How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Will Laurel Survive?

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Will Frank murder someone else?

That's a huge question after How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 4 in which he murdered Bonnie's father. 

Below, TV Fanatics Lee Jutton, Rachel Miller, Amanda Steinmetz and Michael Cavic discuss Laurel's pregnancy, Frank murdering someone and what will become of Annalise...

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Laurel is pregnant and close to death. React!

Lee: Poor Laurel! She is my favorite member of the Keating 5 and I really want her to pull through. She's a tough cookie so I have faith that she will. Still, we already know one character is dead – did they really have to add in another who was close to death too? It felt like an excessively soapy twist. 

Rachel: Laurel is probably one of the most reasonable members of the Keating 5. I hope they don't kill her off the show, especially now that we know she's pregnant. This pregnancy could be why she's so adamant on tracking Frank down.

Amanda: Laurel is also my favorite, and I really hope she isn't killed off. I'm just curious if the baby is going to be Frank's or Wes'. I still haven't given up hope for Flaurel so I really hope she doesn't sleep with Wes in the time before the fire. 

Michael: I didn't see that coming. I hope that they can save her and the baby. Laurel has easily grown into one of my favorite characters this season. She doesn't fall right into Annalise's spell. She knows how to get her way with certain things, and she isn't afraid to take risks. 

What did you think of Frank murdering Bonnie's father?

Lee: Bonnie's father was obviously a gigantic scumbag, but not sure why Frank felt he was the appropriate person to obtain justice for Bonnie. I would have rather seen Bonnie kill her father and get revenge for everything he put her through! 

Rachel: This could be Frank's way of sending the crew a message. I just don't understand why Frank would wait till now to kill Bonnie's father. 

Amanda: I agree with Lee that it would have been a lot more satisfying for Bonnie to have killed him herself, but I think Frank is trying to prove his loyalty to her so she won't let Annalise do anything bad to him. 

Michael: Wow, how low can someone go? On the other hand he killed Bonnie's dad because he abused Bonnie when she was younger, so he does get some credit there. Why did Frank feel that he was the person who had to kill Bonnie's dad? That is the biggest head scratcher of all. 

Will Annalise really be able to continue teaching at the university when all of this is over?

Lee: Realistically, no. But realistically, she probably would have been fired back in season one for all of the bad publicity she has brought down upon this school. So, I'm sure the showrunners will find a way for her to not only keep teaching at the university, but to obtain a promotion of some kind...Annalise for president, anyone?

Rachel: I'm honestly surprised she was still employed after all the things that have gone down.

Amanda: Let's be real, if any of this were actually taking place in the real world, Annalise would have lost her job a long time ago. 

Michael:  If this was a perfect world Annalise would have probably lost her job at the University a while ago. I'm going to say that Annalise will be able to continue her job at the university based off the fact that this is a show, and the law enforcement seems to be nonexistent, but, maybe they're all just really good at getting away with things. 

What did you think of the case of the week?

Lee: I wasn't super engaged in this case, or in anything the Keating 5 were up to this week. Everything going on with Annalise was much more interesting. 

Rachel: Like Lee, I wasn't really interested in this case either. I'm more concerned about what caused the fire at Annalise's house, and who's dead.

Amanda: I didn't feel connected to the case at all. I was much more interested in our core group. 

Michael: I really liked the case of the week. The fact that the case resonated with Bonnie so well really showed her vulnerable side. Liza Weil did an amazing job as Bonnie interrogated the witness on the stand. I was an awe at the emotion that came pouring out of Weil in that scene. Bravo!

Should Famke Janssen become a series regular?

Lee: I really like Famke Janssen and I think her complicated relationship with Annalise is worth exploring further, but not necessarily on a regular basis. There is already so much going on in this show every week – how could they possibly find room for more? 

Rachel: I'm not sure. Her character somewhat gives Annalise a little sense of normalcy and balance, but there's entirely too much going on right now to make sense of things.

Amanda: Her character is great, and she's probably the best influence Annalise could have. However, if she were to become a series regular and hang around Annalise all the time, I fear her character would be pulled under the weight of Annalise's darkness.

Michael: I'm on the fence. Other than the fact that she has chemistry with Viola Davis, Famke hasn't interacted that much with other cast members. I'm not sure what Eve would be doing on a long-term basis. For now it's refreshing to see Eve sporadically rather than all the time. 

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