Pitch Round Table: Tough Luck, Tough Nuts!

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Just when we were starting to like Tommy "Tough Nuts" Miller, we lost him! 

We said goodbye to a Padre on Pitch Season 1 Episode 5, and naturally we were given more insight as to why losing a friend hit Ginny so hard. 

TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Ashley Bissette Sumerel, Christine Laskodi, and Allison Nichols discuss Tommy's departure, Oscar and the trades, and whether or not Elliot has enough screen time. They also talk about the Amelia and Mike ship, Ginny finally finding out about them, and their favorite moments of the episode.

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Ginny was so concerned about Blip, but in the end Tommy was traded. Are you sad to see Tommy go? Are you going to miss him and the friendship he and Ginny were developing?

Jim: It was a great slight-of-hand trick they did with Tommy. It made him disappearing very impactful as you never suspected that that he was at risk. I will actually miss him a little. I'm not sure how much more his story had left, but it was fun watching him come around to Ginny's side.

Ashley: I'm pretty shocked by it, actually, because it felt like they were really setting up a nice friendship between Ginny and Tommy.

Christine: SO shocked. I thought now that's he's come around on Ginny that there would be a lot of story there.]

Allison: I will definitely miss Tommy, which a couple of episodes ago, I'd never thought I'd say. I loved their banter and relationship that they were developing. I prefer to have Blip around though, so whatever keeps Blip on the team, I'm good with.

Blip is usually the light hearted one with the sage advice, were you surprised when he blew up at Ginny?

Jim: I wasn't surprised at all. I can totally understand being full with emotions and just not having the energy to make someone else feel better. I think we've all been there even if we didn't say it quiet as nicely as Blip did.

Ashley: Maybe a little, because he is usually so light-hearted. But it was definitely justified.

Christine: I'm with Jim on this. I think Blip does a great job of supporting everyone, and he had reached a breaking point. I liked seeing him get so upset. It gives him some more dimension.

Allison: He surprised me, but I think he was right to get angry with Ginny.

We got to see Jordan, Ginny's first bff, and how she lost him. What did you think of the twist? Did you see it coming?

Jim: I was totally expecting the twist to be Jordan was gay or something. I never saw what happened coming. The bigger question is, why wasn't Jordan in the truck? His dad was a no-show and they just left him at the field? That's the only thing I couldn't reconcile with the previous information.

Ashley: Nope! I was shocked. Like, really shocked. And I agree with Jim -- I also feel like I couldn't figure out what was happening because it didn't make sense that he wasn't in the truck. My other concern with all of this is that it felt a little cheap that we didn't get to know that character for very long before actually getting that twist. Let's slow down a bit.

Christine: Like Jim and Ashley, I was also surprised and confused about the truck. I wish that Jordan had been around for more flashbacks, and THEN we'd seen this episode a little down the line. But then again, the shock value may have been lost if we knew Jordan for longer. They still did a great job portraying that friendship in a short time.

Allison: I'm sorry, was that twist really necessary? It felt overdramatic to me and I really didn't like it. I also agree with Jim's point-Jordan should have been in the truck. It's not like they knew his dad was on the way.

Did you enjoy seeing the Moneyball-esque behind the scenes workings of the MLB trade? Did Oscar impress you or turn you off further?

Jim: It was very enlightening to see how the trades work. Especially poor Butch who went full circle and came back to the Padres in the end. Oscar was impressing me until his outburst with Ginny. While she was being a little bold, if anyone could appreciate that it would be Oscar, for him to tear into her seemed very out of character.

Ashley: It was entertaining, but I'm much more interested in the players at this point. I think Oscar became a little more likable, but I'm still not invested in him yet.

Christine: I just didn't care about that stuff. Is that bad? Maybe it's that I just really don't care about Oscar. It's almost like the "business" stuff takes away from Ginny's story.

Allison: Out of all the random Oscar storylines that we have been subjected to, this one was definitely my favorite. It was funny and had a direct tie in to what the players were going through. Plus, Josh Peck was in it, which amused me.

Amelia and Mike seem to be more serious than expected. What are your thoughts on Slawson? Are you glad that Ginny knows? What did you think about Ginny ignoring Mike's call?

Jim: I like them together, he brings her down to earth and she helps him to know what a real adult relationship could look like. While I'm glad Ginny knows, she's clearly got some undisclosed feelings given she ignored Mikes call.

Ashley: I also really like those two together, and I'm glad Ginny knows now. I don't know what I make of her reaction, but given the theme of the episode, I feel like she's lonely right now. And then here are two of her friends who are now starting a relationship, and how will that change all of their dynamics? She might have a crush on Mike, but even if she doesn't, I think it makes sense for her to be a little thrown off guard.

Christine: I really can't believe how enjoyable Amelia and Mike are. They match. Their chemistry is bananas. I think what I like most is that I didn't see them coming, like, at all. I agree with Ashley - Ginny's lonely. And knowing that two of the people closest to her are paired up probably hurts, especially after she'd had those late night phone calls with Mike.

But this is where I get confused about what I want this show to be. I don't want Ginny to be upset and jealous, and have it affect her game, because I feel like that takes away from the premise of the show. But I also want 'ship drama. Ugh!

Allison: Oh my God, Slawson. Is that their name? It makes me think of a sloth. I'm enjoying their relationship. I find them fun. Ginny ignoring Mike's call makes sense because Ginny is still trying to take everything in, and she has a game to get ready for.

On a scale of 1-10 how annoyed are you that Elliot still hasn't had much screen time and character development?

Jim: Are you kidding, he has screen time with the stupid commercials they use him and Ginny in (rolls eyes) EVERY week. The only character I could give less of a crap about would be the mascot of the team. Elliot is such a waste of writing at this point they should just prune him out of the show.

Ashley: 1. It's just not on my radar. I don't have a problem with the character, but I think he's just there for help things move along here and there.

Christine: Yeah, I'm with Ashley again. He doesn't even register as a character for me. He's scenery. Jim's right, they should prune him out.

Allison:...is it bad that I didn't realize his name was Elliot? When Jim mentioned the commercials that's when it clicked to me. Like Ashley, I really don't mind Elliot. He is entertaining when he's there, but I'm not sad he isn't in it more. I think the show is handling his character fine.

What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Jim: I enjoyed Skipper coming in to report Butch's progress in the "Where did Butch Get Traded This Time" game. Beyond that, Amelia accidentally outing herself to Elliot was hilarious.

Ashley: I have to admit, I really liked Ginny having the guts to go in and tell Oscar not to trade Blip, and to throw around her power just a little.

Christine: Yeah, Amelia outing herself made me laugh out loud. I really enjoy Amelia a lot more than I thought I was going to. They've done such a great job of humanizing her, and I love it.

Allison: I was dying laughing during Amelia's conversation with Elliot. She just kept coming back to talk to him more. It was such a fun scene, and it made me like Amelia more. 

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