Bones Round Table: Who Do You Miss the Most?

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The team at the Jeffersonian took a trip down memory lane as they were being filmed for a TV show about their work on Bones Season 11 Episode 18.

Below, TV Fanatics Ashely Sumerel and Christine Orlando are joined by Pam from CBR Radio to debate if Bones dislikes her nickname, which former character they miss the most, and what they think Christine will be when she grows up after “The Movie in the Making.”

Bones Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think that Brennan really despises being called Bones?

Ashley: Not really. I think it's a term of endearment, and I know it's a nickname she fought early on, but now it seems so natural.  

Pam:  No, I think she loves that Booth gave her that special name. Remember when Sweets tried to call her Bones and she told him no, that she didn't want him to. It's Booth's special name for her as well as Parker's. They are the only two to get away with calling her Bones.

Christine: I think it started out as an annoyance but now that it’s just a name that Booth uses with her, I think she’s okay with it…but that doesn’t mean she has to let him know that!

Did Sweets help Booth and Brennan get together?

Ashley: Absolutely, yes. In fact, that's one of my favorite stories from this entire series -- just the way he kind of opened their eyes to one another.  

Pam: Somewhat, I think they were destined to be together once they both got over their fears and hang ups. He and Gordon Gordon knew they were in love but they had so much baggage from the start they nearly gave up because each one was ready for the other at the wrong time.

Christine: Sweets became a shipper as the show went on and he did his best to try and get these two to see what they could have together. I’d like to think they would have figured it out on their own even if Sweets weren’t there, but they really did need all the help they could get. 

What do you think Christine will be when she grows up?

Ashley: I really could see her following in Brennan's footsteps. She certainly has the stomach for it, and she seems interested in what her mother does.  

Pam: I doubt a used car saleswoman! I am hoping she will become a shrink and drive her Mom insane. That would give a quiet salute to 'Uncle" Sweets, a.k.a "Buddy" her imaginary friend as Lance was watching over her. 

Christine: Having Christine go into psychology would be awesome, however I wonder if she’ll follow in her Daddy’s footsteps and go into law enforcement. One day we may see Special Agent Christine Booth on our screens. 

We got to look back on several characters who have left the show (Zach, Vincent Nigel Murray, Sweets, etc.) Who do you miss the most?

Ashley: Oh man, that's such a hard question. I miss Sweets, but I actually think I miss Zach the most. After he left, the dynamic of the show shifted a little, and while I've come to love a lot of the squinterns, and while many of them have been important to the story, I miss having the constant that was Zach. 

Pam: Hands down Vincent Nigel Murray I loved his useless facts and his personality and his quirkiness, but under it all he was a nerdy sweet guy.

Christine: I really miss Sweets because of the way he understood Booth and Brennan. I wish he were around to see how happy they are now. 

What was your favorite moment from this episode?

Ashley: The proposal! It was so sweet and perfect, and also kind of surprising to me. I generally enjoyed this entire episode, though. It was very well done. 

Pam: Bones accepting that Christine wants to be her own person and has her own mind and her own wants. Her Mom isn't going to influence her one bit, so the ending where they come home and Christine is with her cars and her parents act like they are customers going to buy a car from her was fun to watch. Christine is so like her Mama nobody is going to sway her! 

Christine: The best moment was when Brennan not only came to terms with the fact that her daughter may not want to follow her into a career in science, but that she would be Christine’s biggest cheerleader, even if she chose to sell cars for a living. 

There’s no Bones this week but check back on Thursday, June 16th for our Bones Season 11 Episode 19 review and if you can’t wait until then, you can watch Bones online here at TV Fanatic. 

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