Days of Our Lives Round Table: Orpheus Reign of Terror Ends!

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There was a lot of action in Salem this week as Jennifer ended up in a bomb vest, JJ got shot, and Orpheus’ reign of terror finally came to an end.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kpatch from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the most shocking event, Paul and Sonny’s future, who likes Blanca, and their favorite moments in Salem. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

What was the biggest surprise this week? Jennifer wearing a bomb, JJ getting shot, Orpheus committing suicide, Nicole telling Deimos the truth, or something else?

Kpatch: I would say it was Jennifer getting strapped with a bomb. It was a good way to involve her in a story she hasn’t had a role in at all.

Jack: I don't know that any of these were really a surprise. Jennifer wearing a bomb was pretty contrived, though, I thought. JJ getting shot was also really obvious because of the number of times people commented about being worried about him. I'd have to say the biggest surprise this week was Justin showing up at the hospital to talk to Adrienne.

Christine: I never expected to see Jennifer with a bomb strapped to her chest. That one surprised me, and I loved that Hope was the one to stay with her. 

Sonny Wants a Second Chance - Days of Our Lives

Is Paul pulling back from Sonny the right thing to do?

Kpatch: Paul is protecting himself from heartache, which I can understand. Sonny said that he isn’t over Will’s death and not ready for a relationship, so really, it’s up to Sonny to be very clear that his position has changed and he’d like to give it another shot with Paul. I’m a fan of these two. They have way more chemistry than Sonny and Guy Wilson’s Will ever had. I’m happy to see both of them front-and-center again.

Jack: Yes. Sonny spent about a year saying he had no interest in Paul and right now he's dealing with the first anniversary of Will's death, his cousin is in critical condition, and he's first re-establishing himself in Salem. Not a good time for a relationship, period.

Christine: Paul’s doing the smart thing for both of them. Sonny may think he’s ready for more but he’s not. They both need to take some time as friends before anything more happens between them, but I agree with Kpatch. I do enjoy their chemistry and hope for more in the future. 

Do you care about Blanca and her back story?

Kpatch: I like Blanca. She’s a good character. She’s kind, yet strong. She's also beautiful. I actually liked her with Rafe when they briefly explored that. Much better coupling than Rafe and Hope or Dario and Blanca. But I don’t want her family or connections to wind up in Salem. It was a disaster when they did that with Jordan and I hate when they overload us with new characters.

Jack: Blanca is one of the few new characters I like. But I'm tired of these abusive boyfriends that show up out of nowhere so I can't say I'm terribly interested.

Christine: Maybe it’s just me but Blanca bores me to tears. She feels like a completely unnecessary extra character and I audibly groaned when the man from her past turned up. It gave me flashbacks back to Jordan, and that’s never a good sign. 

Blanca and Dario - Days of Our Lives

Was Nicole wrong to tell Deimos the truth about Chloe’s baby?

Kpatch: OMG don’t get me started. I’m furious that Nicole betrayed Chloe and took matters in her own hands when she had no right to. She chose “love” over friendship. I hope Deimos never speaks to her again. I hope Chloe never speaks to her again. She just made Chloe’s worst nightmare come true.

Jack: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes, though Deimos' abusive response was uncalled for. Chloe trusted Nicole -- and more than that, Nicole should understand why Chloe is doing what she's doing because of her experience with EJ. 

Christine: Oh, Nicole! What have you done? She decided to lead with her heart but in doing so she betrayed her best friend (never acceptable) and trusted a man she barely knows. The circumstances she’s created for Chloe could be disastrous. 

Was there anything that disappointed you this week in Salem?

Kpatch: Lots! First, there was way too much violence. Bombs, cops getting shot, Orpheus holding a gun to John’s head, then holding Marlena hostage and drinking poison. This is not the kind of entertainment I want from my soap opera....

A Gun to His Head - Days of Our Lives

The focus lately has been more on criminals and violence than on romance. There’s plenty of other crime dramas to choose from. Days shouldn’t be one of them. Second, Marlena’s scenes were among the stupidest ever. She did triage on JJ in the square when she has no credible experience performing medical procedures. And uncuffing Orpheus so she could splash alcohol on his wounds? Implausible! Lastly, I’m tired of the show pushing Chad and Gabi together to set up a love triangle when they haven’t even given us a chance to get invested in JJ and Gabi as a couple.

Jack: Sonny didn't seem to be aware or care that his cousin JJ is in critical condition. He was flirting with Paul like that was all that mattered. I also thought the end of Orpheus was ridiculous. Marlena should have known better than to uncuff him, and another suicide pill...really?

Christine: Orpheus suicide was not only anticlimactic, but dumb. Orpheus wasn’t dying due that arm wound. There was no reason for Marlena to attend to him at all, never mind uncut him. I thought he’d escape, but having him kill himself had me wondering why we’d endure all of this nonsense in the first place. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline from this week of Days of Our Lives.

Kpatch: I was glad the show remembered the close relationship between Jennifer and Hope. I thought the acting was great during the bomb-defusion scene, even if I didn’t like the content of the scene. And Jennifer talking to JJ at his hospital bedside was very emotional.

Jack: I loved Jennifer at JJ's bedside telling him about how he proved the doctors wrong by being strong and healthy. It's about time that history was mentioned.

Christine: I really enjoyed everyone’s interactions with little Arianna. Too often, kids are shuffled off screen. Ari spent time with Gabi, Chad, Adrienne, Lucas, etc and I enjoyed them all.

Gaby, Chad and Ari - Days of Our Lives

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