How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 5 Review: It's About Frank

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What the heck is Bonnie playing at?

That thought crossed my mind several times while watching How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 5. She obviously had a flurry of emotions in the wake of her father being dead. 

He was far from a good man, but I got the feeling that she would have wanted to make that kill. That's sort of what happens on this show. People get rid of their enemies and just seem to get away with it. 

I can't be the only one who expected Bonnie to give Frank a red face from the back of her hand. Embracing him was the last thing I thought things were going to play out. 

Bonnie tried desperately to try and find some common ground with Frank, in the hopes that she could move on from all of the drama with him. Sadly, Frank was still battling the past and he would need to move on if there was any chance of a future between the two. 

The flashbacks were a nice touch to show us at home just how Frank became who he is today. Frank being sent to prison at the age of 13 was not all that shocking. 

Meeting up with Sam Keating set up the chain of events that led to the death of Annalise's unborn child.  It's crazy just how much Sam pestered Annalise to take on the case. 

I mean, it's crazy to think how just one little detail could change things forever. Could you imagine if Sam never tried to save Frank? There's a chance Sam would be alive and have a kid with Annalise right about now. 

The flashbacks also paved the way to show us Annalise's struggle to conceive and how her miscarriages had an effect on her relationship with Sam. All of her flashback scenes were heartbreaking to watch. 

Say what you want about Annalise, but something tells me she would be a completely different woman today if she managed to have a child. She was not dealt the best hand earlier in life. 

However, all of that happening to her has made her a very strong woman. Her drinking was getting rather out of hand, but she was obviously thinking about the past and how everything has changed in just a matter of years. 

Michaela and Oliver going to extremes to find out what Mr. Drake was hiding was a pretty good move, but I'm getting the feeling he's not the only one behind the flyers. 

It seems like that plot was tied up a little too quickly and that's not going to be a good thing. There was nothing that felt satisfying about the way Annalise went to confront him. 

It was over and done with in less than a minute. Maybe the scene will be revisited because you know how this show likes to play with your expectations. One thing that really got to me was that Mr. Drake was studying law and still kept all the evidence on his computer. 

Surely he's worked on enough cases to know that he should have got rid of all the files. Also, can we all give Michaela a standing ovation for lashing out at him?

Mr. Drake went too far when he called the Keating 5 entitled. Yes, they're Annalise's favorite students, but that does not mean they should be treated like trash.  It's not like they ask Annalise to treat them the way she does.

We left the present at a super awkward meeting between Wes, Laurel, Annalise and Bonnie. Annalise is probably going to throw some stuff at Bonnie when she confirms she was away with Frank. 

The flash forwards were scarce this week, but we finally found out that the person under the sheet is a male. The only male we know that's safe is Oliver. 

"It's About Frank" slowed down considerably as opposed to recent episodes, but it was still an engrossing hour of television. The stage is set for the mother of all arguments and I can't wait to see it all play out. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Wes meeting Meggie's father did not go entirely well. It certainly felt more like an interrogation and Meggie immediately picked up on it. 
  • Annalise was totally rude to the dean of Middleton University. It was a tender moment between them, but Annalise had to go ruin it. 
  • Michaela did not seem all that concerned when she heard about the fire. Running home to her adoptive parents has me wondering she had anything to do with the fire. 
  • Can we please just find out if Laurel survives?!

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Note: How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 6 airs Thursday October 27 on ABC.

It's About Frank Review

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Laurel: Wait we’re calling him your boyfriend now?
Michaela: No, it’s just sex.
Connor: Pretty good sex, judging by the noise you two were making.

Nate: Tell me you did not drive home?
Annalise: I took a cab.