Fear the Walking Dead: 5 Questions for the Midseason Premiere

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Believe it or not, many fans are still digesting the mixed bag of nuts that was The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 16, the gut-busting season finale.

New theories seem to materialize every day regarding Negan's victim or "victims." Like it or not, we still have more than two months to go before we find out who gives Lucille a bath with their brain matter. But FEAR not, because The Walking Dead spin-off is returning with its mid-season premiere in less than a week.

So, what can we expect going into the second half of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2?

Daniel Salazar's fate

Daniel Salazar cellar - Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7

Let's be honest here, Daniel is one of if not the best characters in this series. So, to have him go out so soon and in such a way would really be a waste.

While I don't believe it will be revealed in the premiere, there will be a revelation on whether or not Daniel really died in the fire back in Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7

The last shot we saw of Daniel right before the explosion was him laying on the floor inside of the cellar. Is it possible that someone could have saved Daniel seconds before the blast?

I know, it's not the most realistic scenario, but it's still a lot more believable and forgiving than the shenanigans The Walking Dead writers pulled with Glenn and the infamous dumpster roll. A poorly executed fake out that fans will not soon forget.

So has Daniel Salazar been reduced to nothing more than charred remains? Call me an optimist for wanting to see his character further explored, but I have to fire out a big "NO" on this one. 

Nick's Zombie Walkabout

Nick has guts - Fear the Walking Dead

I am extremely pleased that the show is utilizing the zombie camouflage. It's something that has only been briefly explored throughout The Walking Dead's six seasons, so seeing Nick fully embrace this cloaking method on Fear the Walking Dead is great to witness.

The only thing that worries me going forward is the writers exploiting this too much. So much so that it removes any tension and sense of immediate danger if the infected cannot sense him. But so far, I've been satisfied with how it's been used.

With Nick setting off on his own to walk among the dead in some sort of twisted right of passage, he will be coming across some new faces going into the premiere. Will they be friend or foe? Covering yourself in zombie guts will only get you so far.


What's next? - Fear the Walking Dead

Now that Strand has had to watch the man he loved die (twice), while also getting himself exiled from the compound right before all hell had broken loose, where does he go from here? Strand has always seemed like the man with the plan, walking that fine line between confidence and arrogance, but does he have one going forward?

We last left off with Strand rescuing Madison, Alycia and Ofelia before driving off to escape the approaching horde. What is next for this particular group?

One thing is certain, Madison will not leave her son and husband behind.

Will we get our own Big Bad?

Connor - Fear the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has had it's share of notorious villains between The Governor, Terminus, the Wolves and most recently the nefarious Negan. What has Fear the Walking Dead had?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 had the military and Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 so far has had...pirates? You know, the group that attacked the Abigail and was led by the man named Connor?

The name "Connor" doesn't exactly evoke terror and send shivers down your spine when compared to the likes of Negan or The Governor. Perhaps "Captain Connor," while not very intimidating, would have at least given him a sense of authority.

This series needs to introduce a real force to be reckoned with. Someone that both the characters and the viewers can actually fear by the mere mention of their name.

Could someone along those lines be introduced or at the very least set up by the end of the season? I hope so.

Hints at a crossover?

Promo 1

We know this series is a prequel to The Walking Dead, and takes place quite some time before Rick awakens from his coma. Also, both shows start out on opposite sides of the country, with the group now currently residing in Mexico.

So, while the group continues their ongoing journey towards survival, it is not out of the realm of possibility that we could run into a familiar face.

How great would it be for the group to encounter Dale before he set up camp in Atlanta, or even Jim from The Walking Dead Season 1, with his family in tow before they were mauled by walkers? Not to say these particular scenarios would take place, but the possibilities of some type of crossover or references are intriguing to say the least.

Other lingering questions

Travis and Chris - Fear the Walking Dead
  • Will Madison find Travis and Nick? It's difficult to find someone who doesn't want to be found.
  • Will Travis be able to bring Chris back from the brink?
  • Have we seen the last of the Abigail or could we be heading back to the high seas sooner rather than later?

What questions do you have going into the premiere? Hit the comments below!

You can watch Fear the Walking Dead online until it returns with new episodes Sunday, August 21st.

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