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Why was Elliot in prison?

That was finally revealed on Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 9 when he found a way to get himself released, but he was forced on a deadly mission with Darlene to get answers about the dark army.

Meanwhile on this addictive drama, Angela continued to try and get further up the ranks at E Corp, but her plan hit a snag when she realized there was no chance of her career going much further within the company.

Use the video above to watch Mr. Robot online to get up to speed. 

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Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

You see, I'm a mercenary. I don't play fair. I play what I want. You deal with a mercenary, then all decorum gets tossed out the window. So you go ahead with your cute threats and your watch beeps. Order will not protect you anymore, my friend. I will rain chaos, even if it hurts me. Because I would rather see you lose than win myself. Oh. That's all the time I have.

Philip Price

Leon: You don't say much, do you?
Elliot: No.
Leon: Well that's cool man. I'm here to provide you with anything you may need. I can pretty much find anything. And I mean anything. Smokes, pills, hard shit, porn, grandma porn. Some of these guys like that shit. Gay porn. I don't judge, man. Whatever you need.
Elliot: Can you get me a notebook?