The Fosters Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Collateral Damage

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Oh. Em. Gee! Now that's how you do a summer finale!

There were twists, turns, revelations, and a heck of a lot of heartbreak. Thankfully, loose threads were tied and questions were answered. Any reservations that they would leave us disgruntled and in the dark were nullified on The Fosters Season 4 Episode 10.

It was a fantastic final installment to an occasionally unbalanced season.

Mariana's World - The Fosters

The Foster-Adams family are notorious for making questionable decisions. Brandon and Callie Some more than others. Sometimes, the characters can skate by, just barely facing any real repercussions for their actions.

The aptly named "Collateral Damage" rectified that pesky little problem.

As I mentioned in the review for The Fosters Season 4 Episode 9, Brandon's road to Juilliard was integral to the series since the beginning. Unfortunately, it took a detour with the Courtney drama. Arguably, when it should have mattered the most.

As a viewer, it was difficult to be invested in Brandon's college aspirations when the show barely was. While it was a (short-lived) moment of bliss when he got accepted, it barely packed the punch that it should have. In part, because it was unrealistic that he actually got accepted. Brandon got into Juilliard by the skin of his teeth! 

Lena: He told them everything, including your name.
Brandon: What does that mean?
Lena: It means you're not going to Julliard.

Did anyone see that coming at all? I nearly forgot about Brandon taking the SATs for Tristan. I certainly didn't think Brandon would ever face any consequences for it. I thought it was something that would peter off and get swept under the rug.

Brandon has been irritating all season, and what he did was wrong. That didn't make the news that he wouldn't be attending his dream school any less devastating. This will affect his ability to get into any school now! 

It's hard to do the right thing. Sometimes people get hurt. Sometimes you get hurt, but it's no excuse though. You gotta keep doing what you're doing, and you're doing a good job. You hear me?


I loved the parallels between Stef and Callie. Both women have a moral code they don't stray away from. It's both admirable and frustrating. especially when it comes at the expense of their loved ones. 

Stef deserves to make Detective! It's disgusting that someone as sick and twisted as Detective Grey could interfere with that. Clearly he's accustomed to getting his way, and he won't stop until he does. 

I never expected in a million years that he would bring up Stef covering for Mike! One morally questionable decision Stef made in the past may not only cost her a promotion, but her entire career. Stef going to Internal Affairs herself, may give her a fighting chance.

In a moving, and let's face it, the only shining moment Callie had, she stuck it to Justina and honored Jack one more time. I'm so glad they didn't abandon the Justina storyline. There was just no way she would go quietly. 

Did you break into his house? Callie, what the hell?! You could've gotten yourself killed!


I respect Aaron for calling Callie out on her bone-headed decisions. How could Callie possibly believe that they could do anything with illegally obtained evidence? Honestly, I love the girl but I can't with her!

Callie has a knack for setting off a chain of events that jeopardize her life and the lives of all those around her. Her half sister appeared (yay!) but only so she could be mistaken for Callie because of their uncanny similar appearance.

It probably never crossed Callie's mind that breaking and entering into a potential murderer's home could cause said person to stalk and harass her family. Just like that, Sophia could have been collateral damage in Harvey's retaliation against Callie.

Harvey is not a match, but there was more DNA on the murder weapon besides Kyle's. They can't ID it but it's someone related to Martha. A man.


As it turned out Harvey wasn't the biggest problem. The victim's grandson was! He came across like any other reasonably disgruntled family member upset about closure. 

Nope. He's the real killer! And careless Callie got in the car with him, in a pulse-racing scene that felt as if it was ripped from a suspense film. Why are you like this, Callie??

Callie may have been one of the most vexing characters of the season, but the twins have compensated for it with amazing arcs and development. 

Mariana: Oh my God! Why did you do that? You're so stupid! Now he's going to be mad at me, and I..
Jesus: Mariana, it's fine. It's ok.
Mariana: You don't know that!

Mariana's downward spiral has been an agonizing angst-fest. She threw herself into Robotics club, abused prescription drugs, and fell behind in her studies. The PTSD was very real, and so was her inevitable crash and burn.

She was a sweaty, erratic, paranoid mess. We were literally watching her devolve before our eyes. Nick's house arrest just pushed her right over the edge.

I love protective Jesus, and he did a bang up job confronting Nick and standing up for his sister, but Mariana having a much anticipated reunion with Nick was so much better. She needed to state her fears and her feelings out loud. Not just for Nick, but for herself.

No, you don't get to touch me. You hurt me! You scared me! You made me afraid of my own bedroom!


Nick is definitely a troubled kid, and his and Mariana's relationship is toxic at best, but there was something incredible about two troubled kids having such a heavy moment. It was cathartic for Mariana, and Nick was genuinely contrite.

I felt almost as badly for Nick as I did Jesus after their fight. Not only did Nick violate his house arrest, but he assaulted Jesus. He'll most likely face real prison time for this, and I don't think he deserves it.

One choice that resulted in a freak accident might have long term effects on Jesus. My heart dropped when he went down like a sack of potatoes. I guess you can't take a nail to the head without some effects down the road.

Additional Notes:

  • I recognize that my precious Judi-corn is growing up and that he has to make his own mistakes. I know that from a writing perspective the possibilities are endless with rebellious Jude. I don't have to always enjoy it though. Hmph.
  • Fingers crossed that they take full advantage of Mariana struggling with drug misuse and mental health to explore a relationship with her birth parents. And by "parents," I mostly mean Hot Gabe.
  • The musical score playing during those final scenes was incredible.
  • AJ and Callie need a break. AJ was long overdue to explode over the Aaron situation. Callie needs to be single for a while, and AJ, well he can continue developing his father/son bond with well-meaning, but clueless Mike.

Stef's career is at risk, Jesus' health status is unknown, Jude is M.I.A, Mariana is at rock bottom, Brandon's academic future is uncertain, and Callie has put herself in more danger than ever before. I am emotionally spent. How about you? 

What did you guys think of the summer finale? What do you hope to see next season? Hit up the comments and less us know! Don't forget you can watch The Fosters online right here at TV Fanatic, and catch up on the season! 

Collateral Damage Review

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The Fosters Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Stef: Someone put in a recommendation for me?
Det: Yeah, Grey. Joe Grey? Figured you knew him.
Stef: Yeah, I know him.

I got an email from Julliard. Oh my God, I got in! I didn't read it all. I couldn't read it all.