BrainDead Season 1 Episode 10 Review: The Path to War Part Two: The Impact of Propaganda on Congressional War Votes

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How does an alient expect to survive inside of a baby and then a toddler and child, etc?

That was the most puzzling question to come from BrainDead Season 1 Episode 10, because unless I missed something, baby Grace (as well as mama Germaine) are infected by the alients.

It serves Luke right, as he's a darn pig when it comes to marriage. He doesn't deserve the happy ending with his family. Not that he'd allow himself to have it, anyway.

An Awkward Situation - BrainDead

But it's really hard to imagine why an alient would be inside of a baby. What purpose would it serve?

Or do you think it was just Germaine infected, and she bought the mobile with You Might Think because it's soothing to her? 

Regardless, that baby was cute. It's not often I really get on board with babies, but I can say without lying that is one baby (or twins) I'd enjoy having around. So happy!

But Luke. Wow. What a disappointment of a human being when it comes to being a man. As a politician, he really knows his stuff, but he should be cut off from ever being in a long-term relationship. 

I know I haven't always been the best husband, but everything will be different now.


Did he really think that just because they had a baby that his "member" would somehow miraculously point toward home all the time? That's not how a man's package works. If he couldn't even stop at two sexual encounters on the day his daughter was being born, he'll never stop.

But at least he knew a bad viral video when he saw one.

Film Dude Ben - BrainDead Season 1 Episode 10

Wow. To think Laurel was worried and kind of embarrassed to be working in Washington, DC, for her brother when that Ben dude had achieved some sort of success with his indy documentaries. He's obviously not a team player of any kind, so he won't be anything more than he is today.

You have to be able to work well with others to achieve more than the minimal success. 

Not everything is about Wall Street, Ben.


Ben got the one percenters into his mind and that's all he could think about. How very far left of him. Trying to sabatoge Gareth and toss Angry Noah under the bus just to delight himself was sad. He missed the point, especially when they had that great footage of Jules and Noah holding a sign during a Senate meeting.

Angry Noah - BrainDead Season 1 Episode 10

It's not as if Angry Noah wasn't delivering plenty of material without the need to be set up in a conference room setting. Creating a documentary and filming it in the wild, if you will, is totally different. 

Laurel's reaction to Ben's film and her workaround were impressive. Our girl is talented! We finally got to see her in action with regard to her real career.

And doing that also gave Gareth a chance to see what she could do, as well. He's only known her from work that is not native to her, even if she's taken to it very well. Seeing what someone does normally and how incredibly good they can do it warms the heart.

It sure seemed to warm Gareth's. 

Gareth was in the same spot during "The Path to War Part 2" as Laurel was on BrainDead Season 1 Episode 9. He was ready to walk away from her because their philosophies are too different. He's compromising who he is to be her friend. At least he thought he was. 

Still, the more these two get to know each other, the more they realize they have more in common as human beings than they don't as political adversaries. Laurel watching Ben create a toxic atmosphere to prove a point in a film that wasn't natural opened her eyes.

Gareth seeing what Laurel could do with real situations to make her point opened his. They're both growing as a result of their friendship. 

Go team #Laureth!!

I missed Gustav, and was kind of worried about Rochelle when she said she had been humming The Cars song. I'm even more worried now that she didn't find anything off about the medical condition of Germaine and her baby.

When Laurel and Rochelle were initially talking about You Might Think, did the filming of the scene make you wonder if Rochelle had been compromised? It was a funhouse type scene, focusing on their heads and pulling in and out. What was that about?

Thoughts please.

Who is next to be infected? I think it's Luke. He's pretty much surrounded. And he's an idiot in his personal life. If Germaine decides to use sex to do it, she can lure him to do anything. Any woman can, for that matter. Do they think he's an exploding head?

Maybe that's why he hasn't been infected. Something is up, because he's ripe for the taking.

Just two more nights to talk about BrainDead, and it's all over. The promos are such that there's no chance it will be renewed. What a shame. Pretty much everyone who stuck with it loves it, so phooey to everyone who left after one episode.

They not only missed out on something very entertaining and different, but they ruined a chance for us to continue our entertainment into next summer. 

So watch BrainDead online and then talk about it in the comments below. Let's not let the good times get away from us before it's all over!

The Path to War Part Two: The Impact of Propaganda on Congressional War Votes Review

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BrainDead Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Red: Ella and I agree on almost nothing, isn't that right?
Ella: It is. You are the devil.
Red: And she's a bitch.

Not everything is about Wall Street, Ben.