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What was the new mystery?

That was revealed on Quantico Season 2 Episode 1 through a lot of flash-forwards, but was it deadlier than the first one?

Alex started her training for the CIA, but how much did it differ from Quantico?

Meanwhile on this addictive drama, Shelby and Caleb continued their relationship, but they quickly realized that things were different than before. 

Who was the new villain?

Use the video above to watch Quantico online to get up to speed with the latest drama for the characters in this hit drama series. 

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Quantico Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Alex: I just saw a dead man.
Shelby: What man, and what makes you think that he's dead?
Alex: Because I'm the one who killed him.

Alex: You know, sometimes I wish we said no, to the mission, to all of this.
Ryan: There was no mission, Alex. We were chasing ghosts.
Alex: They weren't ghosts, Ryan. They were just smarter than us.