How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Who Dies?!?

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Will the dead person be someone we actually care about?

That was a key question after How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 1

Below,  Fanatics Miranda, Lee, Michael, Amanda and Rachel discuss the new mystery, Frank's true motives and the Coliver breakup. 

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What did you think of the new mystery?

Miranda: I love, love, love this show and it's weird, twisty surprises. I'm 100% down for seeing where this is going to go.

Lee: I'm intrigued to see how they execute it, especially since number of people who could be the person under that sheet will be narrowed down week. For them to confirm the identity of one person who is not the victim in every episode should hopefully create a great deal of tension and drama – and we all know HTGAWM is at its best when it is jam packed with tension and drama!

Michael: I have to say I'm intrigued. I think the flyers stating that Annalise is a killer is interesting, who is doing it poses a bigger mystery. It will be interesting to watch that unfold. I can't believe she was texting someone to have Frank killed and then couldn't go through with it. The ending! Whose dead? We don't know for the time being but I'm looking forward to finding out. 

Amanda: I'm not sure yet. I'm trying to figure out if the whole someone is going to die plot is a misdirection and it won't actually be one of the Keating 5. 

Rachel: There's a lot going on right now. Mahoney's killer, Annalise may have a new stalker, and what the heck is Frank up to?

Did Frank really murder Mahoney?

Miranda: No. There's no way he had time to move his car, get across the street, and fire a weapon in NYC without being seen. I think Annalise wants Wes to think it was Frank, but there's no way it was Frank. My money's on it being the guy she hired to find Frank.

Lee: It's way too obvious for it to have been Frank and this show never does the obvious. Frank is guilty of a lot of bad things, but I don't think pulling the trigger on Mahoney is one of them.

Michael: I feel like that would be too obvious. This is a Shonda Rhimes show after all! So, I'm expecting that it is going to be someone we totally don't expect, just for that O-M-G moment.  

Amanda: It's entirely possible, but it seems odd and unnecessary to bring Wes along only to end up shooting his father right in front of him. I hope it was someone else. Side note: RIP Frank's beard.

Rachel: I think because we expect Frank to be Mahoney's killer, it's possible that he actually isn't. Like Amanda, I don't think Frank would bring Wes along to meet his dad and then kill him.

Will Wes and Laurel become a thing?

Miranda: Yes. At some point, they're going to hook up. It's going to be messy. Frank will return and Laurel will have to choose between them. 

Lee: I kind of love them as a platonic pair, mostly because I feel like those are few and far between these days. It seems like every time a man and a woman because close friends on a show, they inevitably become an item. Wes and Laurel have great chemistry, but I think Laurel prefers to date real bad boys that vaguely resemble her father in their shady actions – guys like Frank. 

Michael: I hope so!  I have thought they should be a thing since the first season. The way that Laurel seems to care for him is so sweet and genuine. She has always had a soft spot for Wes and both actors have a natural chemistry that really makes their scenes enjoyable. 

Amanda: I really don't want them to become a couple. It's not that I don't think they have chemistry, but I'm not off the Flaurel train yet. 

Rachel: Oh gosh, I hope not. They're extremely awkward together. 

What did you think of the Oliver/ Connor breakup?

Miranda: Ugh. Gutted. I think Oliver is scared. I also think it's possible he knows things about Annalise's firm he doesn't want Connor to know he knows and he thinks he's protecting Connor because he thinks there's no way Connor can know what he knows. As smart as Oliver is, sometimes he's kind of dumb.

Lee: I love these two together, but I can kind of understand Oliver's perspective, especially when he voiced the desire to learn more about himself as a person on his own. It's hard to figure out your own identity when you're reliant on another person. Oliver might love Connor, but if he feels like he is changing and is confused about what kind of person he is – and what that person wants – it might be better for them both to at east take a break for awhile.

However, I worry about Connor on his own. It was definitely fun watching him be a freewheeling playboy at the beginning of season one, but I think a return to that kind of behavior at this point in his life would signify a downward spiral for him. 

Michael: It was so heartbreaking. The fact that Connor could forgive Oliver for all of the stuff that he did, and what happens in the end? Oliver breaks up with him anyway. While I don't see them staying broken up for long I still think it was like a punch in the gut. The break might do great for this couple though. Perhaps, them finding their way back to each other will be that much rewarding.

Amanda: I love this couple, but Oliver mad me so mad. He was completely right about the relationship becoming unhealthy, but he took the easy way out and all he left Connor with was a broken heart and a deleted acceptance letter to Stanford. Also, how is Oliver supposed to work on himself alone if he's going to work with his ex-boyfriend. This makes zero sense!

Rachel: They've been through a lot together, so I would've loved to see them pull through. It's going to be weird for the both of them to have to work with one another.

Did the case of the week reel you in?

Miranda: Yes and no. I love the idea of getting to see the Keating 5 try their own cases, and this case on its own would've been a compelling one to watch. But! It was tangled up in the premiere when we're way more focused on setting up the season's mystery, so the case got sort of lost for me.

Lee: I agree with Miranda – it was definitely an interesting case, but there was so much going on in the premiere that it kind of got lost in the shuffle. In a sea of tangled plotlines and jumps back and forth in time, this story just felt excessive. But going forward, I think it will be fun to see the Keating 5 and their peers try actual cases. With all of the sex, murder and intrigue, one sometimes forgets that they're also in law school! 

Michael: Not really! To be honest I felt the case of the week was a really weak one and the overall mystery for the season was what stole the show. I also felt like there was some strong character development this week for a show that is so plot driven. 

Amanda: Not really. I was far more interested in the core group and where Frank had run off to. 

Rachel: Nope. What reeled me is was Frank shaving off his hair and beard, and the fact that he's disappeared from everyone.

What do you think will happen in the next few episodes?

Miranda: Well, we're definitely going to find out whose body is under that sheet. (And I have theories about that!!) Frank is going to return and Annalise will bring him back into the fold. I think she really does love her "children," and Frank is one of those. 

Lee: I look forward to seeing more of Wes' new girlfriend, Megan. She seems like a ray of sunshine in his dark, worrisome existence and I would love to know more about their relationship – how they met, what they do when they're together, what her interests are and what drew her to Wes. I would not be surprised if there is something more sinister about her than one would initially think – though for Wes' sake, I hope not!

Michael: I think as the mystery starts to unravel we will also see some characters unravel. We are probably going to be given clues each week as to who dies. From the looks of the promos Frank seems to be going to a dark place. This show does so well with telling these dark stories that it feels like you don't have a moment to breathe but that is what makes for good television. All in all it was a strong installment. 

Amanda: No clue, but I hope more is revealed about who will die. 

Rachel: I want to know who is leaving all those weird notes around campus, who dies, and what is Frank up really up to.

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