From Dusk Till Dawn Review: New Threats Emerge

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Note to self: be careful who you pray with.

On From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 1 and From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 2, Seth and Richie find themselves facing monsters from Xibalba (hell), and one of them might just be Kate.

First off, I like that we are exploring the ramifications of the Twister exploding.

The Twister was used for a lot of things. It wasn't just a feeding ground, and it's great that Carlos' actions had unexpected consequences. Mixing things up is always fun.

Brasa and his Queen - From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 1

Los hermanos Geckos are pretty well versed in culebras by now. Richie has picked up a few tools of the trade. Freddie has even accepted his role as peacekeeper, and he's pretty good at it.

When everyone is comfortable and settled in, that's exactly when you need to throw a curve ball. Thankfully, that's just what happened.

The culebra world opened up a little bit more, and now we've got monsters from hell. Seth, as everyone expected, was thrilled by the news.

Richie: That's hell, Seth. It's literally from hell.
Seth: Oh god, then I'm sure he can find his way back. Come on, Richard, this is their problem.
Richie: Their problem?
Seth: Yeah, your precious Lord over there gave us a job, remember? I am a collector, not a ghostbuster.

The bright side to all of this is that Kate is back! Well, she is and she isn't. 

Kate being taken/possessed by Amaru makes us even more invested in the Brasa and Xibalba storyline. We've got something to root for other than Seth, Richie, and Freddie stopping all the Xibalbans and whatever Amaru's plan is.

We are rooting for Kate's salvation. The preacher's daughter has been taken over by la sante sangre, and we've got to get her back.

This makes defeating Amaru slightly more difficult for our heroes, and, of course, it will be fun to watch Amaru use Kate's memories to antagonize everyone who loved her.

Richie: I saw her die, remember?
Seth: We never found her body at the blood well, remember?
Santantico: La santa sangre. It did something to her.
Seth: That skull fucker, right, that last guy? He said shit that sounded exactly like her.
Richie: Okay, so not only do you think that she's alive, you think that she's siccing these Xibalbans on us?
Seth: Well she has good reason to.

Last season, Seth struggled to come to terms with what happened to his brother, and by struggled, I of course mean got hooked on drugs.

Seth and Richie have patched things up, thankfully, and are working together again. Admittedly, it's nice to know that Seth's views haven't really changed all that much. 

You can tell when he pushed the drink aside after Richie told him he learned how to make it from turning someone. There's still tension there, and it didn't help that Seth shot Richie in the head.

Still, seeing the brothers working together again was fantastic. Hopefully, the two of them will continue to work out their issues while battling Xibalban warriors. Do you think Seth will ever change his view on culebras?

Honestly, Santanico's return wasn't all that exciting, mainly because I can't figure her out.

After being trapped in the Twister for so long, she wanted to escape and be her own boss. I get that, and it did look like she was the boss at her fight club, so good for her.

I still don't understand why she opened a fight club, why people are so desperate to stay there and fight, or why this fight club is so important to her.

You would think that after being forced to be a part of the Twister that Santanico would try to adopt some semblance of a normal life. I'm not saying she would buy a house with a white picket fence or anything, but it seems like she basically went and found herself another Twister.

You substitute fights for lap dances, and it's the Titty Twister all over again.


We never explore what really goes on at this fight club, well other than the fighting part. Does Santanico feed her people? Does she allow feeding to happen there?

Oh wait, I'm sorry, they aren't her people. She made it very clear that she doesn't really care about them, or at least that she can't be the one who protects them from the Xibalbans.

In the end, she ran away.

It made sense for Richie and Seth to turn to her for help because culebras will follow La Diosa, and they have no reason to follow or listen to Richie and Seth. I just wish Santanico's storyline made sense. 

There's always been themes of religion, sin, and salvation in From Dusk Till Dawn. We saw it in Jacob Fuller in season one. In season two, we saw it in Kate trying to save Scott. In season three, we might be seeing it in Seth and also in the fight to save Kate.

Seth: Well, there's a heaven, there's a hell, right? Maybe it's coming for us.
Richie: What do you mean, coming for us?
Seth: For the things we've done. Maybe it's coming to collect.

It's interesting that Seth has started to question where his deeds stack up when weighed. He's convinced that he has done more bad than good.

Maybe this is because he spends his days surrounded by the immortal or maybe Kate's death has been weighing on him. His comment to Richie about their operation being built on Kate's death proves that Seth hasn't forgiven himself or Richie for what happened.

Whatever the case, I'm curious as to how Seth will react and cope with whatever's to come. Will he still think he deserves a ticket to El Rey, to heaven?

What did you think of From Dusk Till Dawn's return? Do you think Freddie and Ximena make a good team? It looks like Kate is still in there, so do you think she can be saved? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember you can watch From Dusk Till Dawn online via TV Fanatic.

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From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

But for us to deliver, you need to deliver like Fed-fucking-ex.


Seth: You were late on your tribute, and we're the collectors. It's been that way for, what, six months now? Jesus Christ, it's the longest I've ever been stuck on a job since I was flipping burgers at Big Kahuna in high school.
Richie: I flipped the burgers. You bussed the tables.