Suits Round Table: Did Harvey Go Too Far?!?

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Did Harvey go too far?

That was a huge question after Suits Season 6 Episode 4 when Harvey used Rachel to manipulate Mike. 

TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Jasmine Blu, Stacy Glanzman and Christine Hinton discuss Mike's decision, Tara's debut and whether the show is still good.

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Mike accepted the deal. React!

Allison: As soon as the deal was announced, I knew Mike was going to take it. We can't just spend the next season or two waiting for Mike to survive prison. Something exciting has to happen to give him the chance of getting out early and getting back into the mix with everyone else.

Jasmine: I'm surprised that he gave in that easily. I get that they don't want to draw it out and nobody wants to see him in prison for two seasons (personally I could have gone for a time jump), but there was an opportunity to stay true to Mike being the bleeding heart and they missed it. He didn't grapple with the decision long enough. It's not about how trustworthy Kevin is. It's about Mike being unable to turn on anyone because he's loyal to a fault.

Stacy: Mike originally reacted exactly as I expected him to by not taking the deal, and Harvey then went completely over the top to make it happen. They're both incredibly stubborn and sometimes its just a matter of which side will win out. Taking Mike to see Rachel is pretty much the only scenario in which I can buy that Mike would take the deal. I just wouldn't have believed he'd do it any other way. 

Christine: I knew Mike would accept the deal eventually, I just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. And I still want to know exactly what Kevin did that landed him behind bars. 

Was Harvey right to use Rachel to get Mike on board?

Allison: Absolutely. I mean it's not like Harvey did anything terrible or manipulated Rachel or anything. He just knew that if Mike was reminded of his life outside (aka Rachel) that he would take the deal.

Jasmine: Unpopular opinion time. Sometimes I'm only rooting for the characters because I'm supposed to. I actually understand why their antagonists come after them so much. I agreed with Cahill. Harvey feeling guilty isn't anyone else's problem. He orchestrated this elaborate plan, not giving a damn about the effects it has on anyone else, to convince Mike (who is technically wrong and had a chance to not be in prison if he rode the case out) to take a deal. The original plan of using Kevin's victims to persuade Mike, would have been so much more compelling than an unsanctioned conjugal visit with Rachel that I couldn't care less about.

Stacy: I'm glad Donna talked him out of straight up telling her. Harvey did what he had to do to protect Mike. Yes he feels guilty about him being in there, but he feels more guilty because he's not safe in there. None of this would have been necessary if Gallo wasn't causing problems, so I can understand why Harvey went to such lengths to get him out and back to his life. 

Christine: I don’t think he was necessarily wrong but, like Jasmine, I thought Harvey should have shown Mike the victims first. Dropping Mike off on Rachel’s doorstep was nothing but emotional manipulation. I know Harvey’s intentions are good but, as usual, his methods are questionable. 

What did you think of Tara?

Allison: She was fine. I could have done without the entire storyline, honestly. It just didn't fit with the rest of the hour.

Jasmine: I don't know if there's a point to her appearance or Louis' crush on her. I don't know if Louis will serve a larger purpose to the storyline other than being the comic relief. I don't know. I do know Louis has a remarkable ability of being both creepy and kind of adorable when he has a crush. I was amused.

Stacy: Louis needs something to do besides a war with the tenants. He's not really a part of the main story line and is mostly just being used for comic relief. I'm with Allison, I could have done without the story line as well. 

Christine: I’d like to see Louis happy at some point and I hope that Tara helps him get there. At the same time, I just wish Louis would grow a pair and ask her out instead of hiring her for some elaborate but necessary project just to be near her. 

Is there a chance Stu and Jessica could become a thing?

Allison: I doubt it. I can't see Jessica having a serious relationship with him. I started laughing as soon as he asked her out.

Jasmine: I actually snorted when he asked Jessica out. You can tell he's the type of guy who thinks he can get anyone and anything he wants. Boy. did Jessica give him a reality check. I'm a no on that.

Stacy: No. Jessica can do much better than that guy. 

Christine: Oh dear God, I hope not! That would think so much less of Jessica if that happened. Stu is an arrogant, ass who is used to getting exactly what he wants. I enjoyed watching Jessica put him in his place and hope to see more of that. 

Are you enjoying the new direction for the show?

Allison: The show needed a change. We're six seasons in, and we needed something to shake things up. I'm excited to see where the rest of this season takes us.

Jasmine: Criticism aside, I like that they blew up their premise. It had to happen at some point. It would have been absurd if the series went on and there was zero fallout or consequences for their actions. My feelings are mixed on the execution of it, but I appreciate the risk. It's refreshing.

Stacy: I am. I like that they're able to keep the story fresh. I'm really curious to see what the plan is after Mike gets out of prison.

Christine: I’m not sure how long I want to see Mike in prison, but I’m glad he had to face the consequences for his actions. Now I look forward to how things will change for him in the future. 

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