Bones Round Table: Do You Like Booth in Glasses?

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Booth tried to hide his need for glasses while the team chased a murderer and a jewel thief, and Hodgins made an amazing discovery on Bones Season 11 Episode 21.

Our TV Fanatics Ashley Sumerel and Christine Orlando are joined by Pam from CBR Radio to talk poltergeists, men in glasses, and their favorite scenes from “The Jewel in the Crown.”

Bones Round Table 1-27-15

Did you think there was a poltergeist, seismic tremors or something else entirely?

Pam: No, I thought it was something to do with the body they found and wasn't even thinking that it was Hodgins’ body/legs causing the freak things happening. Delighted that he is feeling movement and hope he walks again.

Ashley: I figured it was something else. Actually, I really figured it was something to do with Hodgins' healing process, and thank goodness it was that and not actually a poltergeist!

Christine: I don’t believe in ghosts but was curious to see where they were headed with the poltergeist thing. But Daisy’s Bones quote to Hodgins did make me laugh…

I would have thought that someone who's convinced that alien beings built Stonehenge would be a little more open to the paranormal.


Lots of movies were mentioned in this episode. Do you have a favorite old movie?

Pam: Too many old favorites to list them all so I will just name my favorite movie which is a western, The Big Country.

Ashley: I love Casablanca and Sunset Boulevard. Oh man, now I kind of want to watch them both again.

Christine: I love a lot of old movies, but one of my favorites is Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious. Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman have amazing chemistry in that film. 

Like Brennan, do you think a man in glasses is sexy?

Pam: Yes if he is Dean Cain in the role of Clark Kent! Booth however was sexy when he wore glasses back in the Bones Season 4 Halloween episode when he dressed as a squint/nerd.

Ashley: Most definitely. I kind of wish Booth had kept the glasses, though maybe with some different frames.

Christine: I love a man in the right pair of glasses. I didn’t think those were the best pair for Booth, but I’d be more than happy to help him find just the right pair. 

What did you like most about the case of the week?

Pam: I liked when Daisy and Hodgins are in the lab and they are trying to figure out if there is a ghost or an earthquake or if Jack is losing it.

Ashley: I loved Aubrey geeking out over the fact that he was after a jewel-thief. I just thought that made it a lot of fun.

Christine: I loved how the team worked together to figure that there should have been blood on the glass jewel case and then how the dagger was cleaned but there was still blood inside the sheath. 

Name your favorite or least favorite scene from this episode.

Pam: Brennan and Booth in the car, and Brennan is divining, and she is trying to get Booth to go get his eyes checked, and he tells her he wants to drive the car, but his vision is blurry, and she tells him no.

Ashley: I really enjoyed the interaction between Booth and Brennan over the whole glasses thing in the beginning, with Booth insisting that he is still "manly, virile, and young." There were a lot of fun moments in this one.

Christine: I liked how quickly Brennan figured out that Aubrey was trying to hide that Booth had gone to see the eye doctor. For someone who didn’t originally want to get married, she’s got this wife thing down…

I don't need to hear him tell me that I was right. It's enough to know that he knows that I was right.


Don’t forget to check back on Thursday for our review of Bones Season 11 Episode 22, the season finale!

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Bones Season 11 Episode 21 Quotes

Let's risk the lives of both of our children's parents so you can feel manly and virile and young.


Angela: By old physical therapist you mean the hot 26-year-old?
Hodgins: Wait, was she hot? I didn't notice.
Angela: That's why you were always showing her how strong your core was getting?