The Flash Season 2 Episode 22 Review: Invincible

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Can we be wrong just once? That's not asking too much, is it?

Henry Allen is dead. But we still have his doppelganger to look forward to, right? He better be the Man in the Iron Mask. When we're right, we're right. Right?

At least we didn't have to watch Laurel Lance die again, as her doppelganger just did dastardly things on The Flash Season 2 Episode 22. She kicked ass, but did nothing overly special. Hopefully, she'll be back for more.

This was not my favorite episode of the season.

It was incredibly slow and rather frustrating. I'll be really interested to see if you all saw it differently.

The opening was rather enjoyable, seeing the Metapocalypse overtaking Central City. But then in a snap (quite literally), the entire city was cleared. Did we get an explanation for that? Where did everybody go?

But, that's beside the point.

Barry was overboard on his optimism, and for some reason he hadn't explained his encounter with the Speed Force in more detail to those he loved. Everyone in STAR Labs fits that bill. They're his nearest and dearest, so why was he holding his experience so close to the vest? Surely he knew it was worrying them.

As usual, both Henry and Iris had sage advice for Barry. But Joe's worry about Wally lingered, and Barry continued to help him. Everybody has to show concern for someone.

When Barry finally saw how his behavior was impacting others, he also realized he couldn't help Joe with Wally. Not because he didn't want to, but because Wally is a lot like his dad. He wants to be in the thick of it, helping where and when he can. He's a chip off the ol' block. Joe should be proud, not concerned.

I was surprised to discover neither Jesse nor Wally had been affected by the dark matter from the particle accelerator. At least not yet. Isn't it amazing how some people hate that they were touched by it and we have those two wishing they were metahumans?

The plan to stop Black Siren involved an idea they've mentioned before, that Earth-1 and Earth-2 people operate on different frequencies. I wasn't sure why they needed to dress up as Reverb and Killer Flash to carry out the plan, nor did I understand how a previously distraught Caitlin got it together to pull it off.

But, it allowed us to see more of Katie Cassidy as the doppelganger, so I rolled with it. At least it proved the character wasn't stupid, and we got some helpful information from her. Doppelgangers are mirrors of each other. Her intelligence surprised our resident smartypants.

Keeping with the "we can only have one of each character in the 'verse," this Laurel was imprisoned for future use. Do I think we'll ever see her again? Eh, doubtful. I expect Cassidy will want to move on as much as we want her to stay.

Giving 1990 Flash fans the pleasure of finally seeing Tina McGee meet her Flash, and even finding him charming at the Welcome Home Henry Thanksgiving Dinner (where you will DIE), was the writing on the wall for poor Henry. 

Honestly, every word out of his mouth and every move he made seemed like Henry's last. Just his presence felt heavier than usual. Well, it has ever since he announced he was staying. How dare he decide to creep out of the mountains. How dare Barry be a normal son and hold his absence against him for a split second?!

Speaking of questions, how was Hunter making breaches by just drawing them into the air before him? When did he learn that trick?

And since the Flash Team knew he was able to do that, why were they celebrating his return to Earth-2 like it meant he was actually gone? If he's drawing breaches in the air, he could come and go as he pleased, which hardly meant anything was over. That confused me greatly.

I'm not sure who lives in Barry's childhood home, but they need to move. If I recall, it was a woman, right? She kind of crushed on Joe at one point, if I remember correctly. With all the comings and goings to that place, not only does the occupant need to get out, it needs the Black Siren treatment. 

The ghosts alone must be crowding even a single person out of an easy living. How many villains are going to use it against Barry? It's ridiculous already. 

Even with Hunter sharing his view that his life and Barry's are just one bad vision from turning out the same (wrong), I still can't figure out what his final agenda is going to turn out to be.

The synopsis for The Flash Season 2 Episode 23 promises to reveal his end game, but it better not all come down to Hunter's obsession with being the fastest man alive. Talk about stunted growth.

Who cares?! You're both fast enough. If Wally and Jesse had been hit with the dark matter and made into super fast flashes? They'd all be fast enough. Four super duper fast people on two earths are plenty. It's hard to feel compassionate toward the jerk.

Not that we're supposed to, but it's more fun to feel something for the bad guys. We initially felt something for Eobard Thawne as Harrison Wells, and that's what made The Flash Season 1 so compelling. If any of you try to tell me Zoom has come anywhere close to damage he did, I'm going to challenge you to a race.

Or something.

So let me know what you're thinking as well as your expectations for the finale. Did Henry's death grab you, even if you knew it was coming? Would you, too, like to be wrong, just once?

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Here's your first look at "The Race of His Life":

Invincible Review

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

What you're seeing as optimism is me, for the first time, just not being afraid anymore.


I know from being in the Speed Force that the universe is with us, not Zoom, and if the universe is with us, then how can we possibly lose? Right guys?