Pitch Round Table: Did Kylie Bunbury Blow You Away?

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Last week on Pitch Season 1 Episode 1, we were introduced to Ginny Baker, the first female baseball player called up to the leagues!

After a rocky start, we finally watched Ginny beat the odds and succeed. Essentially proving that maybe a girl is ready for the big leagues after all. She faced ridiculous amounts of pressure and a great deal of scrutiny. Fortunately with the support of Blip, the newfound respect of Mike, and the memory of her father, Ginny make take her team and the sport by storm!

Join TV Fanatics Christine L, Carissa, Allison, and Ashley as they discuss the revelation at the end, Kylie Bunbury's performance, and the complicated relationship between Ginny and Mike. They'll also weigh in on Pitch's mixed reception and ratings, their favorite scenes and quotes, and whether or not Pitch is sexist.

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That revelation at the end! Did you see it coming?

Christine: I actually did. I'm one of those people you never want to see a mystery movie with. Haha! I think the big thing I picked up on throughout the episode was how Ginny's father didn't interact with anyone but Ginny, and that was my dead giveaway. (No pun intended.)

Carissa: I did, too. It really hit me when she was on the mound the first time and flamed out. There was no way, if her dad was alive, that he wouldn't have been in her view, part of her entourage. He was her touchstone. At the very least, I figured something terrible had happened to him. Still, seeing the end hit me with the feels and I bawled. Since my own daddy is gone, I know how much it means not to have your father around for important moments. For Ginny to have made it and lost him? Oh.

Allison: I knew it was coming. Spoilers can be rough. Still, Kylie Bunbury and Michael Beach had me in tears. I was a wreck. It was a stand out performance from both of them.

Ashley: I also saw it coming, in part because to me, the trailer already had me wondering if that was the case. But like Allison said, it didn't matter to me, because it was still SO emotional.

This is Kylie Bunbury's first time leading her own series. How was her performance?

Christine: Kylie Bunbury is stellar as Ginny. I can't articulate how unbelievably moving her performance is. She has this ability to be both a lion and a lamb on screen, and while I'm not familiar with any of her work prior to this show, I can't imagine that her career isn't going to go to big places after this.

Carissa: She's fabulous. She can be tough, almost to the point of annoying, and do an about face so her heart is on her sleeve. She really is playing Ginny with all of the emotions in the most believable way.

Allison: I absolutely love her as Ginny. She wins you over almost instantly, and you want to see Ginny succeed. Even though we obviously don't know everything about Ginny yet, by the end of the hour, you have a good sense of who Ginny is as a person.

Ashley: She's incredible. Just absolutely incredible. I think she's great to watch because of how she's able to balance being tough but also being warm and likeable. I'm a fan.

The premiere has had a mixed reception and low ratings. Did Pitch live up to your expectations?

Christine: I had no expectation going into Pitch. I knew that it had Zack Morris and the dad from The Wonder Years, and that was enough to pull me in. After I watched it, I couldn't believe what I had just seen. As the mother of a little girl, I was in tears SO many times throughout the hour just thinking about how THIS is exactly the kind of show that I want to exist for HER. I'm honestly shocked that the ratings weren't there, and that there are people who didn't immediately love it. Everyone in my circle has been raving about it.

Carissa: I'm terribly frustrated about this. I don't understand why everyone didn't see what I did, and why there wasn't more of a turnout. It's a show you just have to watch and enjoy. Don't pick at the edges, but allow yourself to taken up in the moment. It wasn't a premiere I was even interested in watching, but I'd have been poorer for not having seen it.

Allison: I also didn't have any expectations going in. It was going to be just another pilot that I watched to say I watched it, so I could join in on the conversation. I was completely blown away by the show. I was captivated by the characters. My only concern is where the series goes from here. The pilot tells a solid story with a beginning, middle, and end, so, what's next?

Ashley: I had high expectations because I thought it was such a unique idea. And I still have a crush on Mark-Paul Gosselaar, so that made me want to like it for that reason alone. I agree with Carissa that I can't understand why the ratings were low. Even for a person who generally has no interest in sports movies or shows, I could see a reason to want to watch. Again, it's such a unique story. I hope more people catch on.

What are your thoughts on the Mike and Ginny dynamic? Where do you see the show going with those two?

Christine: I definitely saw some flirtation there, and the romantic spark. But I also think there are bigger things for the series to tackle before those two characters get romantic. There's a mentorship between them that needs to be built first in order for Ginny's career, which is the forefront issue of the show, to become more stable. After that though, I totally see a hookup. And that hookup could lead to a number of other stories, like age, eclipsing careers, even race could be a potential story.

Carissa: I agree with everything Christine said. There is a spark, but I'm worried about that, especially too soon. I think it would cause too many other issues with the team and with Ginny's acceptance being of the utmost importance, I'd like them to be friends first and for Ginny to learn from him first and foremost. If they pull a When Harry Met Sally after that...I'm good.

Allison: I agree with Christine and Carissa. Mike and Ginny need to work on their partnership first. We need to see them turn into a badass pitcher and catcher team. I want friendship first with maybe a moment or two of flirtation that gets laughed off. I hope the romance isn't pushed. This is about a woman showing she belongs in the MLB and having her hook up with one of her teammates does not send a good message. I'm okay if that's maybe something that is rumored on the show, as long as there isn't a romance.

Ashley: The only reason I caught on to any sort of romantic spark was because I read an episode description that suggested it. Otherwise, I think I would have just seen the partnership. I'm sure they're going to go there eventually, but it doesn't have to happen any time soon.

There are complaints that Ginny being "too emotional" to perform well out the gate, is in itself sexist. Thoughts?

Christine: I didn't read it that way AT ALL. I think by the time she has that breakdown in the episode, the audience is already pretty clear about who she is and what some of her struggles were to achieve that moment, not to mention how much pressure she's under to perform not only for herself, or for her team, but for her entire sex. That's enough to make ANYONE, male or female, have a breakdown and under-perform.

Carissa: Every person on the planet is emotional. Just because men tend to show their emotions as anger or sex doesn't negate their emotions are present. You can't tell me dudes don't go out and get laid or drunk before their big day. Everyone does something to cope. What we didn't know was the loss of her father was what was driving those emotions, and she kept that pretty well hidden.

Allison: How could she not be emotional though? I'm sorry, but she lost her dad who was the one who pushed her to play baseball. I honestly wouldn't have believed it or fallen in love with Ginny if she wasn't emotional her first time on the mound. Like Christine said, Ginny was also under a tremendous amount of pressure.

Ashley: I don't agree with that either. Of course she was emotional! Maybe we could start seeing the ability to show emotions as a strength, rather than considering that to be a female characteristic.

What was your favorite scene or quote from the pilot?

Christine: The recurring theme of "We ain't done nothin' yet." I mean...come on. That's a powerful message in the context of the show, only made more impactful after you realize what the real situation is for Ginny and her father. Chills, man. Chills.

Carissa: When she failed on the mound the first time. Because it made it so real. Too many times entertainment wants it to look pretty. Life is hard, and your first time out of the gate is so intense, sometimes you fail. It doesn't mean it's over. People believed in her and gave her another chance.

Allison: I loved Mike's pep talk to Ginny on the mound. It was such a fun moment, and he was in Ginny's corner when she needed someone. I also really, really loved all the scenes with Ginny and her father, especially when everything falls into place, and we realize that he's dead.

Ashley: I think my favorite was also realizing that her father wasn't there, and seeing those scenes played out again where she's staring into an open space.

What are your thoughts? Hit up the comments below and share your answers to our round table questions.

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