How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Will Connor Die?!?

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Is Connor the one under the blanket?

That was a key question after How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 2 when Oliver looked a little too upset when Annalise asked him to do something for her. 

Below, TV Fanatics Lee, Amanda, Rachel and Miranda discussed the stellar case of the week, whether Connor should ditch Oliver and whether Laurel loves Frank.

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What did you think of this week's case?

Lee: I thought it was pretty compelling. I was particularly moved by the climactic scene at the parole hearing, with Irene finally speaking out about the abuse she had suffered for so many years and acknowledging that she felt no guilt about the decision that set her free from her horrific husband. The guest actress playing Irene was excellent; the way she just kept gasping and repeating "Oh" upon hearing the good news, so shocked that she couldn't find the words to say anything else, really moved me. Due in large part to her performance, I felt a great deal of sympathy for Irene despite her being a murderer with no remorse. 

Amanda: I This week's case was far more interesting than the premiere. Irene committed murder but she did so due to abuse. Murder is wrong, but so is suffering. I like when the show presents cases that are morally gray. 

Rachel: I I liked this one better than last week’s case. I was happy that Irene was able to let the court know the horrible torture she had to endure. It was hard for Irene to repeat those words, but it was needed for her freedom.

Miranda: I This case hit me in the feels. I loved it, and I loved that Connor did NOT want it and then found himself unable to stop fighting for his client.  

Why did Annalise ask Wes to move in with her?

Lee: I I have always felt that Annalise treats Wes as a replacement for the child she lost. When she looks at him, she can't help but see his mother, for whose death she feels responsible; now, she has the weight of his father's death on her shoulders as well. She feels guilty about Wes being an orphan and also wants to mother the child she never got to raise, so she sometimes acts like a surrogate parent to Wes, both for his sake and her own. Inviting Wes to live with her is just one example of that.

Amanda: I I think Annalise sees Wes as a sort of surrogate son, but that's nothing new. Even with Nate around, I get the sense she still feels lonely. On the other hand, Annalise has got to be a little nervous Frank is out there and she's probably just scared. 

Rachel: I Annalise has always felt compelled to look out for Wes. Like Lee said, she feels guilty about Wes’ mother, and now his father. Annalise really doesn’t have any one to turn to. Plus with Frank gone mad, she’s a tad bit afraid of being alone.

Miranda: I Ditto the others who feel Annalise has made Wes her substitute son. She lost one at the time she met Wes and the two are inextricably connected in her mind.  

Does Laurel love Frank?

Lee: I I don't know if she truly loves Frank, but she definitely cares enough about him to want to know if he is alive or dead. Which is totally natural. Who wouldn't want to know that about someone they had been sleeping with for months -- especially if that someone may have murdered one of her best friends' fathers? You'd want to know their whereabouts, whether it be in this world or the next. That just feels like a basic human instinct to me. 

Amanda: I Laurel is definitely conflicted. She seems to love him, but kind of hates herself for doing so. It's hard to turn off your feelings for someone. However, I think Laurel also wants answers that only Frank can provide. 

Rachel: I Laurel really does love Frank. I think she’s torn between her love for Frank and the fact that he might come back and harm Annalise, and he that he could be responsible for the murder of Wes’ dad.

Miranda: I Do you remember the scene with Frank being a major tease? Laurel definitely loves Frank. Plus, we have to keep in mind that Laurel's not a stranger to getting into bed with shady people, metaphorically or otherwise. Her father's not exactly a good guy, you know? (Not that she got into bed with her father because gross, but you guys know what I mean, right?) 

How will Bonnie react to the news that Asher and Michaela are a thing?

Lee: I Not sure. After all, Bonnie is very hard to read -- she is the ice queen of initial reactions. Upon first hearing about Asher and Michaela, she'll probably just purse her lips and start emphatically stacking boxes at Annalise's house without showing any outward emotions! What she's feeling inside is another story. 

Amanda: I No clue. It's hard to tell if Bonnie still has feelings for Asher. If she does, she'll be devastated... in private. I don't picture Bonnie acting out at the news. 

Rachel: I Bonne is very strange. You don’t know whether she’s happy or sad. The girl shows no emotion whatsoever. She’ll put on a front like she doesn’t care about Asher and Michaela, but deep down, she most likely feel hurt.

Miranda: I Bonnie's not going to care. Not much. But she'll care enough to take digs at Michaela because she's a brat. But she's not going to care that he moved on. 

Should Connor just cut his losses with Oliver and move on?

Lee: I Yes. As Oliver told him in this episode, if he really loves him and is willing to do anything for him, then he'll let him have his space for the time being. But I don't think Oliver is doing enough to help Connor move on, either. Based on his willingness to talk him through the anxiety of the parole hearing and to celebrate with champagne afterward, he clearly wants to remain friends with Connor. But I don't think two people whose relationship was as intense as theirs can immediately become "just friends" without any complications. The new boundaries between the two of them need to become more distinct first.

Amanda: I Yes, but it was stupid of Oliver to think he can just go work for Annalise after breaking up with Connor. How does he expect Connor to let him go and move on when he's now situated himself in his work space. Connor should make an attempt to move on, but Oliver's presence won't make it easy.

Rachel: I Yes. The two are in different phases of their lives right now. But it’s going to be so awkward for them both to be working for Annalise.

Miranda: I Connor and Oliver breaking up is the dumbest part of this season so far. If they're not back together by the end of the season, I'm starting a Twitter campaign.

Grade How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 so far. 

Lee: I I would give it a solid B+. I am definitely enjoying it so far. It's less outrageous than last season but still has enough drama to keep me on the edge of my seat. I'm just not falling off the edge of my seat in disbelief anymore, which is good!

Amanda: I I'd give it a B. I'm not completely sold yet on the flash forward scenes yet. I kind of roll my eyes when those scenes pop up. However, the show is still able to deliver a compelling case of the week while focusing our attention on the main characters.

Rachel: I I give it a B as well. This mystery of who died hasn’t captivated me yet like the previous mysteries. 

Miranda: I I have to give it an A. I love the set up with flash forwards and love that it has consistently been used across all three seasons. We continue to get cases of the week which are used to drive characters forward and we're seeing all of the Keating 5 plus Annalise facing the fallout of the past year. Frank and why Annalise wants him back just add to the intrigue.  

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Note: How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 3 airs Thursday October 6 on ABC.

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