How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: What Will Bonnie Do?

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Will Bonnie go after Laurel?

That's a key question after Laurel betrayed her on How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 5

Below, TV Fanatics Miranda Wicker, Rachel Miller, Michael Cavic, Lee Jutton and Amanda Steinmetz discuss Bonnie's encounter with Frank, Simon sending out the flyers and the flashbacks.

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Bonnie and Frank got hot and heavy. React!

Miranda: This was COMPLETELY out of the blue for me and, to be honest, I'm not here for it. Frank and Laurel are my couple. 

Rachel: It was very random and totally confusing. Aren't Bonnie and Frank supposed to be like brother and sister? Just, ew.

Michael: While I think that the scene was hot and intense, it was random. Bonnie and Frank have never interacted like that, so why start now? While I'm not completely on the Frank and Laurel train, I definitely don't want him with Bonnie. 

Lee: Clearly the showrunners were running out of combinations of characters for couplings and realized that, lo and behold, here were two people who actually hadn't slept together yet! I agree with everyone else, I thought it felt weird and confusing and not in character for either one of them. 

Amanda: I think the scene was incredibly intimate and emotional, but I'm ride or die team Flaurel.  

Did Simon really send the flyers out?

Miranda: If he didn't, he knows who did, as evidenced by him having the flyers on his computer and by his reaction when Annalise confronted him. 

Rachel: He probably did.

Michael: I agree with Miranda, If Simon didn't put the flyers out himself, he is definitely in on it. I think it would be too obvious for it to be him, but he is not innocent on the matter. 

Lee: Based on his reaction when Annalise confronted him, I think so. it was definitely not the reaction of an innocent man. It's either all him, or he's coordinating the effort. Also, why else introduce his character and spend so much time showing the audience what a jerk he is if he wasn't going to be integral to the plot in some way? This feels like it. 

Amanda: Yeah, I don't know why they would drag this particular story line out otherwise. 

Are you over the flashbacks with Sam?

Miranda: Not at all. I like that we get to see the history of how Annalise became Annalise. She's such a damaged, broken woman that every time we get a glimpse into her past I feel more compassion for her, and a lot of her history has to do with Sam. Plus, we got to see more about Frank with these flashbacks. 

Rachel: No. Seeing Sam reminds us of how happy he and Annalise were before all of the madness happened. It helps us connect the dots to see how these characters became who they are now.

Michael: I, for one loved the flashbacks. It let us into Annalise's world and her relationship with Sam before everything went sour. It's a shame, because Annalise and Sam looked so happy. Also, the backstory for Frank really molded him as a character, and made his relationship with Annalise that much more dynamic. 

Lee: I'm not over them, but I do wish the show would spend a little more time in the present sometimes. They should definitely keep utilizing flashbacks to give us insights into how complex, messy characters like Annalise and Frank became the people that they are.

Without these glimpses into their pasts, they could veer too far into the realm of unsympathetic caricatures. But, all of the back and forth can grow tiring. It really depends on the person who is the subject of the flashbacks and what we're learning about them through the flashbacks for me to stay engaged with them. 

Amanda: Not at all. I love getting a peak into Annalise's past with Sam. Like Rachel, I think it's important for the viewers to see the happy times of their marriage, but also show its demise. 

With all of the females accounted for, which male is under the sheet?

Miranda: At first I thought it was Frank, but then who was Bonnie talking to on the phone in the hospital? I really don't want it to be Connor because I love his character so much. Maybe it's Asher. I'd be okay with that. 

Rachel: I doubt they'll get rid of any of the Keating 5, so I'm going to say it's Nate.

Michael : While I don't really want to lose another character, I wouldn't mind if Asher was the one who took the bullet. I can't picture it being Wes, because of his connection with Annalise, and hope that it isn't Connor, as he is one of my favorites. Asher has always felt like the outcast of the Keating 5, so it wouldn't really be an upset if he was the goes. 

Lee: My vote is either for Frank or Nate. They have spent so much time focusing on Frank's character and past this season that I would not be shocked if all of this culminated in his death. But, seeing Nate bite the dust would also not surprise me. Either way, I don't think it will be a member of the Keating 5. 

Amanda: As long as it's not Frank or Connor, I'll be fine. I don't imagine it would be Wes, but his loss would truly devastate Annalise. 

How will Bonnie react to Laurel ratting her out to Annalise?

Miranda: This is NOT going to be good. Not at all. Now I wouldn't be surprised to learn that  Bonnie set the house on fire or had Frank start it in a mutual attempt to ruin Annalise.

Rachel: Bonnie will probably seek revenge. We all know Bonnie is capable of murder, so like Miranda, I wouldn't be surprised if she set the house on fire.

Michael: The look on Bonnie's face said it all. While I think that Bonnie shouldn't have lied to Annalise about her whereabouts; why did it have to be Laurel who spilled the beans? Miranda poses a good theory as to Bonnie starting the fire. It could be an attempt to take Laurel and Annalise down at the same time. Burning Annalise's house to spite her, and making sure that Laurel was inside as an attempt to try and get rid of her. 

Lee: I agree with all of the above! I don't think Bonnie will take this lying down, and setting the fire would be one way of seeking would definitely not be out of character for her. 

Amanda: I think Bonnie will be pissed, but not lash out right away. If she ends up being responsible for the fire, I wouldn't be surprised.

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