Suits Round Table: Would Mike Turn On Kevin?!?

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Mike has a tough decision ahead of him. 

On Suits Season 6 Episode 3, Sean got word to Harvey that Mike could get out early if he ratted out his friend, Kevin.

Below, TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Jasmine Blu, Stacy Glanzman and Christine Hinton discuss Mike's decision, Rachel being ridiculed and what's going on with Donna. 

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Should Mike turn on Kevin to get out early?

Allison: I vote yes. SAVE YOURSELF, MIKE! Mike would be able to escape Gallo's grasp, and he could return to his life, whatever that looks like now that he can't be a lawyer.

Jasmine: UGHHHH! I'm still not sure if I actually trust Kevin, but he did put himself out there for Mike. I really don't want him to because principles. Damn those principles.

Stacy: No, I don't think it's in Mike's nature to do that. I think he would have a hard time living with that decision if he did it. Plus, I still think Mike is going to use that brain of his and find a way to outsmart Gallo and take him down on his own. There's always another way.

Christine: This one is hard! Mike wouldn’t turn on a friend but is that what Kevin is now? Maybe. And why is Kevin in prison again? I don’t recall. Anyway, I don’t see Mike taking that deal…unless things get really, really desperate. 

What did you think of Rachel being ridiculed in class?

Allison: I'm pretty sure that was the girl, Casey, from Life with Derek. Honestly that's where my focus was for most of those scenes. It makes sense that Mike's actions would have a negative affect on Rachel. I'm just glad it's with her classmates and not the teachers. I loved how Rachel took that girl down though. It was magnificent.

Jasmine: Oh the joys of freaking law school. I wasn't the least bit surprised. It does make sense that Mike's actions would have an effect on her. My biggest Rachel complaint is her story arcs tend to revolve around Mike. Rachel is at her best in scenes that don't relate to him at all. It was fantastic watching her assert herself and hold her own in true Pearson Specter Litt fashion.

Stacy: Law school is competitive, and some people will use whatever they can to get ahead of the rest of their class. Rachel did the smart thing by going to Jessica for advice and then she handled the situation beautifully. I do want to see Rachel have something to do on the show other than worry about Mike all the time. 

Christine: The ridicule was realistic but what I want to know is exactly what Rachel had on the girl. What was it that had her groveling in front of the entire class? As Jasmine and Stacy already noted, I enjoy Rachel most when she gets to show her strength away from Mike. 

Will Louis and Stu ever be friends?

Allison: Nope, and I'm okay with that. Harvey making Louis' life hell has gotten old, especially since they are friends now. I can't do another fight between them. I like that Stu is now the one for Louis to wage war against. It's fun, and their fighting helps to lighten the mood.

Jasmine: Never! I love it though. I agree with Allison. Harvey and Louis have made amends and their relationship is at a different stage now. Stu strutting in like the antagonist in an 80's classic and riling Louis up, will give us the great Louis comedic moments we saw in earlier seasons.

Stacy: Is anyone really friends with Louis? At best they might got to a point where they can tolerate each other, but hopefully not for awhile. It was really funny watching Louis freak out over their new tenants. 

Christine: I can’t imagine them ever being friends or even friendly. Louis is the kind of guy you need to work with for a long time before you begin to realize he’s not all that bad. 

Frank is an informant. React!

Allison: I did not see that coming at all. It's a good twist. This makes getting rid of him basically impossible. Mike's stuck with him, unless he takes Cahill's deal.

Jasmine: I liked this twist! I didn't expect that at all. Talk about making things more complicated!

Stacy: I wasn't expecting that either. It does make things harder, but Mike and Harvey aren't ones who will back down from a challenge. 

Christine: Now this is going to get interesting. The best news is that Mike and Harvey have something to hold over Frank and hopefully keep him at bay. If anyone else in that prison finds out Frank’s an informant, he’s a dead man. 

Is Donna being too bossy?

Allison: Never! She has to be tough to get through to Louis and Harvey sometimes. Donna is just doing her best to help out the firm.

Jasmine: Yeah, I noticed a few commenters discussing it. I love Donna and I hate referring to a woman as "bossy." That being said, the all knowing "I'm Donna" shtick has gotten old. Balance is crucial. Most of the characters are so wonderfully flawed and that makes them interesting...and then there's Donna. Perhaps it wouldn't be an issue if she were on the receiving end every now and then.

Stacy: I don't think so. I love Donna exactly as she is. 

Christine: I didn’t think she was “bossy” but what was up with all of the cursing in this episode? I normally don’t worry about watching Suits with my kid in the room but the dialogue between Stu, Louis, and Donna, made it necessary to stop my recording and go back to it after bedtime!

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