Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Doctor Psycho

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If the writers were thinking I was going to feel sorry for Healy, they were sorely mistaken.

Healy's history of female issues is further explored in Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 4. After diving into Healy's back story, we learned that all the "women-hating" roads lead back to his mother.

In addition to getting to the root of Healy's issues, we also saw Alex enlist Red to keep the Lolly problem from blowing up, Sophia take a stand against Caputo, and Doggett finally confront Coates with the truth.

Food For Thought

Healy is a fascinating character, but I don't feel one ounce of sympathy for him. Maybe I just never took to the character, but his anti-woman sentiments while supposedly trying to help women just doesn't sit right with me. 

We learned Healy's mother suffered from some sort of mental illness and then abandoned him. It's no wonder he has issues with women. However, Healy lacks any semblance of self-awareness. 

Caputo: Ms. King has asked me to remove you as her counselor.
Healy: What? That's ridiculous.
Caputo: She says you make her uncomfortable and that you have power issues.
Healy: That's how women talk.

It's amazing that no matter how many times he's confronted about his backwards thinking, he still doesn't change. Off the top of my head, I remember the numerous women to call Healy out: his mail-order wife, Red, Piper, and now Judy doesn't want anything to do with him.

Judy is by no means a great person, but at least I understand her desire to distance herself from Healy. He's been lurking around her, forcing her to teach the cooking class, and pretty much just thinking he knows what is best for her. 

Caputo is also starting to be on thin ice with me. He's in a new power position and he's letting it start to affect his judgment. He knows Sophia doesn't belong in the SHU, and yet he lied to Sophia about his wife and isn't taking any steps to let her out.

Sophia can't even remember how long she's been locked in her cage, but she's been in there long enough to take some drastic steps in order to get out. I just hope Sophia's wife will continue to ask questions on the outside. Someone needs to make sure she sees the light of day again.

Elsewhere in the episode, Alex was panicking that Frieda would kill Lolly. Frieda is a pretty entertaining character and I would love to learn more about her past. 

Red: Poison is beneath you, Frieda. It's for witches and bored housewives, not badass biker chicks with octopus tattoos.
Frieda: What can I say? I'm gettin' old.

Alex knew she needed Red's help, and I'm glad she did. These two women haven't shared many scenes, but I thought both actresses played well off each other. I don't know if Red, Alex, and Frieda will plan to kill Lolly, but if she alerts someone to body parts being buried under the garden, they will all be screwed. 

Lolly is a character I love to watch. She's endlessly hilarious with her out-there conspiracy theories, but there's always a cloud hanging over her head. This woman hasn't received the proper treatment she needs, and I highly doubt Healy is the man for the job.

With all the storylines floating around, it was a quiet moment that really punched me in the gut. Doggett finally stating that what Coates did to her was rape was such a sad, but powerful moment. 

It was sad for the obvious reasons. Doggett has been through so much and this wasn't the first time she had been raped. It was a powerful moment because Coates seemed completely blindsided by Doggett's declaration. 

Coates: You think I raped you?
Doggett: Yeah. I mean, what else do you call that?
Coates: But I love you. I told you that. And I said it when...when...I said it.
Doggett: So?
Coates: So, that makes it different.
Doggett: But that didn't feel any different.

With a lot focus on consent making its way into the public conversation more and more, Coates' ignorance to his crime is a perfect example as to why educating people about consent is essential. I'm extremely curious how the writers will handle this delicate topic going forward. 

Extra Thoughts and Questions

  • Now that Aleida is going to be released early, will she finally step up as a mother (and grandmother)
  • Poussey's never-ending joy over seeing Judy is hilarious.
  • Piper's panty business was a tiresome storyline before, but now it feels even more so now that she's made an enemy out of Maria.

Check out the review for Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 5 when it goes live on Saturday, June 25th courtesy of TV Fanatic Elizabeth Harlow. 

Doctor Psycho Review

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Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Frieda: I slept on it like you said, took a nice cold shower, did some of those breathing exercises.
Alex: And?
Frieda: I still think we should kill her.

Red: Poison is beneath you, Frieda. It's for witches and bored housewives, not badass biker chicks with octopus tattoos.
Frieda: What can I say? I'm gettin' old.