Suits Round Table: Will Mike Really Get Out?!?

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That was fast.

That pretty much sums up our reaction to Suits Season 6 Episode 8 after it was revealed that Mike was getting out of prison.

TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Christine Hinton and Jasmine Blu discuss Jessica's departure, Leonard grilling Jessica and Kevin's prison sentence. 

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Is Mike really getting out of prison?

Allison: I hope so. The preview for the next episode makes it look like something is going to go wrong, but I'm getting a little tired of that. It's done. Let's get Mike out and focus on exploring what his life will be like since he can no longer be a lawyer.

Christine: I’m not going to celebrate just yet. I’m guessing there will be one more challenge to his release and I’m betting Gallo is involved. I’m just hoping that Mike makes it out without getting hurt.

Jasmine: Not quite. To the chagrin of many of us (I presume),they insist on dragging this out and milking it for all it's worth. Looks like another hiccup on the horizon. Unfortunately.

Would Jessica leave to be with Jeff?

Allison: I don't think so. Her firm, her life's work, is in trouble. She's not going to leave it in the hands of someone else. Maybe if her firm was wildly successful and not in danger of going under or being taken over she would go with Jeff.

Christine: No. She loves him but she loves her firm more. She’s put everything she’s got into it, heart and soul. I can’t imagine her walking away, especially when its very existence hangs in the balance.

Jasmine: No way. She loves Jeff, but she has always loved her firm. It is her everything. She couldn't walk away from it if she tried.

Is it time for Louis to move on from Tara?

Allison: Yes. Let's be done with this. I can't even pretend to care about this storyline anymore.

Christine: Ugh. I hate that she slept with Louis just to jerk him around come morning. It’s decision time. I can’t imagine that Louis is okay sleeping with Tara while she’s also sleeping with some other guy. Either she makes a choice or Louis should walk away.

Jasmine: LOL! Allison isn't mincing words. I agree though. I'm not invested enough in this to sit through another second. What she did was absolutely disgusting and Louis didn't deserve it.

Was Leonard right to grill Jessica?

Allison: You have to think about Leonard's point of view. He's had lawyers promise to help get him out, and nothing has come of it. Even though he's innocent, Leonard's accepted his fate. He's accepted death. Now, all he wants is for his lawyers to try to get his Aunt to be there for him in his final days, and Jessica didn't even try. I can understand why he's upset.

Christine: Yes. His life may be over in a matter of days. This was important to him and he’s angry because it wasn’t equally important to Jessica. In her defense, Jessica’s ultimate goal is to save his life, but I don’t think Leonard really thinks he’s ever going to walk out of prison. 

Jasmine: I don't think it's a right/wrong situation. I certainly understand why he lashed out. His life is on the line. I can't imagine how he must feel. I also empathize with Jessica, because her stoicism and poise is always mistaken for her being emotionless, rigid, and uncaring even though she isn't. 

Do you wish there was a way for Kevin to get out of prison?

Allison: He seems like a good guy, but he did almost kill someone by drunk driving. You do need to pay for your sins, and if everyone got out of prison, then what's the point of sending criminals there in the first place?

Christine: I’m torn. I like Kevin and I do think he’s learned his lesson but his crime was serious. He nearly killed someone with his reckless behavior. But for his kids’ sake, I’d like to see him get out early.

Jasmine: I have been indifferent with the "Free Mike" thing, because I appreciate the fact that he is finally facing consequences for his actions. Perpetrators of heinous crimes have gotten away with less. I like Kevin. He's remorseful, has kids, did some good while in there, and served some time. I'd like to see him get out. 

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