Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Is Aria A.D.?

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The twists keep on coming!

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 7, the liars learned Mary Drake had another child. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann, Rachel Miller, Meaghan Frey and Yana Grebenyuk discuss the sibling saga, Jaria and that big storm cellar reveal.

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Charlotte has a sibling. React!

Jay: It's totally Aria. Possibly Andrew because it would mean bringing up that he was adopted in Pretty Little Liars Season 6 wasn't for nothing. Andrew Drake, Aria Drake, which of them looks more like Mary? Plus, remember when Eddie Lamb said Aria looked familiar? And Aria's file was taken from Jessica's lair, which could've had proof she was adopted.

Rachel: Just how many secret children and siblings are hidden in Rosewood? And why does all of Alison’s family members want to hurt her friends?

Meaghan: I've been stuck on the idea for a long time that Spencer has a twin and I think I'm sticking with that and they were Mary's second pregnancy. I don't think they ever said 1 baby was born, just that there were complications with the birth. They always said there was gonna be a twin and I just really don't think Mary was the one they were talking about. And hey, twins run in families so it's definitely a possibility Mary would've has twins.

Yana: I don't know why, but I thought we already knew that, so my first instinct was to think it was someone we knew. I could see them going for Aria just because the fans have blown up that 'Aria is A' theory. 

What will happen between Jason and Aria.

Jay: Nothing. Jason is going to die before anything could happen, now that he's on Mary's bad side. Plus, Nicole is already coming back to stop their wedding.

Rachel: I’d totally love for Jaria to happen, but we all know the writers will never break Ezria up.

Meaghan: Sadly nothing. I'm very disappointed that we didn't actually get to see Aria and Jason have a thing. I always rooted for those two.

Yana: I'm guessing nothing and his weird hair/beard combo is to blame for that. It's like Jason was always meant to have a thing with one of Alison's sisters, but they never got around to it because of the established couples. 

React to the storm cellar.

Jay: If Jessica knew Alison was alive, why was she searching for Ali's murderer at one point? She had too many secrets.

Rachel: I think the shrine in the storm cellar belongs to whoever’s after the girls now.

Meaghan: Why did they just assume that the stuff belonged to Jessica? It could've been Mary's, it could've been Charlotte's, seemed odd to just jump to the conclusion it was hers.

Yana: I agree that they might have walked into something else without realizing it, and A.D made sure they never put all the clues together. 

Could Noel really be the killer?

Jay: No. Don't make me laugh. We won't know who it is until the series finale, probably.

Rachel: Nope. But I am glad he’s back on my TV screen.

Meaghan: No way. That's what annoys me so much, when they blatantly try to sell someone as the big bad. We know how the show works. We still have over half a season to go before we find out who A.D. is. But I'm with Rachel. So glad he is back on my TV.

Yana: Clearly no. But it will be nice to watch them try to frame it like he is, until they turn the tables and give us someone else to be suspicious over. Noel, as always, is an enjoyable presence on the show, though. 

Who do you think A.D. is?

Jay: I'm going to hitch myself aboard the Aria is A train. Aria "Drake."

Rachel: Another DiLaurentis/Another Drake. At this point, I honestly don’t know, I just want this cat and mouse game to be over already.

Meaghan: Spencer's twin or Caleb. I wouldn't be surprised if it is Aria though. Would definitely be the ultimate fan service after people suspected her for so long.

Yana: I will never not toss Wren into the mix. He's not around at all anymore, but it being him would be the best scenario in all this. They will probably end it with someone related to the main characters who we don't actually know and nobody is really invested in. It happened with Charlotte, and it will happen again this season. 

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Note: Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 8 airs Tuesday August 17 on Freeform.

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