Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Kidnapped Tate?

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Jennifer spied on Chad and Ciara, Rafe uncovered new information about Aiden, and Summer left Salem with Tate!

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Emanon Namow from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum debate Chad and Ciara’s future, who’s behind Tate’s kidnapping, and the most annoying plot device of the week.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do JJ and Jennifer have any reason to distrust Chad?

Jack: I think JJ saw enough circumstantial evidence to have doubts. Between Chad's sudden relationship with Andre, Ciara's weird testimony, and Chad stating that he will hide Abigail from JJ and Jennifer, there's cause for concern. I don't think Jennifer accosting Ciara or JJ accosting Chad accomplished anything useful in terms of finding Abigail, though.

Christine: I understand why JJ and Jennifer are concerned but I don’t see how ganging up on Chad helps anything. He certainly loves her and he has far more resources than either of them to help Abigail…so why make the guy an enemy?

Emanon Namow: My heart goes out to Chad, and I believe he's trying to do the best he can under the circumstances. But going lone wolf on protecting Abigail isn't making him look good in front of JJ and Jennifer. Chad telling them that he was willing to hide Abby away and his association with Andre has given them legitimate reasons to worry. I can see why they would be concerned, and now I am worried about his plans to hide Abby in the tunnels, even from her own family. I don't believe any of them are thinking clearly right now, and I wish they all would work together.

Do you think Ciara and Chad are headed for romance, a fabricated story like Abby/Austin, or something else entirely?

Jack: I’m hoping and praying for an Abby/Austin redux. The idea of them being romantic makes me lose my appetite. Maybe Chad can investigate Ciara and find out she had a role to play in this Abby disappearance story.

Christine: Can’t they just end up as real friends? I’d love to see that over a convoluted Abby/Austin redux or, heaven forbid, a romance. The latter makes me ill and would ruin the character of Chad for me. 

Emanon Namow: So far, I haven't seen any sign that Chad is interested in Ciara, other than a sounding board and friend. But knowing Days, they will probably at least have a fling, but I don't believe it will be love on Chad's part. If he does date or sleep with Ciara, it will be out of loneliness and wanting comfort, nothing more. If an affair happens, both of them will end up worse than before.

Has Deimos changed or is he just playing Nicole?

Jack: I’m not sure. He seems to have made some concessions to her value system but the fact that he still wants to stick it to Kate before clearing Nicole is a giant red flag for me.

Christine: I think maybe his better side is showing a bit but a leopard doesn’t change his spots. He’s still the guy who drugged Maggie and stood over her body while extorting Victor. I don’t believe that Deimos will ever be a truly good guy. 

Emanon Namow: Well, the fact that the worst that Deimos did to Kate was trick her into packing her bags and throwing her out of "his" home is a good sign. And he did warn Kate away from Nicole, so there is reason to believe he does care about her. I would hate to think he's still playing Nicole, because they do have wonderful chemistry together. I am, however, going to reserve my final judgement until after I learn what Kate and Deimos tell the police.

Who do you think is behind Tate's kidnapping?

Jack: I think it's Victor. He knew Theresa had fallen asleep while watching Tate before and hates both her and Summer. By having Tate kidnapped and framing Summer for it, he can get rid of both of these women from his loved one's life in one fell swoop.

Christine: Oh, I hope it’s not Victor. I mean, on the upside, he’d make sure no one hurt the child but if Maggie ever found out, and she undoubtedly will, she’ll never forgive him. Maybe Kristen’s alive and wants her surrogate son back.

Emanon Namow: I am sincerely hoping it's Kristen, even if we never see her onscreen. I would hate to think Victor would stoop so low as to endanger his great-grandson's life by allowing someone like Summer to have him, but he DID have Claire kidnapped before to make Belle and Shawn look bad as parents. 

Which plot device from this week is most overused: Theresa's drink being drugged, Rafe getting in trouble because he went to a dangerous place by himself, or Jennifer seeing Ciara take Chad's hand?

Jack: Theresa's drink being drugged aggravated me the most. How many spiked protein drinks have there been in the last few years? It seems like they must buy them that way at the store.

Christine: I agree about the overuse of spiked drinks but I hated Jennifer seeing Ciara and Chad. That entire set up had me rolling my eyes. What’s next? Jenn running to Hope to warn her? Ugh. 

Emanon Namow: Rafe getting himself in trouble. Seriously, he, of all people, should know better by now than to go up against a Dimera without backup. Couldn't he have at least had made JJ come along, so JJ would be doing something other than fighting with Chad over Abigail?

What, if anything, disappointed you this week?

Jack: The stupidity of this Rafe/Hope/Aiden story. I'm tired of seeing Rafe and Hope thrown together in contrived and stupid situations. It doesn't give them credibility as a couple and is just irritating.

Christine: Same story but opposite reason. I like Hope and Rafe together. What’s contrived is the way they’re dragging out Aiden playing Hope once again. I didn’t like that story the first time and I hate having to watch it play out once again. 

Emanon Namow: Brady not being more supportive of Theresa and being defensive when Theresa pointed out that Summer should have never been trusted in the first place. He should have just admitted his mea culpa and apologized for brushing off Theresa's concerns about Summer and giving that admitted con artist 50 grand of his and Theresa's money. And Theresa's stubbornness as well. Even if Summer hadn't taken Tate, how did she know that Victor wouldn't catch her sleeping again?

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week?

Jack: I loved Aiden's romantic fantasies. That was more romantic than anything we've seen on the show in ages and I wish it wasn't just in his head. It was also nice to see Steve and Kayla getting along for a few minutes -- I hope it lasts this time.

Christine: I actually enjoyed Chad confiding in Ciara. It’s nice to see two characters as friends and Chad desperately needs someone on his side. I also find Ciara a lot more tolerable when she’s interacting with Chad. 

Emanon Namow: Deimos tricking Kate into packing her bags and then throwing her out. Also, him standing up for Nicole. And Nicole and Chloe still remaining friends even after Nicole found out Chloe and Deimos sleeping together. Victor and Maggie getting along for now was nice too. And Brady FINALLY seeing the light about Summer! Need I say more?

Your turn TV Fanatics! Who do you think is the mastermind behind kidnapping baby Tate?

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