The Flash Round Table: Accepting the Force

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On The Flash Season 2 Episode 21 Barry found himself communicating with the Speed Force, Iris came into her own and Zoom left Caitlin with a choice to remain with him or watch him destroy the world. 

TV Fanatics Allison Nichols, Jay Ruymann, Jim Garner and Meg Bonney are discussing all of that and more. Join them by sharing your thoughts in the comments!

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

What are your thoughts on how the Speed Force has been treating Barry?

Allison: I have no idea. I still don't really understand how the Speed Force is a living, breathing thing. Up until pulling him into whatever pocket of the universe they were in, I guess the Speed Force has treated Barry okay.

Jay: I’m with Allison. I think the Speed Force is a pocket of time or something, the crazy air that Barry was in, that put him under some sort of spell almost to play out this fantasy game and get his speed back. I’m not really sure I understand the Speed Force enough to answer.

Jim: I love that Kevin Smith made the Speed Force a living force, not just random energy. Overall the speed force has treated Barry fairly and it was Barry who needed to get right with himself before he could accept the force again.

Meg: I am with Allison. I was totally don't get it. I liked it though. It was super trippy and reminded me of Supernatural for some reason.

What did Barry learn while inside the Speed Force that allowed him to regain his powers and strengthen them, and how do you expect his relationship with the Force to change going forward?

Allison: I think he learned that being The Flash doesn't protect him from tragedy. I would like to explore more of his relationship with the Speed Force because it's fascinating. It would be cool if he just had a better understanding of his powers.

Jay: Tragedy happens. You can’t save everyone and he was given his powers for a reason. It reminded me a lot of Charmed and their struggle with their powers and not being able to save every innocent and when they lost their sister, Prue. Barry had to accept that his mother is not one of the people he’s meant to save, and he’ll lose others along the way, but he needs to focus on those he does save. Again, I don’t understand how this Speed Force is working, or how/if it’s manifesting itself as a person, or just a pocket in time, or something.

Jim: He learned that all of the good and the bad in his life has led to him being The Flash, and he had to accept that it included the death of his mother. I suspect going forward he will be more of a Speed Force evangelist.

Meg: That he can't run from his pain and has to face it. He never went to his moms grave which is so sad. He has been focusing on saving others but really needs to face his own grief.

I felt this was an exemplary episode for Iris. Agree or disagree and why?

Allison: I agree. She took charge. The scene in the morgue when she pushed Cisco behind her was a stand out moment for me. Iris finally found her place in the show, if that makes sense. She wasn't just there on the side, not really contributing anything. Iris was essential to taking down Girder.

Jay: Agree. She found her place on Team Flash, and Barry’s absence led her to do so. Both share a gift, a gift for saving people and helping others around them, and Iris using herself as bait was very brave of her because it could’ve ended very, very badly.

Jim: Agreed Allison, she took charge and made things happen. Not sure how the several mile walk/run from her house to the lab seemed like a good idea, but at least she got something done.

Meg: Yes! I don't know what changed with the writing, but Iris finally got the attention she deserves! That morgue scene was the best!

If Caitlin has a choice to make between good and evil, what are your expectations?

Allison: I'm not sure. I can't even imagine why she would stay with Zoom, but I also think it could potentially be more interesting if she did stay with Zoom. That being said, I also don't care about this entire storyline.

Jay: I think Caitlin would choose good. She’s a doctor, she also has a knack for saving people on this Earth. I also think the writers are too fond of Caitlin/Danielle Panabaker to get rid of her yet. I hope that she’s able to access powers and become a hero with them.

Jim: Wow, Allison, that is brutal. I have a feeling that if she stays with Jay it's so she can try and stop him from destroying her friends.

Meg: Oh man, I totally agree with Allison. I don't really care! Haha, sorry! I do think that it would be interesting if Caitlin chooses to stay with Zoom to keep him leashed. That would make this more interesting.

If you could staff the Flash Team for Season 3, who would make the cut?

Allison: We're asking the hard questions this week, I see. I'm torn with Caitlin. I feel like she has such potential, but she hasn't been all that captivating. Jesse, right now, is more entertaining than Caitlin, and Jesse could do Caitlin's job. I'm going to say swap Jesse for Caitlin.

Jay: Barry, Iris, Caitlin, Jesse or Wally, and Cisco. I say Jesse or Wally because I think having two speedsters could benefit the show, but three is too many. And if Caitlin is left on Team Flash, Jesse doesn’t need to be there, but if Jesse is a speedster on the team, Caitlin needs to be the doctor around Star Labs in case something were to happen to her. I just want Iris to be a prominent part of Barry’s life, both personal and professional, in Season 3.

Jim: I would go with Henry and Wells for the Parental/Wisdom angle, Jesse, Barry (and Wally eventually) as the Speedsters. Then Caitlin/Henry for medical and Iris and Cisco as "central control" and finally Joe as Joe.

Meg: I want the original team (with the new Wells), Iris, Wally and Jesse joining the team! I think more people would make it feel a little fresher.

Share your favorite moment from "The Runaway Dinosaur."

Allison: Oh goodness, there were so many moments. I loved the iZombie quip, but I think my favorite moment was Barry reading The Runaway Dinosaur, from memory, to his mom. Okay, she wasn't really Barry's mom, but it was still an amazing moment. I was in tears. I was glad Barry got to have that moment with his mom.

Jay: I’d have to say Iris pulling Barry out of the Speed Force and their moment at his mother’s grave. It’s fitting that Iris was there with him for the first visit. I love the progress they're making, and Barry’s quote, “Your voice will always bring me back home,” may or may not have spilled a tear.

Jim: Barry talking to his mom and quoting the book from memory had me in total "meltdown tear mode." Starting from the moment that she said how proud she was of Barry to him return had me missing my own mom so much that my heart still aches a little today. It was such an amazing scene, I loved it! Well done Kevin Smith!

Meg: I loved that Drake from iZombie was a zombie. It made me so happy! And then Cisco said something about iZombie which was great!

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I'm talking to the speed force. Isn't that like saying I'm talking to gravity, or light, or...?


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