The Night Manager Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Episode 5

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Things have certainly come full circle for Jonathan Pine.

Who would ever have thought that his journey would end up right where it began, but on The Night Manager Season 1 Episode 5 that's exactly what happened.

Welcoming Pine - The Night Manager

With only one hour left, tensions are high, and Pine is an idiot. Yes, I said it. He's an idiot.

I fully understand why Angela Burr tapped him to infiltrate Roper's kingdom, but if she knew how sloppy and stupid he was being, she just might have given Dromgoole his name just to eliminate the embarrassment.

Pine definitely doesn't think with the brain on top of his head. There were so many times this hour I thought for sure Roper had his number, but nope, not this time.

How many times can Jed and Pine make googly eyes at each other before Roper notices? Can they be more obvious? Ugh. But that's exactly what makes this series so great. Every stupid thing Pine does just amplifies the tension.

I'm just waiting for the hammer to drop. The hammer has to drop, right? Roper can't be that blind, no matter what Corky says.

Roper really showed off his evilness this hour. It was a completely different side from the one he had when Danny was around. That was a laid back, fun loving man who enjoyed his friends and family.

This Roper is one nasty dude, and the way he transformed into this other side was brilliantly portrayed by Hugh Laurie. The way he puffed on his cigar and licked his lips after the weapons demonstration was spine-tingling scary. He did a lot of those subtle little moves this hour and every single one was brilliant.

The veil has been lifted, and there is no doubt now what kind of man Pine is dealing with.

Nothing quite as pretty as napalm at night.


Who says that? The guy is a monster. 

It's quite obvious Roper is suspicious. He knows there's a traitor. London told him so. Everyone is on his list, including Pine. But, right now he needs Pine because Pine is the guy who fronts the company that's going to make this huge arms deal.

So, even if he really does think Pine is the guy, he's not going to upset the apple cart. Not yet anyway. I just have a hard time believing he's not seeing those looks between his gal and his new friend.

I think he knows. I really do. It's just too bad he didn't listen to Corky.

Corky was suspicious from the very beginning, but Pine's incredible charm and demeanor helped move him to the front of Roper's favorite line.

It wasn't going to take long for Corky to bust Pine.

It was surprising that Roper brought Corky and Jed to the compound in Turkey, but the guy knows something's up so why not bring all the players together?

When they were all sitting around the table, I couldn't believe Jed asked Pine how he was doing. In front of Corky!! Why would she do that?!! But, Corky has Pine's number and he made sure Pine knew it after Jed left.

Corky has been a thorn in Pine's side from the beginning, which is why my mouth dropped open when Pine was cutting through the fence to get to the taxi to deliver the note for Burr's agents. But even worse was when he went into Jed's tent and TOLD HER EVERYTHING!!!!

How could he be so sure she wouldn't turn on him and tell Roper everything? 

Not only would he spell his own death if she ended up doing that, but he'd be sending the hangman for Angela, her baby, her husband, and anybody else associated with the operation.

If I was Pine, I would have just laid low for a while. I know he needed to get that note out before the convoy crossed the border, but still. He could have waited a day at least. You knew that Corky was watching his every move.

And sure enough he was. 

It's too bad Corky didn't tell Roper his suspicions instead of waiting there for Pine himself. Had he told Roper about the fence, they could have waited there together for Pine to return. That would have been the logical thing to do, but then we wouldn't have had the fun of watching Pine kill Corky.

That was a cold and bold move by Pine. No wonder he took a shower to clean himself  of that nightmarish gunk. And how bold and cold was it for Jed to set up Corky the way she did? Wow. She is definitely desperate to get out her situation.

 I really do think Roper knows. If not, why wouldn't he have shared his plan with Pine in regards to the arms convoy? That was a pure set up on Roper's part. 

I loved how PIne's cool demeanor was rattled after that convoy fail. He had a hard time trying to hide his shock at what had happened, and Hiddleston nailed it with that smile that wasn't a smile. 

I'm not sure if Corky knew the route the convoy was going to take. I can't imagine he would, which would mean all fingers point to Pine. And if Roper didn't think Pine was the traitor, would he really have been so smug about how he changed the cups, as he said?

I think he was sticking it to Pine. Letting him know that he knows exactly what's going on. 

I'm not quite sure yet if Roper knows Pine's connection to Hamid and Cairo, but it's going to be interesting to see how it all turns out. Will Hamid remember him? What about the hotel staff?

Pine's clock is ticking and the heat is on full blast! Will he live long enough to accomplish the task, or will Roper shut him down and set him afire? 

The final episode airs next week! What do you think will happen? Has Pine and Jed exposed themselves with all their googly-eyed stares? Do you think Roper knows what's going on? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Episode 5 Review

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The Night Manager Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Pine: It's unbelievable. He's got his own country.
Langbourne: Not just a country, old boy, this is a kingdom.

Anyone can betray anyone, Jonathan.