Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Hanna's Big Move

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Did Hanna go too far?

That was a huge question after Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 9 when Hanna took matters into her own hands to find Uber A. 

TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann, Rachel Miller, Meaghan Frey and Yana Grebenyuk discuss the Noel reveal, Jaria and the identity of Mary's kid. 

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Noel was in the dollhouse. React!

Jay: Was it really necessary? Now there's even more questions about Noel, Charlotte, their relationship, and whether someone else was helping them in the dollhouse, too. Now it makes more sense though that "Charles" was actually Noel because there was no way that masked figure was Charlotte.

Rachel: It kind of makes sense because the “Charles” the girls came in contact with at the dollhouse was taller than them; Charlotte is short. It wasn’t her. This would also explain why Spencer said “Charles” felt familiar to her because it was most likely Noel. But why would Noel agree to torture the girls?

Meaghan: Like Rachel I'm gonna assume that Noel was the one in the tux at the "prom" because that was definitely a man. I am thinking that Charlotte most likely black mailed him into helping torture the girls but with what? Technically in Hanna's dream we found out he pushed the sorority girl down the stairs but that was never confirmed in "real life". Did he do something else?

Yana: At least they gave Noel a purpose for this season? My only hope is that they explain why he even decided to torture these girls. I want some realistic excuse and not some buy out that doesn't actually make sense.

Jaria really was a thing. What are your thoughts on the pairing?

Jay: Damn you, Marlene! I thought my Jaria dreams died hard in Pretty Little Liars Season 2, and now I'm hoping somehow they'll end up together. It's a long shot, but Ezra flew to another country to see if Nicole was alive, and even though she's not that must've brought up feelings.

Rachel: I would’ve preferred Jaria over Ezria. I mean for once, Jason didn’t date someone he was related to and he seemed to really like Aria. But of course, the writers made sure Ezria would be the ones to their happily ever after.

Meaghan: I've always been a big fan of the potential Jaria pairing and this week reminded me why. The chemistry between them is insane. As much as I've gotten back on board with Ezria this season, I would definitely love for Nicole to resurrect herself and let Jaria happen.

Yana: Just when you think those two will never get together, they pull you back in with this. Jaria being a thing would have felt much more rewarding if it wasn't just thrown in there while Ezra is out of town. There is sadly no chance for Jason/Aria to get together again so it feels like breadcrumbs before the big Ezria reunion.

Is Noel really Mary's other kid?

Jay: No. Clearly he's probably helping them, and helping Jenna, but he's not Mary's child. That would be too obvious, and Marlene has said we wouldn't find out who the child was until Season 7B anyway.

Rachel: Nope. Noel most likely knows who this mystery child is, though.

Meaghan: Definitely not. His dad wouldn't have been allowed to be the judge on the case for an adoption in his own family. I'm sure he knows who it is though.

Yana: Nope. There is no chance that Noel is her soon and he probably isn't incorporated there at all. Maybe he was helping Jenna but he wasn't in the doll house for his sister, that's for sure.

Would Spencer and Marco make a cute couple?

Jay: Yes. I want Spencer to move on, like Toby has. I want one of these couples that were coupled in high school not to end up together, it's just so unrealistic. Even if only one of them ended up together, it's still unrealistic. I know Pretty Little Liars Season 3B, 4, and 5A all took place between Halloween and Thanksgiving, but it's like they're not even trying anymore.

Rachel: Marco would give Spencer a breath of fresh air from all the men in Rosewood. It’s time for her to move on. Like Jay said, it’s unrealistic for majority of high school couples to end up together years after they’ve graduated. What was the point of giving all the girls different love interests after the time jump, just to have them weasel their ways back to their high school loves.

Meaghan: I'm on team let Spencer be single for a while. These girls need to take some me time and stop focusing so much on relationships. I mean come on, they are being harassed by yet another unknown dangerous person. Shouldn't that be the priority?

Yana: From the looks of the trailer for the next episode, we shouldn't hold our breath. I think they have some potential but just like Jaria, they are in the way of the high school couples. I also don't get why all of these new love interests are being introduced for no reason.

Did Hanna go too far?

Jay: Yes. She doesn't know what she's doing, and working on her own isn't ever a good plan. These girls haven't learned anything, but it's about time they took matters into their own hands, even though Hanna's doing it the wrong way.

Rachel: Hanna should’ve told the girls her plan from the jump and maybe it wouldn’t have backfired. After all these years, these girls are still making the same mistakes.

Meaghan: The original plan did seem like it was taking it too far. She didn't have any concrete proof Noel even did anything. Once she found out that he was in the dollhouse though all bets were off. He deserved that hit over the head.

Yana: No. While she was meeting him and giving him a drink, all I could think about was how I would approach it. Who knows if Noel would buy it or if he would want to switch drinks, no matter how she would play it she wouldn't anticipate Noel's reaction. She reached a point where she was tired of being hunted and she wasn't going to sit around waiting for another death, it was something she had to do and I get that.

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