Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 2 Review: The Morgue

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What the hell did I just watch?

On Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 2, Ruby has hidden the Necronomicon from her children while Ash and Kelly head out to get it back. Oh, and Brock was looking to get busy with a Deadite. The Williams men don't really have high standards do they?

Actually, do they have any standards?

Ready to Search - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 2

I hope I wasn't the only one that appreciated the use of archive film footage from The Evil Dead as Ash was approaching his sister Cheryl's bedroom. These references aren't entirely necessary for us fans of the franchise, but it's still fun to see these callbacks.

This was also done brilliantly when Ash first returned to the cabin on Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 8.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm really digging Brock. He's just as quick-witted as his son. Especially his remark about Ruby and Ash finding Bigfoot.

Friggin' hilarious.

And how cool was Ash's bedroom? It looked so pristine even after 30 years. Well, except for that lizard. Little guy never had a chance.

Ash: Poor fellow, guess he didn't have the heart to carry on without me.
Kelly: Or the food.

The whole scenario of Ruby hiding the book inside of a cadaver in the morgue was interesting. Using dead flesh flesh to mask the scent of the book would have felt contrived on any other show, but not Ash vs Evil Dead.

Speaking of the morgue – WTF?

First off, I have to mention the coroner getting his Achilles sliced. It made me wince and left me truly disturbed. I can watch decapitations, disembowelment and dismemberment all day, but slice a fellow's Achilles tendon?


I don't know what it is regarding that part of the body that always freaks people out, but I know I'm not alone on this. Similar moments occur in the film Child's Play and Pet Semetary, and I have to close my eyes during those scenes or skip them entirely because they genuinely skeeve me out.

Now let's talk about the scene that was burned into everyone's retinas. Ash getting wrapped up in the intestines and pulled into the excreting rectum of the corpse was all kinds of wrong!

Hey Dickface - Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 2

It was silly, disturbing, and hilarious all at the same time. I couldn't stop laughing due to the ridiculousness of what I was watching. This show just added a whole new level of macabre to morgues.

Oh God, I'm in the butt! I'm in the butt!


Only on Ash vs Evil Dead will you find that kind of entertainment.

I'm very happy Kelly got her pop! I can't tell you how many times I've had vending machines screw me over. So, Kelly getting her reward for knocking out the sheriff was a nice reward for her. 

It's the little victories right?

Kelly: That is horrible...and also awesome.
Ash: Which is everything that I do!

Did you think Ruby actually killed Pablo when she sliced his throat? I knew it had to be a vision, and it was. It makes me wonder though, that if these are in fact premonitions, could that scene have been a sign that Ruby will eventually kill Pablo or at least turn on team Ash? The visions may not be literal, but more insinuate an event.

We did learn though that since the book has never attached itself to a human before, Pablo is still linked to the Necronomicon. Now that we know the visions Pablo has been having are actually premonitions, do you think this can become a valuable tool in defeating Ruby's spawn?

It would be a cool twist for Pablo's character. and if he learns to hone this "gift", it could potentially be a big factor this season.

The Deadite fight in Ash's room was fun, too. Ruby is such a badass, and I hope we get to see her dish out more Deadite ass whooping as the season progresses.

Tied Up - Ash vs Evil Dead

We also now know that Ruby's children are after the book so that they can summon their father. However, it appears that Ash is going to have to retrieve the Necronomicon yet again.

Ash really needs to remember to keep those windows up on the Delta.

This was another fantastic episode that just flew by. The scenes at the morgue will not soon be forgotten, and I'm looking forward to what's in store for us next week (as long as there are no achilles tendons involved).

What did you think of "The Morgue"? Hit the comments below and share your thoughts!

Ash vs Evil Dead returns with a new episode on Sunday, October 16th on Starz at 8/7C.

Remember, you can always watch Ash vs Evil Dead online.

The Morgue Review

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Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Look, I would trust a blind proctologist over her, but you know the deal.


Ash: Poor fellow, guess he didn't have the heart to carry on without me.
Kelly: Or the food.