Scream Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Happy Birthday to Me

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Would you accept alcohol that someone left on your porch?

That's what the kids did on Scream Season 2 Episode 4, sending things into overdrive for them. 

We know the alcohol apparently came from Jake, but you'd think the kids would be smarter than that, refraining from drinking it. 

They knew there was something off about it, but still proceeded to drink it. It was intriguing to see them all in a vulnerable state. Emma's torment was probably the most horrifying.

It would seem a little too easy to say that the killer wasn't lurking around because they probably were. 

It was a very convenient that Emma bumped into her father. He is honestly so shady that I think he's going to have something to do with it. The way Daisy keeps acting when he's around makes me think that the two of them are continuing to hide secrets and she's frightened that some of hers will be exposed. 

It wouldn't be the first time she's lied. It's practically second nature to her at this stage. She just can't stop lying. The way she acted after he saved Emma was awful. She should have concerned herself with Emma's welfare. 

It is good that her father is finally going off to get help. He really needs it, and Emma will be more likely to strike up a relationship with him. 

Emma really needs to stay out of Eli's way. He's coming across as a troublemaker, and I wasn't a fan of the way she acted when she told Brooke about nearly kissing him. 

She should have told Kieran about it straight away because it's clear it's going to come back and bite her in the butt down the line. 

The drugs made Zoe, Noah and Audrey a threesome, but by the end of the hour, Zoe called time on her romance with Noah. What I don't get is why Zoe thinks Noah is into Audrey. They were on drugs and that's what fueled the whole situation. 

It's making me think that maybe Zoe has stronger feelings for Audrey. That would be a good twist, but I guess we'll need to continue watching to find out. 

Am I the only one glad that the Lakewood 5 knows that there's a killer on the loose again? The scene with Brooke getting Jake's guts all over her was pretty grotesque. 

One of the main reasons the show has struggled to keep up the momentum is that the teens didn't know what dangers were out there. It should make for a more interesting show by having them on edge from here on out. This new killer has been pretty tame so far. 

I'm really starting to wonder about Gustavo. I just can't fathom why he draws all the pictures and apparently wants Emma dead. 

I get that they got a lot of media attention, but there is such a thing as going too far. Even his father is questioning whether he could be the killer and that mask is only going to further fuel speculation. 

Brooke would be wise to stay away from him before she gets in too deep. Brooke's been hurt far too many times to believe that Gustavo is just being nice to her. 

Then there's Audrey, who is seriously paranoid at this stage. The killer digging up the murder weapon and putting it on her bed was just plain weird. 

"Happy Birthday to Me" was another so-so hour of this teen drama. The murders need to kick up a few gears in order to keep the show going. The pace right now is a little too slow. 

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Note: Scream Season 2 Episode 5 airs Monday June 27 at 11/10C on MTV

Happy Birthday to Me Review

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