Containment Season 1 Episode 8 Review: There Is a Crack in Everything

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The only lead-in I can think of for this review about Containment Season 1 Episode 8 is "THE PLOT THICKENS!" and an evil looking Mr. Burns just tapping his fingers under his chin all villain-like.

Y'all. I have been saying for WEEKS now that there was more to this outbreak than just a Middle Eastern man who brought in a virus, and while Jake and Katie have been proving me right, now we got a straight up breakthrough in our story.

Planning an Escape - Containment

Cannerts is the responsible party behind this outbreak. Not only did he send the virus to the real Patient Zero, HE CREATED IT. He engineered a virus he has no way to control or contain! And he SET IT LOOSE ON PEOPLE!

I mean, maybe he didn't mean to infect Henry Burns, Dr. Sanders' boyfriend, but he's definitely responsible for moving the virus outside the confines of the CDC.

That explains how he happened to be inside the hospital on the morning in question. Burns' mystery phone call that morning, before he ditched his belongings in a sharps container and put himself in quarantine, had to be to Cannerts. Cannerts rushed to the hospital to see if there was anything he could do and BOOM. 


Except, instead of saying "hey, so, about this virus..." he let the people in charge run with the narrative that a Syrian kid had brought it into the hospital and may have also been the person who planted the virus in the kid's bag so this would like like biological warfare and not a giant mistake currently costing hundreds and hundreds of people their lives.

Lex and Leo are on their way to figuring all of this out; well, they WERE on their way. Now Lex is stuck inside a sluice with Lommers while they spend 48 hours determining if either of them will get sick after being exposed to Thomas.

While we'll probably see a resolution to their entrapment on Containment Season 2 Episode 9, my money's on no, but given all the ways Lommers has botched this cordon, I don't mind seeing her sweat for a couple of days. 

The only way Cannerts isn't just the WORST – and really, while he's totally responsible, I want to think he's one of the good guys – is through his mysterious colleague and professor, Lommers' husband.

This guy, Dr. McIntyre, could have set up Cannerts somehow. Maybe, just maybe, they were collaborating on the virus, since Cannerts did mention that infectious diseases like this one were his primary interest, and McIntyre somehow released the virus, but he's setting Cannerts up to take the fall. 

But Cannerts definitely wanted out of the cordon, so now I'm back to thinking McIntyre's a relatively innocent bystander in all of this. Hmmm.

Cannerts didn't get his wish, and he's not necessarily any closer to finding a cure, either. 

Thomas, the boy who seemed immune, may not be immune after all. He has an atypical presentation, which means that symptoms don't show up until well after 48 hours, so now we're back to wondering if Thomas will get sick. 

I'm hoping no because the images of sick kids just does me in. Like rips my heart out and kicks it through the mud. The sick kids are the worst, even if their representation and their death is, or would be, reality. 

I just really want Thomas to be okay because Thomas has now spent time out of quarantine with Quentin. Who has spent time with Katie. Who has spent time with Jake.

Their dialogue about their relationship and what it might be like after the cordon was stilted. Jake, for all the ways he's grown more intuitive, didn't understand how his comment about letting go of his responsibilities for a few days couldn't include her. She doesn't get to walk away from her responsibilities for any length of time. 

I'd say he made it better with his promise, though.

Jake: think I'll run. And maybe at one time I would've been that guy. If you think that your crazy life is going to scare me off, you are so wrong. There's nothing out there or in here that scares me as much as losing you. There's no version of my life that doesn't have you in it.
Katie: You can't promise that.
Jake: I just did.

YOU GUYS. That shower scene? Once I got over the thought of "won't they...suffocate?" that became one of the steamiest scenes since Patrick Swayze sat behind Demi Moore at a pottery wheel in Ghost. 

Or since Damon and Elena's "near touch" during the Miss Mystic Falls pageant.

And really, that's what it was. It was the near touch that set things on fire. The kissing wasn't even necessary to convey the emotion and impact of the scene. 

These are people who are desperate for human connection, for touch, and it's the one thing they can't give. To anyone. 

Gah. It was perfect. Just...perfect. 


  • Jana and her people tried to use a bricked over Underground Railroad tunnel to get out of the cordon. Suzy's claustrophobia threatened to ruin their plan and once she overcame her fear, a gas leak of some sort (I think) sent them running back into the church. They're still trapped.
  • Xander and Teresa are...I don't know. 
  • Burt and Micheline, while I really want to like their storyline, are one of the most seemingly random subplots of the series. I'm hoping 1) she doesn't die from her leg wound and 2) somehow they factor into everyone getting out of the cordon alive and healthy and 3) my # 2 isn't just because Burt raises mice.
  • The National Guard dude is a jerk. 

What did you think of "There Is a Crack in Everything"? At this point, what are the odds our cast of characters make it out of the cordon alive? Who do you have selected to survive and who's going to perish in the next two episodes? Sound off in the comments below and don't forget you can watch Containment online!

There Is a Crack in Everything Review

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Containment Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Katie: When this is all over, if we don't see each other much, I want you to know I'm glad I met you.
Jake: Why...why wouldn't we see each other? Don't you want to see each other?

By the way? Don't ever piss her off. Your woman is lethal with a blowtorch.

Jake [to Lex]