Pitch Round Table: Hey Mikey, We Like It!

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On Pitch Season 1 Episode 2 Ginnsanity was alive, well, and running rampant!

The media attention around Ginny's first performance took a toll on everyone involved.

Al landed himself in hot water over a sexist comment he made about Ginny two years ago. Frank and Oscar were still plotting to get rid of Al. Ginny's teammates continued to shut her out, blaming her and the extra attention and press she brings, on their recent loss.

And Mike reflects on where he is in life and in his career.

Below,  TV Fanatics Jim, Christine L, Ashley, and Allison as they discuss whether or not Ginny will ever get along with her teammates... the relationship between Ginny and Amelia... and Ginny supporting Al:

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Ginnsanity took over. Do you think Ginny will ever get along with her teammates?

Jim: It looked like she was starting to win some of them over at the end. The montage of the 9-1 game win showed her laughing in the dugout with many of them.

Christine: It really does look like some of them are coming around to her. I think Mike's speech actually impacted the team more than anything that Ginny said or did. I don't think she's "one of the guys" just yet, but I think it certainly seems like she's closer to it than she was before.

Ashley: I agree. It will happen, and it's already starting to. I'm not sure she'll ever get along with *all* of them, but generally I think she'll feel like she's more a part of the team.

Allison: She's getting there. It's going to take time, and like Ashley said, I'm not sure if Ginny will ever get along with all of them. There's going to be a lot of bumps along the way though.

We got to see the origin of the Amelia/Ginny partnership. What are your thoughts on Amelia's background story?

Jim: I'm really hoping it was supposed to be a Jerry McGuire homage as everything from "I will go with you" to having a bag of goldfish (crackers in this case) just screamed Jerry McGuire.

Christine: I picked up on the Jerry Maguire feel to it as well! I honestly, would like to have seen a little more as far as the stuff with her ex and the IVF goes. That connection didn't quite land for me, how Amelia went from her husband telling her he wanted a divorce to seeing Ginny on television and knowing instantly that she wanted to quit her job for her. But I did like discovering something more about her, and I hope that's not the only flashback of hers that we'll see.

Ashley: I liked seeing that she had a vulnerable side, which isn't something I really expected yet. Like Christine, I also hope we get to see more of her flashbacks – in fact, I hope we'll get to see that from most of the characters, and it seems like we will.

Allison: I really enjoyed the fact that we got to see their first meeting. I wasn't sure if we were going to see any more flashbacks after the pilot, and I'm glad we did. I'm very interested in learning more about Ginny and Amelia's relationship.

What did you think about Will trying to fill his father's void for Ginny? Where do you think he is now?

Jim: First, I love B.J. Britt after his time on Agents of SHIELD. Second, I'm not surprise he tried to step-up and fill his dad's shoes. You had to admire Will's honesty when he said "I literally have no idea how she did that." It takes a big man to admit when someone can do more than they can. I'm not sure where he is now, but I'm guessing that he and Ginny are at odds if he hasn't visited her at all in the first two weeks of her success.

Christine: B.J. Britt sure does pop up on TV a lot. I was going to say that I love him on Being Mary Jane! I liked Will a lot, and I think that he did everything he could for Ginny to get her to that point. Amelia was right though...there are thing he'd never be able to do for her.

That being said, I don't love that he seemingly disappeared after that. I don't understand why he couldn't be around Ginny at all if she worked with Amelia. That doesn't add up for me, and I hope he come back because honestly, I can't figure out what on earth he could be doing that would be more important than backing up his little sister.

Ashley: I'm definitely interested in finding out what happened to their relationship, and I'm worried it is related to Amelia's involvement. He seemed like he was trying to do anything he could to help his sister, and it felt like their relationship was strong.

I couldn't help but think about her flashbacks from the pilot episode and how her father slapped him to motivate her. Now I'm getting emotional. Oh, and I'll throw it out there that I immediately recognized B.J. Britt from the most recent season of UnReal. So yeah, he's popping up on TV a lot, for sure!

Allison: I'm glad that Ginny had Will after her father's death and that he tried to step into his father's shoes. It shows how strong Will and Ginny's relationship is. I agree with Christine that I don't like that Will disappeared after Amelia swooped in. I'm hoping we will see him more in flashbacks, showing that he still was there to support his sister, and that we will also see him in the present day.

Was Ginny right to support Al? Does Al deserve to be fired?

Jim: Ginny was absolutely correct in supporting her Coach. While his comments were not very appropriate, they weren't really offensive in nature, just diminutive and condescending in nature. I don't think he should be fired over something he said two years before he even met Ginny.

Christine: Agree with Jim on this. I think the Padres are looking for a way to get Al out, and they saw an opportunity to exploit a stupid comment he made years ago. I was glad that Ginny stood up for him, and recognized that there's a big difference between what battles are hers to speak out on, and which ones take away from the game.

Ashley: I agree too. I think, as she says at the end of the episode, there are more important things to get upset about. Ginny seems to understand the importance of being part of a team, and I think Christine is right that this is just an excuse to try to get him out.

Allison: She had to support her coach. I'm glad Ginny recognized that there are more important battles that need to be fought. I wish we could have seen more of Al being a coach, so we would have known whether or not he's a good coach or not. Mike's speech at the end definitely helped paint a good picture of coach, but I would have liked to have seen more of that first hand.

Were you surprised that Mike was married to Rachel, and that he wanted her back? What did you think about his storyline in the episode?

Jim: While I was slightly surprised that they had been married, the bigger surprise was how Rachel buried the freaking lead on the news she was engaged. Honestly, the b!#ch could have told him a lot sooner (did she not see him in the locker room?) that she was engaged so he wouldn't pour his heart out to her. Jeebus, talk about heart wrenching, I just wanted to reach into the TV and give the poor guy a hug as he walked out the door.

Christine: This is the stuff I hope we see more of from Mark-Paul Gosselaar all season, because he does drama SO well. Mike's journey is so fascinating to parallel with Ginny's. As her star rises, his is falling, and as she gains, he loses...yet they seem to meet each other in the middle. I love it. I'm not terribly surprised that he was married to Rachel, but yeah, what a b***hy thing to NOT tell him right away.

Ashley: This was SO sad. I don't know if I was surprised, but it was just such an emotional scene. I love seeing that side of Mike, and man, Mark-Paul Gosselaar's performance kind of blew me away.

Allison: I definitely didn't see it coming. I'm glad we are learning that there's more to Mike than a sports star who is constantly with some new, young woman. We learned a lot about the man Mike is in this episode, and I'm so happy that we did.

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Jim: By far it was Mike's speech in the locker room. His matter-of-fact way of putting how stupid they were all being was great, and if anyone can start getting them to pull together it would be Mike. Though I suspect my next week's favorite scene is going to be Amelia and Mike's "morning after" – but that's just a guess.

Christine: Agreed, completely. I loved that moment of the episode, especially him calling out everyone for not busting their butts the way that Ginny does. He showed his authority as the captain, and gave them the reality check that only a seasoned vet could give.

Ashley: I hate to just repeat what's been said, but that's definitely my favorite scene too. It was just so powerful. I'll go with a second favorite, though, just to choose something different – and that's Ginny on Jimmy Kimmel. I loved that she decided to be herself, blow off the "decorating" silliness, and talk about something more important.

Allison: I am going to have to go with Mike's speech. It is just a phenomenal moment. I also loved the scene where Ginny and some of the guys went out to that club after their win. We got to see Ginny let loose and dance. She looked so happy, which made me happy.

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