The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 22 Review: Gods and Monsters

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Well, that was short lived. The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 22 put an end to Bonnie the Vampire Slayer and I gotta say, I'm a little sad about it.

Not that I wanted Bonnie to kill her friends and all vampires everywhere, but, you know, it's nice when the stakes stay high for longer than three episodes.

Bonnie in Danger - The Vampire Diaries

Everything that happened in this finale was totally predictable, which is sad for a season in which this show had an opportunity to really transform itself into something new and different. 

In the end, it was all about Elena because it's always all about Elena even when she's not physically present on the show. We even got a nice little flashback to the many hook-ups of Delena! 

Are we that deprived of a central couple that we have to resort to interspersing clips from previous seasons to keep the romantic tension high? 

Yeah. I guess so. Bummer.

Bonnie and Enzo are...uh...were...okay now that she's not trying to kill him. The tension in that scene as she fought her nature not to kill him was a little intense. It was almost sweet how willing he was to die just so she wouldn't have to fight not to kill him anymore.

Not that being willing to die for someone is sweet. I'm just saying. He loves her. He didn't want to see her in pain. I like Bonenzo and I'm glad they were able to survive. I want to see more of their relationship since we only got one episode to clue us in on the past three years.

I know the Steroline fans out there are probably getting grumpy while reading this missive about power couples, but Steroline have never had quite the level of drama the Damon/Elena/Stefan triangle had. Never. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn't draw viewers in in quite the same way. 

It also doesn't help that Caroline and Stefan are pretty bland together unless they're both humanity free and snacking on co-eds. And yeah, Steroline is bland. I said it.

They're both too good. Too in control. Too "let's curl up on the couch and watch game shows all day!" 

But it's still no surprise that Caroline left Alaric for Stefan, with Alaric's promise that they and the girls would always be a family. It's sweet, I guess, but it's just...predictable. If Valerie shows up next season to teach the girls how to harness their siphon powers, I will be absolutely convinced that someone over in the fishbowl is reading my reviews and should maybe give me a call. 

While the constant battle and back and forth of Delena got really old, it was at least something. We never knew exactly how he would react to a situation or whether she would forgive him or how. We knew that we would probably hate whatever decision he was making but on some sort of Damon-ish level we would understand it. Plus they were hot together. 

So the voice of Elena, the one person who absolutely would not want Damon to go on a killing spree he'll spend the better part of The Vampire Diaries Season 8 atoning for, was, of course, the thing that lured him into the grasp of whatever evil thing was hiding in that lair. 

Enzo was entirely too cavalier about walking into that vault knowing the information he got from Virginia. He had the forethought to close the door behind him, thus keeping Bonnie, Caroline, and Stefan out and away from the danger, but still. He walked in and seemed totally casual about being locked inside a cave with some evil thing.

And now Bonnie's magic is gone (again) so we're down a witch to track Damon and Enzo as they hang bodies in a warehouse which apparently no one can smell.

Time to call Valerie? Or maybe Vincent from New Orleans? Yes. Call someone, y'all. Get some help in there.

You can't count on Matt Donovan anymore as he's driven off into the sunset and, presumably, far, far away from vampires and the supernatural. Which means that unless Zach Roerig has left the show, Matt Donovan will be driving right into a hotbed of supernatural activity because the guy is a death magnet. 

Anyway. That was the finale, y'all. Underwhelming. Not really cliffhanger-y. Predictable. I'm bummed.

What did YOU think? Were you as bummed by this finale as I was? Let's chat, y'all. And then remember you can watch The Vampire Diaries online in the off season to relive your favorite moments.

Gods and Monsters Review

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