Suits Round Table: What's Up with Louis?

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Louis Litt is acting way out of character. 

On Suits Season 6 Episode 5, he went out of his way to go crazier than ever as he tried to woo Tara, but was it too much?

Below, TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Jasmine Blu, Christine Hinton and Stacy Glanzman discuss Frank's new attorney, Rachel finding a way to help Leonard and what's going on with Louis. 

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What do you think of Harvey being Frank's attorney?

Allison: I thought it was an amusing little twist. I hope Harvey doesn't have to end up doing a lot for Gallo. Right now, I just want to focus on the Kevin situation.

Jasmine: It certainly complicated things. I am more interested in the Kevin situation however.

Christine: I’m curious as to where they’re going to take that little twist. I almost thought we were done with Gallo but now I’m wondering if he’ll end up being even more involved in Mike’s story. 

Stacy: I appreciated the irony that Harvey is now forced to help this guy get out after putting him away. I love that Harvey managed to work it to his advantage. I'm looking forward to seeing Gallo being forced to protect Mike now. 

Will Mike have second thoughts about throwing Kevin under the bus?

Allison: Of course. He wouldn't be Mike if he didn't. I don't know if this decision will ever completely sit right with him, but it's his ticket home, so Mike's going to follow through.

Jasmine: Oh without a doubt. Kevin is so interesting because there is something endearing about him but he's suspect too. I can understand why Mike would go back and forth with the betrayal. Mike being a good guy just means he'll feel badly when it's done, but it has to be done if he wants out.

Christine: He’ll definitely have second thoughts, but he’ll still go through with it. Unfortunately, he’s going to feel damn guilty when all is done and he may just make a few more enemies before it’s over. 

Stacy: He's already having second thoughts. He finally managed to get Kevin to trust him, and now he has to betray him. It wouldn't surprise me if Mike finds away to keep his part of the deal and protect Kevin's family at the same time. 

What did you think of Rachel's pursuit of a solution for Leonard?

Allison: I am glad she isn't giving up. She has already done the work, and so she knew there were multiple grounds for a retrial. If she would have just walked away when her professor said they couldn't help, it wouldn't have felt right to me.

Jasmine: As I said before, Rachel is at her best when she has her own individual storyline. I admired her gumption. I love Rachel and Jessica scenes. This project means they'll work together more and the firm can rebuild its image. Win win.

Christine: I love it for a few reasons. It showed that Rachel is more than just some law student trying to win favor with a professor, she’ll be out of Mike’s orbit for a change, and she’ll be working with Jessica. Win, win, win!

Stacy: I agree with everyone. I love the idea of Rachel and Jessica working together, and Jessica made a great point about the firm needing some positive press. 

Is Louis going too far by buying the house?

Allison: Yes. He's entering into super creepy territory. Louis is creating reasons to be with her. If I found out a guy did that to me, I would be creeped out. Man up and ask her out, Louis.

Jasmine: Yeah. Louis needs to dial it back on the creep factor. It's officially pathetic. I hate that he has been sidelined with, what I can only assume at the moment, is unrelated and empty filler.

Christine: Ugh. Donna was right. Louis is going to go through all of this expense and manipulation to get close to this women and it will all fall apart when she finds out about his crazy plan. He’d rather spend millions to stalk this woman than just simply ask her out and risk rejection. It’s sad and creepy. 

Stacy: Louis' plan is completely insane! If I found out that someone went to such great lengths to get to know me, I'd probably consider a restraining order. Louis needs to listen to Donna and just ask her out. 

Are you missing Mike in the courtroom?

Allison: Not really. I'm missing Mike more at Pearson Specter Litt. I miss his fun banter with Harvey and interactions with everyone at the firm. I'm just missing him working with everyone.

Jasmine: No. Inner office turmoil, backroom deals, and shady shenanigans have dominated the past couple of seasons. I can't even remember the last time he was actually working a case outside of his own in a courtroom. I miss the banter.

Christine: Surprisingly, no. I’m becoming more invested in Rachel and I wish we got to see more of Jessica. I do wish we got to see more of Mike and Harvey together but I’m hoping that will come with time. But for now, I’m enjoying the current storyline. 

Stacy: No, I'm enjoying the prison storyline honestly. I don't want it to last forever of course, but for now it's keeping me invested. 

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