The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 2 Review: The Military Miniaturization

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Sheldon and Penny both have a problem with saying things they shouldn't, but on The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 2, their actions have very real consequences.

Penny spills a secret on accident, and Sheldon makes a ridiculous agreement when he's not supposed to say anything at all. 

The Air Force Comes Calling - The Big Bang Theory

Penny letting the news about Bernadette's pregnancy slip at work is an accident. A careless one, but it's an accident nonetheless. Still, Bernadette is furious.

Bernadette's pregnancy brings up a very real issue about women in the workplace. She's been keeping her pregnancy a secret because she's afraid that the news would keep her from getting to be a part of an upcoming research project. 

I have to say, I appreciate the fact they're dealing with this idea. Regardless of the type of work, pregnancy can make things complicated when it comes to having a career, and I'm glad to see Bernadette dealing with those very real challenges. 

Hiding a pregnancy at work is tough, especially when you consider the cravings.

Bernadette: I had a plan. I kept leaving Dove bar wrappers around to explain any weight gain.
Amy: Where did you get empty Dove bar wrappers?
Bernadette: From all the DOVE BARS I ATE. I'M PREGNANT. Try to keep up!

Don't underestimate Bernadette, though, you guys. I'm sure you didn't. When her boss says he hasn't decided if she can be a part of the research project or not, she just flat out threatens to sue. 

It shouldn't have to come to that, but it's a good thing Bernadette is spunky enough to stick up for herself. 

In fact, it's worth it talk a bit about how women are portrayed on this show. It's not perfect, not by any means, but think of all the times we've seen these ladies be strong in their relationships, their jobs, and their friendships with one another. It's important to see that.

Meanwhile, the guys are dealing with their own issues. For me, the funniest part of this episode is when Sheldon is forced to stay quiet through comments about engineering being superior to physics and the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek.

Look guys, it's just a guidance system. It's not like you're handing us the Death Star from Star Trek.

Colonel Williams

I'm so glad we're staying focused on the guys' invention. It's provided such good opportunities to see them working together toward a common goal and solving problems with one another.

And even though we aren't seeing them playing video games together quite as much, we're still reminded that they're not serious scientists all the time. They're fascinated with new gadgets and spend a LOT of time trying out the retinal scanner – including lifting Howard and holding upside down to see if it would still work.

Admit it. You'd probably do the same thing!

Other Thoughts:

  • Dean Norris as Colonel Williams is a great choice. So funny. 
  • I agree with Bernadette. If you're going to spring for fast food, get fries. Not apples.
  • I really didn't need to know how Howard stays so thin. 
  • One of my favorite quotes from this episode comes from Raj, when he desperately wants to share what's happening on social media:

Leonard: You can't put that on Snapchat.
Raj: Fine, I'll put it on Facebook like a caveman.

What did you think of this episode of The Big Bang Theory? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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The Military Miniaturization Review

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The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 2 Quotes

Penny: When Leonard's feeling anxious, I make him take a long walk.
Amy: Does that help?
Penny: For a while, then he comes back.

I was counting on that money. I need to make as much as my wife so I don't have to try so hard in bed.