The Flash Round Table: Will Earth-2 Be Destroyed?

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There was another staggering loss on The Flash Season 2 Episode 22, that came at a time Barry was feeling stronger and more optimistic than ever. The round table tackles that as well as how The Flash will take down Zoom, and thoughts on Black Siren and Cisco's disturbing visions.

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The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

Henry Allen is dead. React.

Jay: I mean, I can't say I'm surprised. There's only room for one parent in Barry's life and they're not going to kill off Joe. It was a heartbreaking scene and Grant Gustin is SO good. I can't believe they killed him in the exact same spot as his mother though, that was a low blow.

Allison: I'm upset mainly because I saw it coming. I wish we could have seen more of Henry in Barry's life. I mean Henry just decided to stay in Central City. It was a heartbreaking and shocking death.

Jim: I had a feeling it was coming when they started the romance with Dr.McGee. I was really touched by the reunion of Amanda Pays and John Wesley Shipp (both from the Flash TV show in the 90s.

Carissa: It was a real kick in the pants for it to happen when he was pretty much non-existent after being released from prison. Yet, with all the hints dropped that it was inevitable, I was rather unmoved, which bothered me more than the death itself. As much as I love their relationship, they should have stopped with all the red flags so that big moment could have had the meaning it deserved. 

What did you think of Barry's new found optimism?

Jay: Wouldn't last long. He might think he's invincible and he might be with the speed force on his side, but his friends don't have that same luxury. They're on their own.

Allison: I was happy to see a more happy go lucky Barry. He's been so doom and gloom recently. I do understand why everyone was concerned though. You can't go into a battle think you will win.

Jim: I thought his optimism was tempered by reality. Having been in the military, I have to disagree with Allison (a little). I know of many battles that were only won because the troops believed they could win.

Carissa: Poor Barry. He just wanted to have faith in the Speed Force. His time was a little off, that's all. He needs to have that faith, but he also needed to explain things to his team a little bit better so they more understood his attitude. He'll get there.

What were your thoughts on the Black Siren making her way to Central City?

Jay: I believe my exact reaction was some sort of screaming which made this sound, "YAAAAASSSSSS." E-2 Laurel was everything I'd hoped, but I don't know how she hadn't taken down Zoom already, if she was as powerful as they made her out to be. I hope Katie Cassidy returns to The Flash, I want to see a lot more of the Black Siren.

Allison: I loved, loved, loved Black Siren. I was so nice to see Laurel again. I do agree with Jay in that it's weird that she hasn't taken Zoom down. Why does she follow him?

Jim: It's a trifecta of participants! I loved E2's Laurel Lance/Black Siren. Like Allison said, I hope we get to see more of Evil Laurel. But that does bring to mind one questions, does Earth-2 have any good guys that are/were evil here?

Carissa: I liked her, but was unhappy she was relegated to a run-of-the-mill villain of the week. I want more for Black Siren and Katie Cassidy. It would have been great if they recognized she stood her own against Zoom and somehow appealed to her to help Team Flash take him down, keeping her around a little longer.

Caitlin was a little more damaged than we thought. Talk about it.

Jay: Yes and no. Yes, because it makes him less boring and gives her an actual story, but no, because no. Her being afraid could lead to the confidence to tap into her inner Killer Frost, like Zoom told her she could. I'm down for that.

Allison: It caught me off guard. I honestly can't decide how I feel about it. I would love for Caitlin to become entertaining, so anything that can make that happen, I'm all for it.

Carissa: She could barely walk through the lab without being startled one minute, and then was dressed up in Killer Frost garb (which they must sell at the local costume shop, mind you) doing a great impression the next. I thought that was far-fetched under the circumstances. Caitlin has been through a lot since The Flash Season 1 finale. I'll be surprised if she just pops back to normal.

Cisco's visions were rather disturbing. Where are they all leading?

Jay: I thought it was going to be how he found out Laurel died, and that this new metahuman was E-2 Laurel and I'm genuinely surprised with how it turned into the world ending. It really escalated quickly. I think Barry is going to have to go to E-2 to take down Zoom once and for all in the finale to stop this massive event.

Allison: Jay, I had the same thought! I was trying to get a good look at the birds to figure out if they were canaries. Cisco being able to see the future is an awesome twist, and I need to know what's going on with E-2 ASAP.

Jim: I'm following the same line of thought as Jay and Allison, I'm expecting this to lead to taking down Zoom.

Carissa: I admit I, too, thought the pigeons were Black Siren's canaries. HA! Instead, I'm guessing those poor bastards are falling out of the sky when Zoom and The Flash race and Earth-2 cracks in two just because Zoom wants to be the fastest little boy ever! Jackass. Will Barry be fast enough to save an entire world full of people and scoop them all through a breach to save them? If that's what's coming, it sucks.

What do you think Zoom's end game is and how will this season close it down?

Jay: Like above, I think Zoom is just going to destroy E-2 and start going around destroying other planets. I don't think he has an overall goal, except to be the most powerful. He's going to have to be taken down somehow, it might have something to do with the man in the mask.

Allison: Zoom seems to like destruction. He likes the chaos and to make people suffer, specifically Barry.

Jim: Zoom's end game is short-sighted and silly, but that doesn't make him any less dangerous. I have now idea how they will close it down. I do know that Barry has some ass-kicking to do given that he killed his father.

Carissa: I think Zoom is nothing less than a tween dressed up in a man's skin. It's too bad he wasn't sentenced to death and put down for his murderous ways, but here he is, wanting to race. I'm guessing an Earth-2 catastrophe, but I'm totally lost on what it means or what comes next.

Will a new bad guy be chosen in the finale for The Flash Season 3? Who?

Jay: I hope not. I want this season to end with a bit of happiness, but I think Barry might turn his back on being a hero for part of Season 3. Zoom did so many terrible things and Barry wasn't able to stop him, so he's going to have to cope with that, and just taking down the man won't relieve the guilt.

Allison: I'm with Jay. I'd like to end on a happy note or at least just allowing everyone to have a moment to process what just happened and that they survived Zoom. I want to be surprised as to what's to come next season.

Jim: I agree that we could wait till next season to learn who the next big-bad is. If Jessie and Wally develop powers, then I could see Barry deciding to take time off until "Team Flash" is able to bring him back around.

Carissa: I think we'll have a hint of what's coming. It's not like the DC shows to go off happily into the sunset. I really don't want Barry pulling an Oliver and getting all mopey, though. He knows that's the last thing his dad would ever want for him. He didn't want it while he was in prison, while he was in the mountains and wouldn't want it after he's gone.

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The Flash Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

What you're seeing as optimism is me, for the first time, just not being afraid anymore.


I know from being in the Speed Force that the universe is with us, not Zoom, and if the universe is with us, then how can we possibly lose? Right guys?