Scream Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Vacancy

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Someone really needs to let everyone aside from Audrey know that there's a new a killer in town. 

On Scream Season 2 Episode 3, Audrey almost turned to murder as she tried to keep her past with Piper quiet. 

I can't believe Audrey almost murdered Noah. Either she was between a rock and a hard place, or she is more sinister than we first thought. 

Audrey the Killer?! - Scream

This new killer is really making her pay for what she's done and I just can't fathom who it could be. There are so many suspects at this stage and it's getting a little tiring. 

We're now three episodes in and only Audrey knows about the killer. That's cumbersome to watch. The show excels when the rest of the cast are fretting about a looming attack from a masked murderer. 

I don't know what the killer's plan was for Emma, but it was a little absurd. Why would the reception dude even go in the room when it was blatantly obvious what was about to happen?

Hasn't he ever heard of Dexter? He took stupid to a whole new level and kind of deserved his death. The scene with Emma in the motel room was a little tense because I was so sure the killer was going to make their presence felt to her, but it wasn't to be. 

Audrey had to go and ruin the day. I still think there's a huge possibility that Audrey has a split personality and is orchestrating everything. It might be a little difficult to pull off, but she's a smart cookie. 

Emma's father was just awful. She really is plagued with the worst parents in town and she should probably force them both to take a lie detector. 

Her father's revelation that Riley was the one messaging him just went over my head. He obviously looked into the recent Lakewood slasher, so he would have known the names of her victims, so that was just absurd. 

There's no way he wouldn't know anything about the victims. It's times like this that shows start to lose their credibility. Why would he screw up this one and only chance he has with his daughter? 

Audrey's comments about him being damaged really fit the bill. For now, it seems like Audrey will be taking the fall for these new crimes. She needs to find a way to prove she's somewhere different from the killer when a murder takes place.

Elsewhere, Brooke had her hands full trying to reach out to Jake, while dealing with her ex-boyfriend, Branson. I know that's not his name, but that's what I know him as now, so why change it?

Look, maybe I was unclear. Go away!


Branson had such a nerve to even go up to Brooke about the whole thing. She made her feelings clear to him, so he should have respected her wishes. 

He crossed the line. The scene did pave the way for a witty argument between Branson, Noah and Gustavo. It was great. 

I don't want Zoe to go the same way as Riley. She seems like an intriguing character that doesn't deserve to go any time soon, so hopefully she sticks around. 

"Vacancy" wasn't the best installment of this MTV horror series. The pace has slowed down considerably and it needs cranked up a few gears in order to get back to the thrills of the season premiere. 

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Note: Scream Season 2 Episode 4 airs Monday June 20 at 11/10 on MTV

Vacancy Review

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