The CW Announces Episode Orders for Upcoming Dramas

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The CW has a lot of superhero dramas. 

That much was addressed at the Television Critics Association Summer press tour today, August 11. 

Of the fall shows, Arrow, Supernatural, The Flash and Supergirl are all on tap for full, 22 episode seasons. 

Flanked by Wests - The Flash Season 2 Episode 23

All four shows performed well in the ratings last season, so it was a given that they would get full seasons. 

The Vampire Diaries, which is going into its final season, has 16 episodes left. 

Expect a lot of character returns for the truncated final season of the vampire drama. 

Damon and Stefan Team Up - The Vampire Diaries

Both freshman fall dramas, Frequency & No Tomorrow have 13 episode orders. This is the norm for new series on broadcast television. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 has been capped at 13 episodes, but Legends of Tomorrow has the option of having more episodes added. 

Legends cooled off a lot from its high flying premiere, so The CW are no doubt cautious about ordering more episodes in the event that the ratings continue to bleed. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was the lowest rated renewed drama on broadcast television last season, but it had critical praise and lots of awards love. 

As always, there's a chance they could both have more episodes tacked on at a later date, but considering the amount of shows waiting in the wings for mid-season, don't expect either to get full seasons. 

Working Together - The Originals

The Originals, iZombie and The 100 will all be back for 13 episodes. The orders are reduced quite a bit from their most recent seasons, but all three shows suffered ratings drops. 

It's unclear right now whether The Originals is calling it quits after this season with The Vampire Diaries coming to a close. 

It will probably depend on the ratings for the first few episodes of the season. 

Mark Pedowitz said that Reign could get up to 16 episodes, but we'll need to wait for a definite figure when the show goes back into production. 

The only mid-season drama launching on The CW is Riverdale. The episode order is currently for 13 episodes. It could be increased based on when the show actually premieres. 

The only show not mentioned was Jane the Virgin, but this one is expected to go 22 episodes for Season 3. 

What do you think of the episode orders?

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