need Kara just as much as Kara needs Cat. It will be a big change for both of them, but life goes on.

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