The CW Picks Up Riverdale, No Tomorrow and Frequency to Series, Cancels Containment

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The upfronts may be next week, but The CW is busy today!

The network announced the pickups of Riverdale, No Tomorrow and Frequency to series this afternoon.

That's in addition to the announcement it will be the new home of Supergirl after CBS passed on a second season.


Riverdale is based on the Archie comics.

Let's be honest, once we start with Riverdale, we'll need a new network for all the spinoffs this one will create if it's as successful as the buzz has been about the pilot. 

This will either be a certified smash hit or a crash. It's that buzzy.

It's a surprising and subversive take on the Archie comics, Archie and his pals, exploring the surrealism of small town life, the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale's wholesome facade. 

It kind of sounds like a dark Pleasantville mixed with Twin Peaks, doesn't it?

It stars Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, Ashleigh Murray, Luke Perry, KJ Apa, Madelaine Petsch,  Camila Mendes, Marisol Nichols and Mädchen Amick.

No Tomorrow is described about a risk-averse, straight arrow, female procurement manager at an Amazon-like distribution center who falls in love with a freewheeling man who lives life to the fullest.

Oh yeah, he also happens to believe the apocalypse is imminent. There is a lot of that going around these days.

The result is both comedic and poignant as they embark on a quest together to fulfill their individual bucket lists.

Tori Anderson, Josh Sasse, Sarayu Blue, Amy Pietz, Jesse Rath and Jonathan Langdon star.

It sounds to me like No Tomorrow is the Jane the Virgin or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend pick of the year.

Frequency is a remake of the successful movie that starred Dennis Quaid and Cavieziel.

In this reimagining, a female police detective in 2016 discovers she is able to speak, via a ham radio, with her estranged father (also a detective) who died in 1996.

They forge a new relationship while working together on an unresolved murder case, but unintended consequences of the ‘butterfly effect’ wreak havoc in the present day.

It stars Riley Smith, Mekhi Phifer, Peyton List, Lenny Jacobson, Anthony Ruivivar, Devin Kelley and Daniel Bonjour.

Frequency is definitely going onto my watch list. As one of my all-time favorite movies, the father/daughter duo of Riley Smith and Peyton List really works and the subject matter is just great stuff.

It should fit really well into The CW lineup.

In other news, the limited series (which, really, meant they had no desire to go to a second season, right?) Containment will not get a second season order. I guess that's good news.

The virus? It's being contained in Atlanta! Whew!

What is on your watchlist? Do either of these three make the cut? Hit the comments, you guys!!

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The CW Quotes

Cheryl: Well, well, well. Stop the presses! The Riverdale rag finally reported a story accurately. Not only is there going to some hideous janky parade snaking its way through town, you four are the architects of this outrage.
Veronica: What’s your problem, Cheryl?
Cheryl: My problem, Veronica, is that the Fourth of July is a day of tragedy for Riverdale. Not celebration. Or have you forgotten what happened to my poor brother Jason?
Betty: Cheryl, Riverdale hasn’t held a parade out of respect for what happened to your brother in like years. It’s time.
Jughead: I mean, you don’t have to come.
Cheryl: Oh, I’ll be there, Insufferable Smurf. Front and center. With a sign of protest in one hand and a horn of compressed air to silence any revelry in the other.

Your name may be “Honey,” but I will always be the queen bee. You have no power over me.
[Cheryl hair-flips and walks away]