Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 3 Review: (Don't) Say Anything

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Didn't anybody ever tell Soso that assuming makes an ass out of "u" and me?

After seeing a little more into her past, you'd think she would have managed to pick that one up on her own, even if her mama never told her. Maybe her short lived break up with Poussey on Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 3 will hammer that lesson home.

While Soso tried to be her own hero, Taystee rocked her promotion, Red clashed with Judy King, and Caputo finally accepted that he's a company man now. Piper's attempts to be la jefa became more absurd, and more obviously a cover for her own insecurity.

(Don't) Say Anything  - Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 3

Poussey and Soso are basically the best at the start of "(Don't) Say Anything," but it's really hard to disagree with Judy King's assessment of their relationship. Things did advance too quickly, probably for a number of reasons, not the least being that prison is a lonely place and everybody is in need of affection.

Still, you would have thought they would have talked a little. And I'm not convinced that Poussey doesn't deserve better after seeing Soso's flashbacks. Whereas usually the trips down memory lane give some insight as to what led to a character's incarceration or exposes a sympathetic side to them, this one just left me cold.

Part of me wants to say that she was just 19 and dumb and liked a boy. But I really just ended up with the feeling that Soso does what she does to make herself feel better, not because she truly believes in any of her causes. And probably to piss off her parents.

What the f*ck about me other than the color of my skin would indicate that I'm some indigent hood rat?


Even though the episode was supposed to be Soso-centric with an emphasis on her relationship with Poussey, I enjoyed the plot line about Taystee's new job far more. I mean, I do just generally love Taystee, with her kind pragmatism and her determination to succeed.

While I loved seeing her tackle this new position, the way that she dealt with Piscatella simultaneously impressed me and worried me. She really managed to skirt the line with her sassy comeback, but the new head CO doesn't seem like the type to forget a grievance. 

And the man is scary. I mean, he managed to take group bonding exercises from annoying to threatening. His version of two truths and lie felt more like training to be a human lie detector than a "fun" way to get to know your new coworkers.

The fact that we had a recap about all the past abuses makes me wonder how exactly he's going to up the ante for horribleness.

Crazy Eyes: It's not fair. It's the most unfair thing that's happened in this prison.
Soso: Mmm, what about when Carson when to SHU for sneezing too loud?
Black Cindy: Or what's-her-face, the Puerto Rican girl, with the gimpy eye? And when she got the wrong meds by accident in the med line and went nutso, and gimped her other eye with a spork. Now she double gimp-eyed.
Poussey: Or how 'bout when Pornstache used to make the meth heads blow him for drugs in the mop closet?

And with Caputo's new demeanor (and love interest toeing the corporate MCC line), he won't be there to bumblingly interfere on behalf of the inmates. The way that he de-escalated the situation at campus housing instead of dealing with the problem then and there is not a good sign.

His new found confidence that he was on the right side of the labor dispute will only lead to him being more and more in lockstep with the company line. And his interest in Linda is the nail in the coffin on the topic.

Caputo thinks with his dick far too often; not only would he do a lot of things to keep his job, he'll do anything to keep her around.

You holding out on me? You somebody's Ca-baby-boo-to?

Taystee [to Caputo]

Judy King was riding high in the prison yard because of Caputo's capitulation (and Healy's attempts to punish Red), but even with "management" on her side, she's facing an uphill battle. Red certainly proved that she can't be pampered and protected all the time. 

And while she has her smattering of followers now, eventually her novelty will fade, and the majority of the population will be pissed about her special treatment. Wouldn't you be? Also, she really needs to consider the high rate of mental illness amongst the inmates. Maureen is not a fan she wants.

Judy King: You know, my daddy used to call me "Red."
Red: Really? That's sweet. My papa called me "solnyshko." It means little sun. But I've grown bigger and hotter since then, and he's dead.

Using the drone to freak out Lolly was a little bit of (literal) Deus ex Machina, and it would have played better if there had been something on a TV in the background later about aerial footage of Judy King in prison. Maybe that will pan out in a later episode.

But Lolly's paranoia is a logical place to take this conflict; it's organic to the character, and keeps the story from ending too abruptly. The fact that Frieda is included is a nice a little bonus. She's been a solid background character, but now she's becoming somebody that I want to know more about. The more I learn, the more I want.

I think you are entirely too relaxed to be in this big, brown, sh*t-uation that we're in.


There's few more stories simmering on the back burner, all of which interest me to varying degrees. I like the expanded nature of the show, and how it's really embraced the amazing diversity of it's talented cast, but I do worry that 13 episodes won't be able to do the writing justice as things continue. Also, more is almost always better. 

The most effective of these background stories is also the most frustrating. I recognize the impact the technique lends to Sophia's story, but I just miss her so much. The misuse of solitary confinement is one of the more important topics Orange tackles, so I can't wait to delve deeper.

Join us for our next installment on Thursday, June 23, with TV Fanatic Amanda Steinmetz gives us her take on Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 4. 

(Don't) Say Anything Review

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