Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Sound the Alarm

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The plot thickens on Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 5.

We now know why Rebecca seems to have so much pull in Wayward Pines and why she's able to get away with more than the rest of the town. She designed it!

It's not really shocking. We already knew she was an architect, so it makes perfect sense. Still, it was interesting to see how it all played out through the flashbacks. 

Thinking Back - Wayward Pines

I wish we could have seen more of what happened after Pilcher filled her in on the whole story. She tells Theo in the present that she was kidnapped, so she obviously told Pilcher no, but I still would have liked to see it. 

At least we got to see her wake up and take in everything that she had designed. You know she must have been thinking, "oh damn, so that crazy man was actually right."

Rebecca: The fence is secure.
Jason: What if you're wrong?
Rebecca: Then we're dead.

So, she can get away with breaking the rules and talking back to Megan because she designed not only the town, but the all-important fence that surrounds it, as well. If something goes wrong, they might need her to re-design or make upgrades. 

One thing I do not understand about this show is the logic around when certain people are awakened. I've mostly decided we're not supposed to think too much about it and just go with it. 

We don't actually know when Rebecca was woken up. Maybe it was awhile back, and we just haven't seen her until now, like CJ. 

We do know that she was brought in after the town was already built. You would think Pilcher would want his architect around during the construction process. But, maybe since she didn't come willingly, he figured it would be better to wait until it was all done in order to convince her of the truth. 

I have no explanation for why Theo wasn't brought into the town earlier. 

Why pair her off with Xander when they had Theo in the chambers? Wouldn't that have made more sense? 

It's also odd that Theo and Xander were both thrown outside the wall. Rebecca nearly lost both her men. 

Adam: Got a shovel handy? Because I can help you dig some graves.
CJ: Is that why you came back? To preach the end of the world? 'Cause none of us intend to die out here.
Adam: When they come, it won't matter.

Adam has been talking all cryptically since he's been back. I'm sure it's important stuff, but I can't say I really care yet. His return hasn't done anything for me. 

We already knew that Theresa and Ben weren't supposed to follow Ethan, so while his bombshell might have been impactful to her...not so much for the rest of us. 

I'm mostly just curious to see if they survive the season. Theresa's currently lost all will to live, but we'll see if that changes. 

The procreation rooms were weird and creepy. 

I kind of figured Frank was gay, but regardless, that would have been awkward and uncomfortable for anyone, gay or straight. 

I mean, is making them memorize all the steps, starting with "k" and going all the way to "p" really the way to get these kids in the mood? It's just all so clinical. 

So, Frank is worried that if he can't reproduce, he'll be killed. What? That makes no sense. Plenty of people in this town never had kids, including Kate and Harold, and Rebecca and Xander. As far as we know, Jason and Kerry don't have any kids. So, why is Frank going to be killed for failing to reproduce? 

Are they seriously trying to say that each person's worth in this town is solely based on whether they have offspring? Frank could still get a job and be a productive member of society. Ridiculous. 

Besides, isn't Frank a member of the First Generation?

Theo: You said "she," how do you know that?
Kerry: It doesn't take a gynecologist, Dr. Yedlin.

Not much to say about the captured female abbie, other than whatever was going on there at the end will be important. It looked like she was communicating telepathically with her people, and I'm sure nothing good will come of it. 

What are your theories? How will the Rebecca/Theo/Xander situation be resolved? 

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Sound the Alarm Review

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Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Adam: Got a shovel handy? Because I can help you dig some graves.
CJ: Is that why you came back? To preach the end of the world? 'Cause none of us intend to die out here.
Adam: When they come, it won't matter.

I believe the flood is coming, Rebecca. It will make all things new. We need an ark. I need you to design it.